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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Vold (ヴォルド Vorudo?) is a character that appears in the Xing Arc of Akatsuki no Yona and he is working with Algira to help Princess Tao fight against her sister's rule.


Vold is a young man with sharp eyes and messy black hair. He has a mole underneath his left eye.

Vold first appeared wearing a face mask when he tried to ambush Yona and her friends. He wears a burgundy robe and carries a sword around his waist.


Vold is a servant of Princess Tao. He is seen to be loyal to the princess, even going as far to asking for the help of the Dragon Warriors so they can aid Tao in her quest to avoid war.

Vold is a reasonable young man, even scolding Algira in public for making a scene.

Vold shows a high level of respect to princess Tao, even reminding her that she is a princess of Xing and must be respected.


Vold is revealed to be one of the Five Stars, which consists of the strongest fighters in Xing.


Vold can fight with a sword, and seems to have extremely fast reflexes.



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