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We are the Wind Tribe. We live only as the wind blows.

Han-Dae to Hak, in Fuuga

Wind Tribe (風の部族 Kaze no buzoku?) is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom. Its capital city is Fuuga and the current Chief and General of the tribe is Tae-Woo, who unwillingly succeeded the position after Hak left.


The Wind Tribe’s territory is located behind the mountains bordering the southern land of the Fire Tribe, the eastern lands of the Sky Tribe and the Water Tribe, and the northern land of the neighbouring southern country of Xing.

Fuuga has a large river running across it and it is said to be life source for the wind tribe where the residents can do laundry and get water.[1]


Son Mundok's trained warriors of the Wind Tribe.

The people of the Wind Tribe are known for their strength and loyalty to the royal family. Under Son Mundok’s training, the tribe has produced strong warriors[2] and the most notable is his adopted grandson, Hak, who is nicknamed the "Thunder Beast" for his incredible feats in fighting.

However, the Wind Tribe 's military strength is the weakest among the five tribes as they have the smallest number of troops by a large margin compared to the other tribes.[3]

Following the Wind Tribe motto, various individuals, including Tae-Woo, Han-Dae, and occasionally Hak, have shown a tendency towards a relaxed, bordering-on-lazy attitude in their daily lives, and often playfully tease other people who they're friendly with. It is said that Wind Tribe's specialty is making friends.[4] The residents place heavy importance on inclusion and family; thus, anyone who resides in the lands of Fuuga, are considered to be part of the Wind Tribe family.

General Mundok came up with three rules that kids had to obey when accompanying him in unfamiliar territory, named '3 rules for good kids in the wind tribe' and are listed below:[5]

  1. Be Noble and Just
  2. Don't cause trouble for others
  3. You stay with General Mundok even if it kills you.

However, these rules are not frigid and went through numerous changes in the time that Hak, Tae-Woo and Han-dae were looking for Mundok in one of the city's in the Earth Tribe, most likely in Awa.

The members of the wind tribe and moreover, the residents of the capital Fuuga, especially the kids have a certain saying inscribed in their souls the moment they become conscious of their surroundings, according to Tae-Woo. That is, there is but one person who stands at the top as the leader which is Hak and that: 'Lord Hak's words are absolute!'[6] The Wind tribe prioritizes Hak's orders more than the King's during the impending war looming over against Xing Kingdom.

Festivals and Events[]

At New Year's, the Wind Tribe celebrate by gathering at Mundok's manor full of food, drinks, singing and dancing.[7] Good drinks such as sweet sake usually are not opened unless there is a wedding ceremony according to Hak.[8]

The Wind Tribe have a roof-tiled smashing competition in Fuuga and children as young as six can enter into the competition. Hak was able to smash all tiles except one which Tae-Woo and Han-dae broke. Mundok revealed that he changed one tile to a much stronger material which Hak could not break by himself and Hak ended up crying in regret.[9]

Known Residents[]



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