Water Tribe
Kanji 水の部族
Rōmaji Mizu no buzoku
Location Kouka
Capital Suiko
Current Leader(s) An Joon-Gi
Previous Leader(s) Abi
Manga Debut Chapter 77

The Water Tribe (水の部族 Mizu no buzoku) is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom and is the most scenic among the country.[1] Its capital city is Suiko and its general is An Joon-Gi.

Locality Edit

The Water Tribe is located at the south of Earth Tribe and southeast of Sky Tribe. It shares a border with the neighboring country of Xei from the south.

People and Government Edit

The Water Tribe’s citizens are calm people who don’t like conflict.[1] They are living peacefully in the coastal areas and take pleasure on their sightseeing destinations. Because they live near the sea, their economy depends heavily on the trading with the foreign countries via shipments similar to Awa’s.

While everything may seem undisturbed from the outside, it is not what it actually appears to be inside. The port towns, as they are the first dockage of the trade goods, are the first ones to receive the corruption coming from the Kai Empire. Most of the residents in these towns are already suffering from the excessive usage of Nadai, a narcotic drug circulated only at their tribe.[2] With its circulation, some establishments put it to their merchandise and sell it to their customers.[3] Some are still devoid from this system, but they are being threatened by the smugglers to go with the flow.[4]

As the amount of drug addicts’ increase, many suffer from hallucinations and eventually, death. The people who don’t take it grow accustomed to such events and it became an ordinary occurrence every day.[5] Even though Joon-Gi want to pay heed to the idea of punishing the smugglers from what they are doing, he can’t cut off their connection with them carelessly. In the meantime, his daughter sets up clinics to rehabilitate the drug users to lessen the damage dealt by the trafficking.

Known Residents Edit


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