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Water Tribe (水の部族 Mizu no buzoku?) is one of the five tribes of Kouka Kingdom, and is the most scenic among them.[1] Its capital city is Suiko and its general is An Joon-Gi.


The Water Tribe is located south of the Earth Tribe and southeast of the Sky Tribe. It shares a southern border with the neighboring country of Xei.

People and Government[]

The Water Tribe’s citizens are calm people who do not like conflict.[1] They are living peacefully in the coastal areas and take pleasure in their sightseeing destinations. Because they live near the sea, their economy depends heavily on trading with the foreign countries via shipments similar to Awa’s.

While everything may seem undisturbed on the surface, the tribe faces internal struggles. Drug trafficking from the Kai Empire into the Water tribe has been a large problem. In particular the port towns, as primary links between the water tribe and Kai Empire, have been hit hardest by the narcotic epidemic. Most of the residents in these towns are already suffering from the excessive usage of Nadai, a narcotic drug circulated in the Water tribe.[2] Some establishments even put Nadai into their merchandise and sell it.[3] Others are unwilling to get involved in the drug trade, but they are threatened by the smugglers to go with the flow.[4]

As the amount of people addicted to Nadai increases, many suffer from hallucinations and eventually, death. The people who don’t take it have grown accustomed to such events; it has became an ordinary everyday occurrence.[5] Even though Joon-Gi wanted to punish the smugglers for their actions, he couldn't afford to cut off their connection with the Kai Empire. In the meantime, his daughter has set up clinics to rehabilitate the drug users, to lessen the damage done by the trafficking.

Known Residents[]




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