Wind Tribe
Kanji 風の部族
Rōmaji Kaze no buzoku
Location Kouka
Capital Fuuga
Current Leader(s) Tae-Woo
Previous Leader(s) Shu-Ten
Son Mundok
Manga Debut Chapter 04
Anime Debut Episode 06
We are the Wind Tribe. We live only as the wind blows.

Han-Dae to Hak, in Fuuga

The Wind Tribe (風の部族 Kaze no buzoku) is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom. Its capital city is Fuuga and the current Chief and General of the tribe is Tae-Woo, who unwillingly succeeded the position after Hak left.


The Wind Tribe’s territory is located behind the mountains bordering the southern land of the Fire Tribe, the eastern lands of the Sky Tribe and the Water Tribe, and the northern land of the neighboring southern country of Xing.


WindTribe People

Son Mundok's trained warriors of the Wind Tribe.

The people of the Wind Tribe are known for their strength and loyalty to the royal family. Under Son Mundok’s training, the tribe has produced strong warriors[1] and the most notable is his adopted grandson, Hak, who is nicknamed the "Thunder Beast" for his incredible feats in fighting.

Following the Wind Tribe motto, various individuals, including Tae-Woo, Han-Dae, and occasionally Hak, have shown a tendency towards a relaxed, bordering-on-lazy attitude in their daily lives, and often playfully tease other people who they're friendly with. The residents place heavy importance on inclusion and family; thus, anyone who resides in the lands of Fuuga, are considered to be part of the Wind Tribe family.

Known ResidentsEdit



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