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Tetora (テトラ Tetora?) is one of An Lili's servants along with Ayura.


Tetora colored.png

Tetora is a short woman who always has an elegant smile on her face. She has a pair of dark-colored eyes and wavy light-brown hair in a low ponytail with a ribbon.

She dons a light-colored overcoat with an open chest and layered skirt style that is held by a sash. Similar to Ayura’s clothing, the collar of this coat has a black ribbon with a white string running in the middle of it. Underneath this, she has a white, long sleeved gown. She wears a pair of flats on her feet.[3]


Tetora is a woman who upholds her femininity with her modest movements and adoration to romance. She is easily attracted to handsome men and she wants to get close to them. Behind this attitude, however, she is actually a strong woman who can fight against anyone[4][5] and she will not hesitate to protect her master at all costs.


She and Ayura are called by Lili and they go to Shisen to investigate a suspicious group their master believes as smugglers from Kai. When they see them, she finds all the men attractive and doubts that they are what Lili believed them to be.[6] During their spying, they become curious about the only girl belonging to the crowd of men. However, they leave immediately after someone from the group spots them. They stay at an inn and leaves Lili in their room while she and Ayura make reservations for the hot spring, but when they return, their master is nowhere to be found.

Tetora asks who hurt Lili while preparing to fight

The two of them search for her until they find her together with the people they were following earlier. Ayura points out a bruise on Lili’s cheek and they ask who hurt her while intimidating them. Lili clears up the misunderstanding as she was saved by them, and they apologize. Tetora tries to get close to one of the men; however, she stops when she notices how familiar the black-haired man is, though she can’t pinpoint who he is exactly.[7] The three of them leaves to return to the inn so that they can rest before going home to Suiko, however, Lili decides not to go back home yet. The next day, they meet the people who saved Lili again. Soon after, her master brings the group to the inn they’re staying at and they take Yona –the sole girl– to the hot springs. While bathing, they discuss about Yona’s friends. Tetora then observes that Ayura is bothered by something and learns that she also feels that she have seen the black-haired man somewhere.

Tetora is stabbed from behind

After the bath, she goes inside the inn to get some food and drinks. On her way back outside, she overhears a commotion happening at one of the rooms she is passing by and accidentally finds the person behind the drug smuggling in their tribe, Hiyou.[8] As she continues to listen, one of Hiyou’s henchman sees her and they fight. She strikes back with a kick, but due to the drug the man has taken, her attack doesn't deal any damage. While she is focused on her enemy, she is suddenly stabbed from behind by Hiyou when he passed his sword through the door. Lili and Yona arrive at the scene and she tells them of what she had discovered before passing out.[9]


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