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Fire Tribe Arc[]

Zeno's first appearance.

Zeno is the last person to join the group. He wanders in attracted to the scent of the raw deer that Yona and Yoon were butchering. He tells Yona while praying for the butchered animal that all living things will go back to heaven and that the animal will forgive her. He introduces himself as a wandering adventurer. Due to his grumbling stomach and hunger, he is invited to have lunch with the group. The other three dragons had already suspected that Zeno is Ouryuu and he confirms that it is him. Everyone starts asking him questions, and he is asked by Kija if he feels anything when he looks at Yona, to which he simply answers that she is a cute girl, surprising the dragons who expected him to go through the awakening. He then accepts Yona's request to join the group, with others noting that he is the fastest person to join the group. Kija introduces himself to Zeno and asks him what his power is. Zeno replies that he has a sturdy body, to which Hak is quick to test by punching Zeno. He is sent flying and is visibly hurt, causing the others to question Zeno's power as Ouryuu. Despite the others' suspicions, Yona deeply believes that Zeno is Ouryuu.

Zeno after Hak punched him in the face.

Later, Zeno offers to help Yona carry the firewood, which turns out to be too heavy for him. As both of them walk, Yona claims that despite it being their first meeting, Zeno feels cheerful, different from ordinary people like a warm ray of sunshine, and just being with him brightens her mood up. She formally introduces herself and welcomes him to the group. After helping Yona, Zeno thanks the heavens and comments that the moon looks pretty.

The following day Zeno sees that Shin-Ah is shivering and proceeds to headbutt him, telling Shin-Ah that it is a way to keep warm. Shortly afterwards, Kija joins in and the three did not stop until Yoon screams at them to stop, calling them animals. At this Zeno calls Yoon a "scary boy".

Zeno asking Yona what she is planning to do after gathering all four dragons.

The group heads to Ik-Soo's place to ask him what they should do next. Ik-Soo reveals to them that the time has not come yet for the prophecy to be set into action and the others start chattering about what to do next. Zeno interrupts and asks Yona with a serious tone about what she plans to do next since she has gathered all four dragons. He asks Yona if she plans to run away forever or if she is planning to take back the throne from Soo-Won. At this, Yoon responds that it is impossible to take back the throne with the number of people the group currently has. Zeno tells them that it is possible for them to take down one castle if the four dragons use their powers seriously.[1] He suddenly switches to his usual cheery tone saying that he, however, doesn't have that type of power, throwing everyone off.

The group follows Yoon to Katan Village and helps him distribute rations he has brought with him. Zeno helps Kija carry the firewood and when Kija's stomach grumbles, Zeno tells him that a way to stop it from grumbling is to "firmly focus strength around your belly button"[2]. When the fire tribe officials arrive to collect taxes, Yoon tells them to hide. As the situation grew worse between the officials and the civilians, Jae-Ha gets himself involved and eventually Hak, too, gets involved. From that point on they form a bandit group call "The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch" which Hak and Zeno named. Hak using The Dark Dragon to refer to himself and Zeno The Happy Hungry Bunch, again, perhaps referring to himself.

Zeno lunging forward to save the ginger soup that Tae-Jun spilled.

The new form bandit group eventually made a name for themselves among the fire tribe people. A few days later, while Zeno was playing with the children of a village, Kija comes up to him with a disguised Kan Tae-Jun. Kija describes Tae-Jun as a sick old man and Zeno agrees to take care of him. One of the kids offers Tae-Jun a bowl of ginger soup. Tae-Jun, not pleased with the colour and smell of the ginger soup, spills it. Zeno quickly rushes over and using his hands, saves the ginger soup and puts it into a bowl. Later on, Zeno tells Tae-Jun that the ginger soup will be the first meal that the children had that day. He calls Tae-Jun "young lord", revealing that he saw through his disguise, while telling him to understand and that it was a good opportunity that he came.[3]

Later on that day, Shin-Ah spots fire tribe soldiers marching toward the village. Zeno heads to where Hak and Yoon are to warn them about the soldiers. Upon meeting Hak and Yoon, he meets Tae-Jun and regards him as the "ginger soup guy". When Tae-Jun begs to know if Yona is alive or not, Zeno answers him and tells him that Yona is the liveliest one out of all of them which leads to Tae-Jun crying out of happiness.[4]

Tae-Jun decides to help Yona. He commands the Fire Tribe army to go to Enri Village to make it their new headquarters. Tae-Jun and Kil-Sung try to move an old man to his house, but he would not budge. Zeno suddenly appears and juggles for the old man which made the old man happy. Zeno then offers to wash the old man and moves him somewhere else. Because of this, Tae-Jun calls Zeno amazing. Zeno tells him that is not the case and that people are like mirrors. Tae-Jun responds by saying, despite Zeno's appearance, he can say some wise things. Zeno smiles and tells Tae-Jun that he will become someone important for Kouka Kingdom.[5] Eventually, after all matter is dealt with, Yona left the fire tribe to Tae-Jun's hand and the group heads to the Kai Empire to find a crop that will help the Fire Tribe. The Happy Hungry Bunch arrives at Senri Village; there they disguise themselves as travelling entertainers to avoid suspicion. Yoon finds Iza seeds in the village that will help the Fire Tribe. In order to get the Iza seeds, the group performs for the villagers of Senri for the Fire Festival. As they stay at the village, they learn that soldiers from Sen are passing through their area. Zeno stays at the tent whereas the others went outside to inspect.

The group decides to go to Saika, the Fire Tribe's capital. There they gather information. They stay at a tavern where they receive words that the Sen army has already invaded Kouka and is advancing towards Saika. Yona decides to stop the army. Through the secret passage that Zeno found out, they casually walk into the enemy's encampment and attack them. Shin-Ah notices another army but notes that they are not heading toward Saika but to Hiryuu Castle. Hak eventually comes to the conclusion that the Fire tribe and the Sen are cooperating together to kill Soo-Won.

They head toward Hiryuu castle to stop the army. They engage in a battle but leaves when Soo-Won shows up. Afterwards, Yoon heals the injuries that they got from the battle. Jae-Ha states that he is surprised at how little injuries Zeno and Hak got. In response, Zeno says that he was just cheering everyone on to which Kija scolds him and tells him to act a bit more like a dragon. Yoon defends Zeno saying that he protected him and Yona who couldn't fight. Zeno blushes and thanks Yoon.[6]

Nadai Arc[]

The group goes to Shisen, a port town in the Water Tribe. After Jae-Ha fell sick from drinking Nadai, a type of drug, the group heads to the place where he had fainted to investigate. Zeno finds a dead body floating in the water and tells Yona about it. The Happy Hungry Bunch once again became entertainers for a bar to gather information about the drug. An Lili, the daughter of the head of the Water Tribe gets attacked by the Nadai users in the bar. When one of them chased after her, Zeno jumps on top of the person and tells her to run away. The Nadai user throws Zeno off, slamming him into a table.[7]

After rescuing Lili, the group plans to go to Suirei, the shop that fed Jae-Ha the Nadai. They left Zeno, Yoon, Shin-Ah and Yona out of the plan. The next day, while the plan was being executed, Zeno, Yoon, Shin-Ah and Yona stays at the inn where Lili is staying at. When Yona is attacked by Hiyou, Zeno shields her. After Hiyou runs away, Shin-Ah tries to chase him but Zeno stops Shin-Ah, saying that they need to treat Tetora and Yona first. He volunteers to apply the medicine for Yona the day after.

The group finds out that Hiyou has another headquarter in a town call Sensui. They separate from Lili and head toward that town.

Zeno mesmerized by Soo-Won.

A few days later, the group obtains information that Nadai can be bought from a store call Utsuro. As they were heading to the Utsuro, Shin-Ah suddenly walks toward the sea instead. Zeno and Hak follow him and find a ship heading toward Sensui. After figuring out that the ships are merchant ships from Southern Kai, Hak instructs Zeno to tell Yona about it. Zeno approaches Yona to warn her and meets Soo-Won. He stands there briefly, staring at Soo-Won until Yoon asks him what he came to say. Zeno tells them about the incoming merchant ships and Soo-Won suggests to ask the townspeople to lend them a few ships to confront the merchant ships. Yona decides to stay with Lili who is with Soo-Won. Kija protests against the decision and wants to stay with Yona. Zeno volunteers to stay with Yona and swears upon the name of Ouryuu to protect her.[8]

Hak stops Hiyou from stabbing Zeno.

Later on, Zeno offers to piggyback ride Yona because of her back injury. Lili asks Soo-Won to guard Yona since Soo-Won is Lili's bodyguard at that time. While Yona tells Lili that she is fine, Zeno senses an arrow aiming at Yona and shields her. Soo-Won shields Zeno and Joo-Doh shields Soo-Won. Yona tries to shoot one of Hiyou's men down but is stopped by Soo-Won who tells her to stop moving around carelessly. Zeno agrees with Soo-Won. He pats Yona on the head telling Yona that she isn't calm when Soo-Won is around. He explains to her why Soo-Won stopped her from shooting the arrow and says that he will help her since she is smart. Hiyou suddenly appears and tries to stab Yona. Zeno quickly shields her to protect her but Hak interferes and protects the two of them. After taking care of the Nadai situation, the group and Lili eat dinner together before the group's departure. During the dinner, it starts raining so they move to a tent to eat.

On the day that the five tribes decide to advance toward Kai Empire and reclaim Kouka's northwest region, Zeno is shown looking at the sky before he joins Yona and the others.

Ouryuu Arc[]

The Happy Hungry Bunch arrives at a village along the border of the Earth Tribe. In the village, Yona's rice ball gets stolen by a boy name Kalgan. They escort Kalgan to his village which is in the Kai Empire. Once they enter Kalgan's village, the dragons fall sick one by one. The only dragon that did not fall sick is Zeno. He decides to take care of them and reassures Yona and the others that he won't get sick saying that health is one of his only strong points.

Zeno saying that he will protect the other dragons.

In the tent where the other dragons are resting, Jae-Ha complains about how there were no cute girls visiting them. Zeno offers to cross-dress for him but Jae-Ha refuses. Zeno explains to the other dragons that they are sick because they are away from Hiryuu castle. He informs them that the dragons are more prone to sickness and fatigue when they are away from the castle since the castle is a place where the divine protection for the dragon is strong. Kija asks Zeno if Ouryuu village teaches him stuff like that. He replies by saying kind of. He tucks Kija into bed and Kija states that he looks nostalgic. As the dragons slowly fell asleep Zeno promises to protect them. He exits the tent and senses that something was wrong.

It turns out after Kouka won the war against the Kai Empire, the Kai Empire army decides to burn down the villages they have to give to Kouka. One of the villages is Kalgan's village. Kalgan is chase by one of the Kai Empire soldiers when he visits another village to buy medicine for the sick dragons. Yona instructs Zeno to take Kalgan back to his village and warn the other villagers.

The sick dragons get up from their bed to fight along with Hak to repel the Kai soldiers. But because of their sickness, they get injured and could not stop the Kai soldier from advancing toward Kalgan's village. Yona tries to stop the soldiers but was told by Zeno to stand back. Zeno runs toward one of the soldiers and is sliced. He falls down but quickly stands up again and tries to stop another soldier. Zeno gets stabbed and thrown aside. The Kai soldiers advance toward Yona. Yona, crying, clings on to Zeno's body and says that she won't forgive the soldiers. In response, the soldiers start to laugh. Zeno suddenly reaches up to touch Yona's cheeks and tells her not to cry. He gets up; his sleeve falls down and his wound is shown healing. He notes that he is healing slowly since he is away from Hiryuu Castle. He reassures Yona that he won't die and tells her that he is the dragon that is born as her shield.[9]

Zeno displaying his ability as the Ouryuu.

The soldiers look at him in disbelief. One of them stabs Zeno in the heart and he collapses into Yona's arms. The wound on his chests heals immediately as he stands up. The soldier screams and slices off his right arm. Zeno asks Yona to lend him her blade as the soldier slices off his other arm. Zeno's right arm grabs Yona's dagger and stabs the soldier from behind before reconnecting back to his body. He asks the soldiers to please go back home. As a response, the soldier screams at his comrades to kill the "monster". Zeno smiles at Yona before charging at the incoming soldiers. As he charges at a soldier, his other arm reconnects back to his body. One of them slices his jaw, cutting the medallion he has hanging on his head. His jaw heals right away.

Zeno getting decapitated.

Multiple swords pierce through his body. Another soldier chops off his head as an attempt to kill him. But all attempts were in vain as his head reconnects back to his body and his wounds close. Zeno charges at a soldier again as the soldier screams and swings his sword at Zeno but it wouldn't slice through. Zeno tells him that he can't pierce him anymore as his face starts forming dragon scales. He easily defeats the soldier with only one hand. Another soldier also swings a sword at him. He grabs it and shatters the blade before kicking him. Zeno leaps, flying and crushes another soldier that was on a horse. The Happy Hungry Bunch stares at Zeno in shock at his abilities as the Ouryuu. He cheerfully asks them if they're alright and explains to them how his abilities work. He tells the soldiers that he has no limits and can go fighting for hundreds of years. He finishes his speech by telling them to come at him, that he has all the time in the world. The soldiers run away retreating. Zeno picks up his medallion that fell when he was fighting. Yona and the others run toward him and hug him. Zeno at first was surprised but later on, reassured them that he is okay and tells them that they are all adorable with a smile.[10]

The group leaves the village and goes back to Kouka. When Jae-Ha was trying to see Shin-Ah's eyes, Zeno remarks about how lively the group is despite their injuries. Yoon and Jae-Ha approach Zeno and pull his sleeves up. Yoon comments about how there is no more scales on his arm and Zeno tells him that after some time passes, his skin returns back to normal skin. Yoon then asks him how old he is and Zeno answers that he is seventeen years old. To this response, everyone calls him a liar and asks for his real age. He reveals that he does not know the exact year because counting is a pain. Kija asks him if he is one of the first generation dragons. Zeno answers that he is, in fact, the first dragon that served under King Hiryuu. He tells them that he could once hear the voice of the gods, that he was given an immortal body, and that he was married once. He announces to Yona that he was waiting for her, informing her that she is the reincarnation of King Hiryuu.[11] When Kija asks him why he did not appear as soon as Yona needed the powers of the dragons, Zeno says that he was testing her, to see if she is worthy of the power of the dragons and that in the end, he decided to follow her. Yona tells him that she does not have any special powers. Zeno reassures her that King Hiryuu was also just human and that she does not need to follow Hiryuu's footstep. After that, he asks if there was any more questions and concludes that they are done. Hak asks him why he stayed quiet about his powers. To this Zeno says that nothing will change whether they know about it or not since his powers only activate when he gets injured.

Later that night Kija helps Zeno carry the bed sheets. Kija reveals to Zeno that he always wanted to meet the first generation dragons. He tells Zeno that if he went to Hakuryuu village, they and their ancestors would have welcomed him. Kija then considers what the other dragons have gone through and calls himself blessed. Zeno starts laughing and says that Kija is amazing. He informs Kija that the previous Hakuryuu's have longed for the king too much that they sort of became evil spirits. They cling on to every single new Hakuryuu but Kija embraces and accepts them. Zeno tells Kija that he reminds him of the first Hakuryuu and pats him on the head before going to sleep. On the bed, he suddenly remembers the day when he drank the dragon's blood. Zeno quickly falls asleep and dreams of his past. He remembers the times when he visited the current dragons when they were still children. He wakes up to find the current dragons and Yona looking at him, waiting for him to wake up. Zeno beckons them to come forward and pulls them into a hug. He comments to himself about how much they have grown now.



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