Yong-Hi (ヨンヒ, Yonhi) was the mother of Soo-Won and the wife to former Sky General and Prince Yu-Hon. She was one of the blood descendants of King Hiryuu and inheritors of the Crimson Illness.


She was a slender and rather pretty girl of short stature with blond hair half tied up and braided, and in all likelihood sea green/blue eyes, as Soo-Won takes on his physical appearance from her. When she was young woman she wore a light colored gown with earrings that look like flowers.


Yong-Hi was very polite and hardworking. Yu-Hon also noted her to be stubborn despite her looks.


As a descendant of Hiryuu, Yong-Hi lived her early childhood and adulthood in an isolated village with all the other descendants. Half of her clan was inflicted by the Crimson Illness, and her father eventually succumbed to this illness.

Yong-Hi's clan protected their blood through generations, considering it a gift from God despite their short lifespans. But Yong-Hi wonders what will come good of society with it, and thinks there is only a point if the 4 Dragons appear.

Yong-Hi's father said that the Crimson Illness was something put in place by the Dragon Gods to summon King Hiryuu back to the Heavens, and gave Yong-Hi a journal she would write her experiences and life story in, one day to be discovered by her niece and reincarnation of Hiryuu, Yona.


Yong-Hi's clan protected their blood, considering it a gift from King Hiryuu despite the fact that the villagers would die at young ages.



Yu-Hon was Yong-Hi’s husband. They met during King Junam's reign after she was attacked by his pet hawk which he had to rescue her from, and he took her to Kuuto by his horse to treat her sprained ankle.


Yong-Hi was Soo-Won‘s mother, and they both seem have had a good relationship with each other until she passed away due to her illness.



  • Yong-Hi is a Korgan uni-sex name with different meanings, depending on the han-ja used to spell it. When spelled '용히' it directly translates to 'liberally'.


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