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The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch (暗黒龍とゆかいな腹へり達 Ankoku ryuu to yukaina haraheri-tachi?) is a group name created by Yona’s crew under the guise of bandits to protect the villages in the Fire Tribe.


The bandit group is made up of six men and a woman who is their leader. Together, they jump to villages one after another after they flag their ownership within that place. Although they branded themselves as thieves, their real objective is to stop the government officials from levying huge amounts of taxes, and to ease the hunger and heal the illnesses of the people.[1]


Name Origin[]

“The Dark Dragon” came from when Kija called Hak the ‘dark dragon’ after he told a joke about him being the real Ouryuu[2] and since then he used it as his alias. “The Happy Hungry Bunch” came from the hunger they were experiencing when they chose not to eat so that they can give their part to the villagers.[3]


The existence of the group started after Yona and the others followed Yoon, who has a cart filled with food, to Katan Village. They saw the awful situation the place was in and decided to help them. During their stay, some officers came and asked the village chief for taxes, which was impossible to give because of the village’s state. However, they saw Yoon’s cart and thought that the residents were disobeying them. They tried to take it until they were stopped by a little girl, but they grabbed her and they included her as part of their tax collection.[4] From there, everyone except Yoon stood up for the people and defeated the officers.[5] Though Yoon was really against the idea, he learned to accept it later on.