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Emperor Il[]

Il reads a book to Yona

Although Yona and her father share a very close relationship, at times she thinks of him as a coward because he refuses to use weapons and dislikes any form of violence. His hate for weapons also meant that Yona never learned to defend herself. As his only child, she is spoiled and can get anything she wants. The exception to this is Soo-Won, who she wanted to marry.[1] For unknown reasons, Il would not allow Soo-Won to become her husband.

After she witnesses her father’s death at the hands of Soo-Won, Yona was heartbroken and regretted not being able to thank him for her wonderful birthday celebration.[2] As she began her journey throughout Kouka Kingdom, Yona realized her father wasn't the effective leader she had originally thought him to be. His peace-loving nature prompted him to give up territory to avoid war with neighbouring countries. This caused Kouka Kingdom's borders to weakened, as other nations and even his own generals perceived the King to be weak. This caused Yona to eventually come to a conclusion. While not justifying it, she understands why her father was murdered. However, once it comes to light how ruthless her uncle Yu-Hon was to his enemies from her aunt's diary she knows the real reason why her father (the second in line) was chosen to be king instead of his elder brother whom the citizens loved.


Hak and Yona often playfully bicker, having done so ever since they were children. However, despite these antics, she considers him to be someone special. Yona denies any kind of help if Hak will be the payment for it,[3] and depends on him whenever she is in a dire situation. However, once they become fugitives, she strives to become less reliant on him. As Hak is the only person she has left, she fears for his safety when he is guarding her. The desire to protect him motivates her to become stronger.[4]

Because of their relationship and the past they share, he is the only person she wants to still call her ‘Princess,’ to keep the fact that she was once the princess of Kouka and the daughter of Emperor Il a reality.[5] Even though they are close to one another, she is unaware of Hak’s feelings for her and often sees his romantic attempts as jokes or an annoyance. Lately, though, she has been showing some signs that she is slowly developing feelings for him.[6][7]

As time went Yona began to heal from the heartbreak and started to unexpectedly develop feelings for Hak which turned into love. One night while wandering around, Yona happens upon Hak sitting alone. She leaves briefly, but upon her return she gives him a protection charm she had bought earlier. Yona says she wishes it will bring good fortune to him. Hak replies, "Princess if you can be happy, then to me that is the greatest happiness". Soon after hearing these words, she returns to bed. She suddenly starts crying, thinking that his words made her both incredibly happy and sad. With this, she begins to realize that she has fallen in love with him but wonders when he became so special to her. In chapter 111, she attempts to confess her feelings. Believing Hak would make fun of her, she stops in embarrassment.

Later, Yona confesses to Lili that she has feelings for Hak, and admits she is too embarrassed to confess or "start over" as she puts it, given how long she has known him. Midway through the Xing arc, she suddenly grabs ahold of Hak's cloak and kisses him before departing to get Tae-Jun's help in holding up Soo-Won's army. Hak is left stunned and confused. Yona admonishes herself for giving in to her impulse and kissing Hak without his permission.

Once the Xing conflict is wrapped up, she overhears a conversation between him and members of the Wind Tribe about his supposed fiancee Ayame. Yona decides to tell him he is no longer bound to protect her and has the freedom to return home if he wants. Hak, misunderstanding, takes this to mean he's no longer needed. Understandably, he is hurt and grows outwardly glum. After an intervention from the others, Yona clears up the misunderstanding and declares how important he is to her and asks him to stay. Fed up with all the misunderstandings and Yona's inability to understand his feelings, Hak angrily exclaims that she is the only one he's in love with . This prompts her to fall to her knees in shock, blushing fiercely at his proclamation. Even though her actions obviously show affection towards him in the next few chapters, Hak is still oblivious to her feelings; the side effect of suffering from an unrequited love for so many years. Later on, Yona wanted to admit her feelings for Hak as well but he told her that he doesn't need to hear them.

Finally, in chapter 175, Hak and Yona share a kiss after he rescues her from the burning Kai castle. Afterwards, Yona tells Hak that she's in love with him too, and had felt guilty about not being able to tell him sooner. As well as in the newest chapters (chapter 201), when Hak is suddenly attacked by Soo-Won's protector/master Hyoo-ri, he is then knocked out and caged up. When woken up, Advisor Kei-shuk tells Hak that they were ordered to kill him the moment he got close to his majesty Soo-won, Hak also thinks and tells him that the other reason he'll be killed on the spot would be because he knows about Soo-won's illness. And to this statement, Hyoo-ri is ordered to kill him. Right at that moment, Yona turns up to the door, accompanied with Min-soo. And asks Kei-shuk to move aside and for Hyoo-ri to lower his weapon. When they leave, Yona immediately falls to the ground, in relief to know she came in time. After, Hak asks for Yona's hand and the two share a kiss while Hak is still behind bars, as Hak tells her that she doesn't have to go that far to protect him, after hearing her say that she doesn't need a personal bodyguard.


From an early age, Yona had a crush on Soo-Won due to the fact that when her mother died he was there for her emotionally and made her feel safe which caused her to develop feelings for him in the first place. Over the years, she grew increasingly frantic over her appearance (especially over her hair that she hated) during his visits to Hiryuu castle. She blushed from any kind of physical contact they made or when he gave her a simple compliment. Although she understood that Soo-Won only saw her as a little sister,[8] she still tried to convince her father to let them marry.[9] For unknown reasons, King Il was against the idea of their union and firmly refused. Yona's deep affection for Soo-Won ultimately becomes the cause of her breakdown after his betrayal. Since then, their relationship has become very complicated. Yona clearly shows hostility towards Soo-Won whenever they meet. And yet, after being exposed to the suffering of Kouka's people, she understands why her father was not a suitable king.

In Chapter 110 Yona finally addresses the state of her feelings towards Soo-Won. She tells Lili that she once loved him and how he broke her heart the night he killed her father. Yona confesses that she will never forgive Soo-Won for what he has done. Even so, she knows the kindness and gentleness he showed in the castle to her and Hak wasn't all a lie. She explains to Lili that now, using a feeling other than the love she had for him before, she wants only to understand him and his goals. She has resolved not to live a life of revenge. The realization that he is a better king than her father and a good influence over the people of the Kouka Kingdom has made it possible for her to move forwards with her life. Yet, she still finds it hard to move on from her feelings, as evident by the fact that she is unable to discard the hairpin Soo-Won gave to her on her birthday.[10][11] However in Chapter 136, she finally parts with it, giving it to Master Ogi as payment for Information.[12] This act greatly shocked Hak, who knows the history behind the hairpin and why she had kept it. Giving it up meant that she has finally moved past what happened that night and from Soo-Won.

During the Xing Kingdom arc, Yona discovers the real reason why Xing is going to war with Kouka. She wants the Xing princesses to form a peace treaty with Soo-Won to prevent the deaths of innocent people. She confronts Soo-Won about going to war with Xing, knowing full well that Kouka's military is far stronger than Xing's and any war will end in bloodshed. Yona believes that there is a way to negotiate, so that both countries can live in peace. However, Soo-Won refuses to take part in a peace treaty, knowing it would be futile. The first princess of Xing (Kouren) declared war for the purpose of revenge. Xing and Kouka had been at war many years ago and the battle has left a young Kouren traumatized. After Xing had been defeated, Yu-Hon (who was the Sky Tribe's general at the time) promised to release their prisoners of war back to Xing. Instead, he decapitated the soldiers and civilians who had already surrendered to Kouka and dumped their severed heads at the gate of the castle. Yona finally asks Soo-Won if he knows about his father's cruelties when Kouka went to war with Xing seventeen years ago.  Soo-Won's response shocks Yona when he admits that he knew about it and was okay with what his father did because things like that often happen in war. The realization that Soo-Won thinks his father's terrible actions are justifiable, causes Yona to look Soo-Won dead in his eyes and say "I see now why Uncle Yu-hon could not be king,". Soo-Won appears shocked that Yona would openly insult his deceased father infant of him and his soldiers. To the same extent, Yona believes that someone capable of overlooking such cruelty may also be an unsuitable ruler.

After the battle, Yona forms an alliance with Soo-Won to keep herself and the dragons safe from foreign enemies who may desire their power. Although Hak is reluctant, the group returns to the castle. Yona later discovers that Soo-Won is a descendent of the Crimson Dragon King and has inherited a fatal illness passed down through King's descendants. She is initially unsure of how she feels about this. While she isn't happy to know he's dying, she can't grieve for him either. Her feelings towards him now are neither love nor hate.


The two of them did not have a smooth relationship at first because of how Yoon despises royalty. Yona is criticized by him for her ignorance and selfishness, which she acknowledges. Despite their small quarrel, due to her nature, Yona sees Yoon’s kindness behind his sharp tongue and through his caring actions and quickly forgives him. This helps her settle their differences before leaving Ik-Soo's home. They become friends over time and she learns various things from him, throughout which she praises his knowledge. As much as Yoon is constantly looking out for her, she does the same for him even if she will get hurt in the process. She graciously accepts Yoon’s apology for his behaviour when they first met, and allows him to call her by her given name.[13] They promise to each other that they will grow strong for the sake of Kouka’s people.[14]


She thinks Kija is a beautiful man and is fond of his appearance due to her love of pretty things.[15] Even though Kija considers her to be his master, Yona considers him to be her friend, as opposed to a servant. She trusts Kija and his abilities, even when he is in doubt of his usefulness. And she reassures him that he is helpful to her and can never be replaced. Soon after they meet, Kija tells Yona to give up Hak because he can protect her now. She swiftly refuses and Kija is momentarily put out.[16] As with Hak, she is oblivious to Kija's feelings for her. She only sees him as a friend, to which Kija quickly accepts. He realizes that Yona has fallen in love with Hak and has no desire to come between them. Kija is overprotective of Yona and constantly worries about her safety. He wants to remain by her side forever.


Yona believes that Shin-Ah is a very kind person despite what the villagers said against him. She is not afraid to help him when he loses control of his power and meets him head-on despite the possibility of him devouring her.[17] Seeing Shin-Ah cooped-up in the darkness, Yona relates to his situation and promises him that both of them will break out from their small worlds.[18] Yona also finds Shin-Ah's eyes breathtakingly beautiful. As he is nameless before meeting her, she gives him the name "Shin-Ah" which symbolizes how he became the moonlight for her in the darkness.[19]

She makes a promise to Shin-Ah to become stronger with him after he overuses his powers and collapses.[20] They are shown to have a very close relationship, Yona often showing kindness and admiration to Shin-Ah, and Shin-Ah acting the most vulnerable around her. She is unaware of any feelings he harbors for her because he rarely shows them towards her.


Initially, Jae-Ha is running away from his sealed-in-a-stone fate, Yona had a hard time recruiting him. When they first met Jae-Ha thought that she was cute and that her presence hard to resist. However, he still acts menacing towards her due to his belief in the legend because he thought that she was going to make him a slave. However, she is able to become close to him and indirectly change his mind because of her personality. When Jae-Ha treats Yona differently than other women like even though he flirts with her, she misunderstands it as some sort of bullying and compares him to Hak.[21] He often gives her hints about Hak’s affections for her, but she doesn’t get what he means most of the time due to her innocent nature. However in Chapter 125, he, Kija and Yoon learned about her previous affection's for Soo-Won and came to understand why Hak never told about the feelings he has for her in which caused Jae-Ha to stop pressuring both of them into admitting their feelings to one another.

Nevertheless, several scenes in the manga showed that he has feelings for her as well. But Jae-Ha doesn't make any romantic advances towards her for two reason one their age gap (nearly a decade apart) and another his fear that the dragon’s blood is what created those feelings in the first place. Romantic feelings aside, he seems content to be an older brother figure in Yona's life. Also, Yona is protective over Jae-Ha and doesn't want to see him get hurt as shown in Chapter 77 where she was worry that he might had been poisoned by the Nadai and wanted to investigate the place he got sick at.


Despite everyone’s doubt of Zeno being the Ouryuu, she instantly believes that he is the yellow dragon warrior and welcomes him without any hesitation. To her, being around him is warming, as if he is a golden ray of sunshine. When Zeno saves her from being killed by enemy soldiers and slumps, corpse-like, to the ground,Yona cries as she rues her lack of strength to protect him. However, Zeno's power prevents him from dying, therefore making him the first and last Ouryuu.[22]

Kan Tae-Jun[]

In the beginning, she is annoyed by Tae-Jun's frequent flirting with her and would go as far as claiming that she and Hak were in love to avoid him.[23] She hated how selfish he was and how rude he would be just to get anything he wanted.[24] However, when she eventually meets him again after their encounter on the cliff and they spend some time together, she is able to change some views of his life, especially in regards to enlightening him about the grim situation of the Fire Tribe. This makes her glad as she sees how much Tae-Jun has changed from an arrogant man to a responsible and good person. As such, she entrusts the job of saving the Fire Tribe to him.[25]


Gi-Gan is like a mother to Yona; she finds her strictness and kindness to be a very nostalgic and sad feeling as she has little to no memories of her real mother who died when she was very young.[26] As Yona takes care of the villages in the Fire Tribe, she imitates Gi-Gan’s way of speaking in her threats to the government officials.[27]

An Lili[]

Yona met Lili for the first time in a bar while disguised as a dancer to gather information. They became fast friends and have helped each other on several occasions. Yona inspired Lili to have more courage in her own words and Lili aspires to become like her. She showed courage and acted as bait so that Yona could escape from the Sei troops.[28]


Ao and Yona.png

Upon on the first meeting of Yona and Ao, when Yona was convincing Shin-ah to join in their group, Ao instantly liked her. They became good friends and a companion. Ao is used by Shin-Ah to comfort Yona if she's scared/sad, or a companion for Yona when Shin-Ah isn't present with her.



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