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Kanji タオ
Rōmaji Tao
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 140 cm (4'7)[1]
Birthday March 3 (Pisces) [2]
Hair Color Light blond
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Occupation Second Princess of Xing
Partner(s) Vold


Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Kouren (Sister)
Bushin (Father)
Minfa (Mother)
Manga Debut Chapter 127
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Tao (Tao タオ) is the second princess of the Xing Kingdom and is the leader of the faction that is fighting against the first princess, Lady Kouren.

Appearance Edit

Tao is a young woman with green eyes and short light blonde hair. Due to her small size, she is often mistakenly regarded as a child, when in truth she is already 19 years old.

Tao is normally seen wearing a white robe with an embellished jacket.

Personality Edit

Tao is the second Princess of the neighboring country of Xing. She is an animal lover as she is shown to be taking care of many cats in her personal mansion.

Smart and headstrong, Tao was able to head her own faction to go against her own sister. Tao loves peace and is openly against waging war against Kouka and prefers it to become a vassal of Kouka so the citizens will not be victimized by war.

Tao was in a dispute with her older sister, Lady Kouren, who was planning to wage war against Kouka.

Tao was also seen to be very caring and kind to Yona, as seen in Chapter 128 of the manga, Yona suddenly had her period and she helped Yona out by draping a cloth over her, to ensure that nobody sees the blood stains on the leg and possibly dress.

Background Edit

Tao surrounded by cats

Tao is the second princess of the Xing Empire and is in actual fact, 19 years old. She is a princess that seeks peace and thinks for her country's people and their best interests. She is loyal to her kingdom, however, she was forced to declare war against her sister Kouren for their opposing views. Thinking only of the safety and peace of her people, she seeks to unify the kingdom by making the Xing Empire a subsidiary of Kouka.

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