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The Village of Seiryuu (青龍の里 Seiryū no sato) is a cave village situated on the rocky mountain border of the Fire Tribe, and is the hometown of Shin-Ah. It used to be on Earth Tribe’s area fourteen years ago[1] until Shin-Ah killed a group of soldiers that forced the villagers to move themselves on the mountains.


With the village blended within the mountain itself, it is hard to distinguish the place from afar, or even consider it as a place for living for outsiders. As the villagers try to be discreet as possible, the outside is left simple with only the arched entrances as the noticeable feature. In the anime however, the design greatly deviates from the original as they add a five story pagoda that stands out on the center of the village.

The Village of Seiryuu fourteen years ago.

When it was still in the Earth Tribe, the village looked like an ordinary place with small houses made with stone walls and thatched roofs.

Inside, the village is like a maze; the rooms all look similar and it’s hard to find the way back unless one is familiar with the area. All rooms have arched entrances that are covered by thick curtains, and the only light source on the hallways is the fire from torches. There is a main lobby situated near the entrance that is also inhabited by the people. In the center of this place, a cave pillar is decorated with fire lanterns beneath while hidden behind curtains, and some banners on top. There is also an underground pathway, though its destination is unknown.


Children wearing masks.

The villagers have a tradition to wear masks before getting married.[2] However, the actual purpose of these masks is for them to hide their eyes whenever the Seiryuu is around. Unlike the villagers of Hakuryuu, they have great disdain towards the dragon’s power and consider it as a persistent curse who takes their love ones away from them. Because of their fear and belief that has been twisted by rumors throughout the ages, they isolate the Seiryuu together with his predecessor in a secluded area. Additionally, the family relatives of the Seiryuu either cut their ties on him or worse, kills themselves.

Due to this circumstance they suffer from, the villagers are not the most welcoming people. They don’t show any hospitality towards their visitors and leave them alone after giving them a room. However, cautious as they are, they will watch every of their actions behind the walls[3] and if ever their visitors find out their secret, they will not hesitate to kill them.[4]




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