Yang Kum-Ji Mugshot
Yang Kum-Ji
Kanji ヤン・クムジ
Rōmaji Yan Kumuji
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Feudal Lord
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 33
Anime Debut Episode 20
Japanese Voice Takayuki Sugō

Yang Kum-Ji (ヤン・クムジ Yan Kumuji) is the feared feudal lord of the Awa Port. He oversaw the human slave trade with the Kai Empire for years[1] until Gi-Gan's pirates and Yona's group stopped him.


Kum-Ji is a big, fat man that has a short dark brown hair and eyes. He keeps his moustache and beard unshaved and lets them grow until it connects to his hair.

He wears a violet robe with black hemlines held by a black sash decorated with a beaded necklace. Under this robe is a brown innerwear with a frilly high-collar. He has a green and red beaded necklace and a bandage around his left hand.

Personality Edit

Kum-Ji is very elusive and only comes out when important transactions are going to take place. He has a violent nature and doesn't like being interrupted or corrected.[2] He will hurt anyone who goes against him, even if they are his subordinate or his merchandise. Because of his cruelty, he scares women he captures and puts them in a submissive state as he preferred them obedient.[2]


Kum-Ji arrives at Awa

Kum-Ji arrives at Awa

Kum-Ji appears at Awa as he rides a horse cart. In every place he crosses, people shut their doors at him or tremble in fear. The following night upon his arrival, he checks the captured women as he becomes intrigued by a red-haired girl that has been reported to him.[3] As he sees the said girl, he grabs her by the hair and would like to take her for himself. A blonde-haired girl suddenly asks him to take her instead of her as she believes that she can satisfy him better, but he hits her as he dislikes women who are bold.
Yona glares at Kum-Ji

Yona glares at Kum-Ji

He tells them that he likes a compliant woman and makes example of the quiet redhead he is holding until he gazes on her eyes.[4] Intimidated, he drops her and questions if she is Princess Yona. The redhead denies his claim but will make herself the missing royal if he likes too. Upon hearing her answer, he leaves as he think that the princess is too self-respecting unlike her. Also, he believes that Princess Yona will not bear eyes that liken of a beast.[5]
Kum-Ji's death

Kum-Ji is shot by Yona

Moments later, Kum-Ji sets off with several ships to carry the enslaved women to the neighboring country of Kai. On his way, the pirates raided some of his ships and soon take over the one where the women are hidden. His henchmen report the situation on him and learn that a spy has mixed to the merchandise. He recognizes that the redhead is that spy as she appeared unforgettable to him. With the situation going against him, he retreats from his plan and escapes his ship by a boat with one of his men. The man rumored to be the soaring dragon sees them and they engage in a battle. Blades are thrown at his companion and at his knee, but he manages to hit the enemy on his right shoulder with an arrow. The man plunges to the ocean, and Kum-Ji takes this as an opportunity to kill him as he can no longer jump because he no longer has any footing to jump to. He is ready to draw out his bow when he feels a terrifying presence looking directly at him. He sees the redhead once more, now aiming at him with an arrow and ready to kill him. Seconds before his death, he realizes that she is certainly Princess Yona.[6]


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