Kanji ユン
Rōmaji Yun
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 162 cm (5'3”)[1]
Weight 46 kg (101 lbs)
Birthday September 25 (Libra)[2]
Hair Color Apricot
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Partner(s) Yona
Previous Partner(s) Ik-Soo
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 06
Japanese Voice Junko Minagawa
English Voice Clifford Chapin
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Yoon (ユン) is the self-proclaimed “beautiful boy genius” caretaker of High Priest Ik-Soo, and the one who helps Yona and Hak recover after they fell from a cliff. He is the first person to join Yona’s journey as per Ik-Soo’s recommendation and continues his role of being the caretaker among the team.

Appearance Edit

Yoon appearance
Yoon is a boy with a feminine face and a short stature that makes him easily mistaken for a teen girl.[3] He has a very fair skin, a pair of bright blue eyes and short apricot-colored hair with long bangs parted in half that hangs down to his cheeks. He adorns his hair by putting two small white feathers on its left side. He is also very handsome and very cute, which is pointed out most frequently by Yoon himself.

He covers half of his upper body with a short, light blue cloak finished in fringes and fastens it around his neck. Underneath it, he wears a pale green tunic tied with a yellow sash. The sleeves of his tunic extend past his hands and he wraps long brown wristbands atop them. On the bottom, he wears plain gray pants and a pair of light brown fringed boots.[4]

He carries a bag full of important things such as medicine and cooking ingredients.[5]

Personality Edit

Yoon is a kind and skillful boy who takes great pride in his brains and looks as he confidently proclaims himself a “genius pretty boy”. From time to time, he throws insults at everyone, seeing how the group can be rowdy despite the fact that they need to keep a low profile. However, behind his sharp tongue, he genuinely cares for everyone’s well-being, and is easily moved to tears.

At a young age, Yoon learned to be independent and resourceful in order to survive. Whenever he’s in a tough situation, he prioritizes his safety first even by means of abandoning someone in need.[6] However, after meeting Ik-soo, his selfish nature disappeared and became the person he is right now: someone constantly on the look out for others. He also tries to be like Ik-Soo by helping people out, and deems himself as a 'self-satisfying hypocrite' by doing it.[7] Yoon has stated that he has the ability to remember anything he reads, and this skill helps him remember all texts and experiences he goes through: this fuels Yoon's want to continue seeking new knowledge.[8][9] He carries a travel log to keep records of important things throughout their journey.[10] As the story progresses, Yoon becomes more determined to learn more about medicine for the sake of Kouka's people who suffered and died after realizing how incapable he still is in that area.[11] He has a strong disliking of violence, hence why he is hesitant to harm or kill other humans. However, he claims that he would be willing to do so if it were to protect someone he cares about. He has a great disdain for royalty and higher-ups, and views them as sly and filthy people. Over time, as he witnesses Yona’s change, his views are slightly altered, as he realizes that not all nobles are ignorant and selfish.

Most of the time he is considered a mom to the group because of the way he always makes them food and also sews their clothes. This is seen very often in the manga, and especially in the moments when he yells at the rowdy members of the group - most of all Zeno.[12]

Background Edit

Yoon as a child

Yoon as a child.

Yoon was a poor orphan living in the barren village of Touka in the land of the Fire Tribe.[13] For years, he had been pillaging for food and supplies by stealing.[14] When he was eight, he met Ik-Soo, who was currently travelling to help people after being banished from the capital.[15] Yoon threw a stone at him and quickly rummaged him for anything valuable; however, Ik-Soo stopped him and said that he didn’t have anything. Yoon knocked him again and pointed a pick towards him. he recognized that Ik-Soo was the rumored person holding some golden beads. he demanded Ik-Soo to give him the beads, but the traveler apologized to him, saying that he already gave the last one to another poor child. Ik-Soo promised Yoon that he would go and look for something else to give him and tried to leave, though, seeing how clumsy and weak Ik-Soo was, Yoon invited him to his shabby home to spend a night there. While Ik-Soo was asleep, Yoon rubbed a medicine on his head to heal the injury he earlier gave him.
Yeon child17

Happy Yoon to learn how to make sandals

The following day, Ik-Soo gave Yoon a potato that he had traded his shoes for out of gratitude for healing him. Yoon found Ik-Soo's action weird and asked if other people in the kingdom were kind just like him, as he had never been outside the village. he confessed to Ik-Soo that he wished to travel the world and find a place where he can read lots of books.[16] Hearing his dreams, Ik-Soo prom
Yeon child26

Lonely Yoon thinks about Ik-Soo

ised Yoon that he would get books for him: Yoon asked Ik-Soo what he was doing for a living, and he replied that he was a priest helping people in need.[17] Yoon openly stated his disbelief in God, but the priest only smiled at him. After that, Ik-Soo started making straw sandals and taught Yoon how to make one in the process. Later, Yoon perfectly created a straw sandal better than Ik-Soo’s and gave this to him as payment for teaching him. Ik-Soo then left his home to gather some books and other things for him.
Yoon joining Ik-soo

Yoon joins Ik-Soo

As time passed by, Yoon realized how lonely he was and how badly he wanted Ik-Soo’s company. As he eagerly waited for the priest to return, he stopped stealing and started selling straw sandals for a living.[18] When Ik-Soo fina
Yeon child x ik soo

Ik-Soo says goodbye to Yoon

lly returned, he apologized to Yoon for not bringing home anything, as his belongings were stolen by people who wanted the golden beads. he then announced that he would be living in seclusion and bid Yoon farewell. Yoon stopped him and asked Ik-Soo to take him along with him despite knowing that he will never achieve his wish of widely travelling any more.[19] Ik-soo hugged him and decided to comply with his request.

Synopsis Edit

Prophecy Arc Edit

Yoon as he finds Yona and Hak on the riverside

Yoon as he finds Yona and Hak on the riverside

In the forest, Yoon finds Hak and Yona unconscious on the riverside and takes them to his home to treat their injuries. While he is squeezing an orange to Yona’s mouth, she suddenly wakes up and looks for her companion. he shows where Hak is, which is just on the opposite side of the room, and tells her how he is protected by him when he found them. Yoon then asks if they are lovers, but Yona denies such thing, which he finds pitiful for Hak. Ik-Soo returns home all muddy and approaches Yona; however, he tactlessly gives away his identity as the high priest of Kouka which makes Yoon annoyed at him as he lost the sense of keeping a low profile. Yona innocently asks why the priest was exiled and Yoon is shocked to see her obliviousness despite living in the palace.[20]

Yoon points out to Yona how she hasn't thanked him yet

Yoon points out to Yona how she hasn't thanked him yet

Suddenly, Hak moves slightly and Yoon rushes to his side. He notices that Hak has a fever and tells Yona that this will be a critical time for her friend. Yona demands to heal him right away and Yoon says that he will not let him die; however, as he feels remorseful towards the royalty, he points out that she hasn't thanked him yet and the possibility that she hasn't done the same for Hak either.[21] Ik-Soo tells him that he should be considerate as Yona is also suffering, though in her own way. That evening, Yona apologizes to him and asks what he knows about the priests' exile as he believes that he is also a priest. He tells her everything he knows, but not before clarifying that he is not a priest.

The next day, Hak slightly recovers from his wounds and eats the food Yoon was preparing. Hak also thinks that Yoon is a priest and he clears it up for him. After some time, the two of them go to the waterfall to look for Yona and Ik-Soo. When they arrive, the priest is telling Yona about the prophesy and his suggestion to search
Yoon corners Ik-Soo

Yoon corners Ik-Soo and asks him about his favor

for the dragon warriors to keep Hak alive. Hak doesn't believe a word the priest said which makes Yoon punch him on his wound so that he will have no qualms.[22] The following morning, Yoon gives a dress to Yona to replace the rags she is wearing. Yona thanks him and then looks for a sharp object to cut her hair. To his horror, she picks up an ax and this forces him to do the task for her. While he is cutting her hair, Yona asks him about Ik-Soo and he gleefully describes him, though he soon stops after realizing that he is telling too much. After that, he goes outside and passes their storage house when he overhears Ik-Soo and Yona’s conversation about a favor to tag him along with the latter’s journey. When Ik-Soo comes out, he corners him an
Yoon accepts Ik-Soo's decision

Yoon accepts Ik-Soo's decision

d asks him about what he heard. The priest tells him that he needs to see the outside world and further makes him mad when he mentions that he no longer needs him. Yoon walks away and goes to the waterfall to think about what is happening.

After a while, Ik-
Yeon x ik soo crying

Yoon comforts a crying Ik-Soo

Soo comes and by that time, he accepts the priest’s decision as his words are absolute for him. Ik-Soo cries as he starts to feel lonely and Yoon couldn't help but pat him as he gets teary-eyed as well. He soon leaves together with Yona and Hak to search for the Village of Hakuryuu.

Dragons Arc Edit

Yoon is locked up by the villagers of Hakuryuu

Yoon is locked up by the villagers of Hakuryuu

After travelling in the mountains, they arrive at the forest near the Village of Hakuryuu. Yoon goes first to search for the village’s exact location while Hak and Yona continue their archery training, which the latter insisted so that he will not be a burden. While he is wandering, he is captured by the guardians and is locked up in a cage at the village. He demands them to let him go while thinking of a way to get out, when suddenly he sees that Yona and Hak are able to get in freely inside the village. He is soon released and joins them on touring the village. As their guide tells them about the specifics about their inherited oath for Hakuryuu and their fascination towards a red-haired person that their founder served, Yoon asks what would happen to the three of them if it turns out Yona is not the red-haired person they are looking for. The guide remains silent for a long time, and then completely ignores him, which makes him worry a lot.

When the trip ends, they rest for a while under a huge tree, but it is soon interrupted when Kija shows up. He tries to get them away from the village; however, his intention changes when he gazes on Yona and realize that he is the master he is waiting for. Later, Hak goes to Kija’s home and when he returns together with Kija, he notices the tense atmosphere between them and grows annoyed upon learning about their rivalry over who will be protecting Yona. As Kija officially joins their group, they leave the village to look for the nearest dragon warrior, which is the Seiryuu.

Yoon feels the villagers' gaze on him

Yoon feels the villagers' gazes on him

After having a hard time locating the Village of Seiryuu because of its deceptive exterior, they manage to get there and enter the village after Yona negotiates with the village chief, though he is still a little cautious at first because of what he experienced on Kija’s hometown.[23] A room was accommodated for them, but they didn't stay there for long as they decide to look for the Seiryuu. With the place looking like a maze, he starts mapping the area and afterwards, they end up on a dead end. They leave that spot after he feels that they are being eyed by the villagers, however, as they go back, they notice that Yona is no longer with them. Eventually, they find her together with a masked man, who quickly runs away upon seeing them. Kija tells them that he is the Seiryuu.

After some talk, they decide to leave Hak behind so that he can keep an eye on the villagers while they return to where they found the masked man. Yona shows them a hidden door, which makes him amaze, and they go inside. When they reach another opening, Kija tells him that he will stay behind and he catches on to what he meant. He and Yona then enter the room and finds Seiryuu, who becomes defensive against them. Yoon becomes scared, but Yona still approaches Seiryuu without fear. Their conversation ends with Seiryuu refusing to join them and they decide to leave. Outside, Yoon notices how disappointed he is despite her decision to give up in inviting Seiryuu. They arrive to where Kija is and that exact moment, an earthquake occurs and traps them in the room they are in. Yoon becomes scared as they will soon run out of air if they remain trapped inside. Yona calms him and all of them start digging at the blocked entrance. Seiryuu appears and helps them to get outside by telling them a spot that will lead them to the exit faster. As they continue to dig, Hak sets them free after he opens the opposite side of the same spot. After the event, Yona invites Seiryuu once more and they gain him as their ally. They soon leave the village to find Ryokuryuu.

Yoon asks if he can call Yona by name

Yoon asks Yona if he can call her by name

Before they could pinpoint the location of Ryokuryuu however, Kija suffers from fatigue and they stop for a while to take some rest. As they have their meal, Seiryuu thanks Yona when he offers her cloak to him and calls her by her name. This made them all surprised as they only call her "Princess". That evening, he talks to Yona and apologizes for how he acted when they first met, which Yona gladly accepts. He also asks her if he could call her by name like Seiryuu and she allows him to.

Abilities Edit

Yoon dislikes violence[24] and prefers not to use a weapon when possible.[25] He knows how to use one and is even good at teaching someone how to use it; however, he fails in execution.[26] To make up for this, he uses his intelligence to come up with plans to defeat their enemies and acts as the support for everyone.

Yoon healing the still wounded Hak

Yoon healing a wounded Hak

  • Healing: He learned how to heal for Ik-Soo’s sake due to his clumsiness.[27] He applies this ability to the team and everyone they meet that needs it. From reading books and observing others, Yoon has a very vast knowledge of different remedies, and is always prepared to treat a variety of different injuries. Despite his great ability in this area though, Yoon has noted that he is no proper doctor.
  • Cooking: This is another ability Yoon mastered for Ik-Soo.[27] He can make a food out of anything, even just insects or weeds. Due to this, he often gets marriage proposals from men who taste his cooking. He also incorporates his medicinal knowledge into his cooking to make energy drinks for their travel.
  • Creating Explosives: Yoon can make explosives if given the proper ingredients.[28] He showed this ability when he was tasked to create a firework that will signal their location during executing Yona’s infiltration plan.[29]
  • Memorization: Yoon can memorize a book in one reading, as noted when Yona and he discuss the medical book Ik-soo got for him.[30] He can also remember how to do things quickly and perfectly produce results in a short amount of time.[31]




Yoon scolds Ik-Soo for being all muddy again.

Ik-Soo becomes the father-figure for Yoon. However, Yoon is more of a guardian instead of Ik-Soo as the latter is incapable to manage his self carefully, often tripping on a flat ground much to his annoyance. Because of this, he mastered how to make medicine and to cook food for the sake of Ik-Soo.[27] Despite the unreliability and idiocy of Ik-Soo, Yoon knows that he is someone who doesn’t lie[32] and grieves over the fact that he can’t help people in need.[33] Moreover, Ik-Soo’s words are absolute for him.[34]

When he was young, Yoon abandoned his goals of travelling just to be with Ik-Soo as he believes that the priest will be helpless without him.[35] However, Ik-Soo still wants him to achieve his dream, and upon Yona’s arrival, the priest takes this opportunity to make Yoon’s desire come true.[36] They have a small fight due to this but later reconcile with each other and at that time, Ik-Soo, despite his decision to send Yoon away, confesses that he will be lonely without the young boy anymore.


Yona and Yoon’s relationship starts off as a little shaky due to Yoon’s hatred for royalty. Yoon criticizes Yona for her ignorance and selfishness, and points out that she hasn’t thank him for taking care of her or even the possibility that she hasn’t thank Hak who always looks out for her.[37] Despite their small quarrel due to Yona's naive nature, Yoon still takes care of her even if she is a person of royalty. Also, he realizes that he is just as naïve as her as he only knows what he knows.[38]

As they take on their journey, the bond between them becomes better and they become friends over time. Yoon is able to be relaxed and laugh together with her. Even when he can’t fight, Yoon still protects Yona and makes himself as a shield before anyone can hurt her. The harsh words he gave to Yona on their first meeting still weigh on his mind even though Yona doesn’t mind it anymore and by that, he apologizes to her which Yona finds adorable.[39] When Shin-Ah calls Yona by her name, he asks if he can call her in her name too as he finds “Princess” too long to say, and Yona agrees to it.[40] The two of them promised to each other that they will grow strong for the sake of Kouka’s people.[41]

Yoon may or may not have secret, romantic feelings towards Yona, as it has been seen when Yona praises him, he is sometimes seen blushing.


The first time Yoon sees Hak, he already perceives that the latter has feelings for the princess but doesn’t dwell too much on it like Jae-Ha. Yoon trusts in Hak for military knowledge and his strength to avoid trouble when they travel. Likewise, Hak relies on Yoon for great meals or else he won’t eat.[42] Yoon is rarely teased by Hak compared to others. Despite Yoon being anxious and lacking in physical strength, he still promises to Hak that he will protect Yona no matter what happens.[43]


With Kija being a pampered and sheltered man, Yoon is scared for him when he is leading the way and believes that he should just follow instead of being in front.[44] However, Yoon greatly relies on Kija’s dragon sense to make out the locations of the dragons while he consider the military movement together with Hak. Like how Yoon can see Hak’s feelings, he can also see Kija’s affection towards the princess.


Whenever someone needs to guard the fort, Shin-Ah is someone Yoon considers to take the position due to how his mask attracts attention.[45] Even with that gag, Yoon knows that making Shin-Ah take off his mask will probably take a long time because his fear will take a long time to get rid to as it is something permanently embedded in Shin-Ah’s mind. That is why whenever a stranger tries to take off Shin-Ah’s mask, he tries to stop them to not make Shin-Ah get nervous.[46]

Jae-ha Edit

In the anime, the two rarely interact, save for when Yoon scolds him. In the manga, Yoon has a good relationship with Jae-ha, and is exempted mainly from the same teasing as the rest of the group, save for an occasional 'mother' gag. During the Xing arc, Yoon has saved Jae-ha from death when Yotaka was about to kill him by standing in the way, and similarly kept the Xing troups from taking him away again. He also acknowledges that Jae-ha is good to have during a problem, such as when Yona, Kija, and Shin-ah were suffering from the effects of the cough drops.


  • "What a pain! Dead bodies."
  • "Do you think it's pathetic that I'm shaking while Yona's acting so strong? But this is why I'm great. I've survived this far by being the most careful and undignified one. To a point that I'm even proud."  
  • (To Yona) "No, I'm not a genius. The genius was you, Yona."
  • (To Kouren) "I don't want to lose. Not to war, not to violence. When healing people, there are no friends, nor enemies."
  • "I mean, of course I'd be better looking than the average girl, since I am beautiful."
  • "If I’m going to use it [a weapon] half-heartedly, then it’s better not to have one."[47]
  • (To Yona) "I thought those of the royal family were sly and filthy people, but I take that back. When we first met, I said some pretty harsh things, and I’m sorry."[48]
  • (To Yona) "It’s a principle of mine to never leave a lost battle."[49]
  • (To Hak) " I have lived more carefully and wretchedly than anyone else. I'm proud of it."
  • (To Yona) "Leave it to this handsome genius!"
  • "I can fight if I have to. Above all else I'm a survivor. I'm a lot braver than I look.
  • (To Hak) "She's in good hands, Lightning Beast. I will lay down my life for Yona."
  • “Inability to overcome fear is human.”
  • "Prodigies don't understand how the incompetent feel."
  • (To Yotaka) "Are Xing Kingdom's warriors the kind to keep swinging their weapons at people who won't fight back until they die?! Are you proud of that?!"


  • He ranked 4th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 802 votes in total.[50]
  • Yoon and Yona share a tent with each other.[51] Even though Yoon feels nervous about this, he understands that it can't be helped since they live together.[52]
  • According to Mizuho Kusanagi, Kija doesn't mind when Yoon sleeps beside Yona –unlike what he feels against Hak– because of the fact that he forgets that Yoon is a boy thanks to his looks. Yona is similar in this area. However in her case, she completely forgets about Yoon’s gender, knowing her bluntness.[52]
  • Yoon is often know as the "Mother" of the group and is called so various times as in a teasing way throughout the Manga.
  • Before meeting Hak and Yona, while walking through the forest, he is found singing the first few verses of the old Fire Tribe song "The Fire God."
  • In the subtitled version of the anime, his name is spelled "Yun"
  • Yoon is the only character to have broken the fourth wall.


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