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Tae-Woo (テウ Teu?) is the current Wind Tribe general and was introduced into the story as one of the guards standing at the entrance of Fuuga.


Tae-Woo is a young man with short black hair and dark blue eyes. He wears the usual Wind Tribe attire consisting of blue robe and pants, a sleeveless brown robe tied with a ribbon as an overcoat, and a pair of dark brown boots. He also wears a maroon string headband which has blue beads and tassels on both ends, and a simple two-layered black necklace on his neck.


Tae-Woo is a laid-back person who likes to take things easy. Even though he likes to be at peace, when it comes to spear fighting, he works hard to surpass Hak.[4] Once Hak tells him he was to be the next general after him, he immediately argues back stating that it is 'too much work'.[5] Although he is against the idea of becoming general, he is aware that it's necessary for him to take the position for the greater good of the Wind Tribe.


Fugitive Arc[]

Tae-Woo and Han-Dae sleeping on duty.

Tae-Woo is sleeping on duty together with Han-Dae when Hak arrives at Fuuga together with a red-haired girl. They are quickly scolded due to their laziness, but they argue that they are free to do anything because they are of the Wind Tribe. The girl falls unconscious and Han-Dae assists Hak on carrying her inside. After a while, he and Han-Dae eavesdrop to Lena –the name of the girl– and Tae-Yeon’s conversation about their chief. When they heard that Hak is only a friend to Lena, the two of them laugh as they feel sorry for their chief’s unrequited love. Hak shows up behind them and beats them.

Later, Son Mundok returns home and Tae-Woo notices the unusual closeness between Lena and him.[6] His attention gets taken away when Han-Dae returns from his investigation about the missing water in the river and he gets frustrated along with his fellow tribesmen when they learned that the Fire Tribe is attacking them. Mundok calms them and he is asked to assist the injured Han-Dae back inside Fuuga. Soon after, when the Fire Tribe attacks again by assailing the merchants who are supposed to bring Tae-Yeon’s medicine, he remains silent as he watches everyone’s rage over the matter. Han-Dae manages to ease their tension and says that he will get Tae-Yeon’s medicine. Though it is a good plan, Tae-Woo sees him as reckless for it as he is not fully healed yet.

Tae-Woo slacks on his guard duty once again by falling asleep even when Hak was talking to him.

The following day, Han-Dae returns with Tae-Yeon’s medicine and he assists him to the infirmary where the merchants rest. Moments later, Tae-Woo sees Lena and Han-Dae conversing with one another. Suddenly, Lena cries and he teases Han-Dae that he will be killed by their chief later. While all the villagers are busy tending the wounded, Tae-Woo returns to his gate keeping duty. Hak shows up and praises him for not sleeping, to which he replies that he can't do such thing as the guy who has his back is not with him. He then asks him where he is going and much to his dismay, he learns that he will be the Wind Tribe General as Hak will leave Fuuga for good.[7] Tae-Woo asks if it’s okay to leave Lena behind, knowing that she is Princess Yona all along and how it will be a huge responsibility for him to take care of her. Hak tries to confront him about this, but Tae-Woo pretends to be asleep to ignore him.

Tae-Woo together with Mundok during Soo-Won's coronation.

Several days later, Tae-Woo takes up the position of Wind Tribe’s General and he, together with Mundok, attends Soo-Won’s coronation at Hiryuu Castle.[8]

Fire Tribe Arc[]

He continues training under Mundok’s supervision when Han-Dae comes and reports the aftermath of the war against the Fire Tribe and the Sen Province. Upon hearing the details, he tells them that even though he is ordered to stand by during the battle, he planned to fight if ever the enemies invaded Kuuto. Han-Dae becomes curious to his words as he knows that he dislikes Soo-Won and the fact that there are rumors about Hak and Lena being dead. He clears up that he is not following the king faithfully, but guarding the capital is a different matter as he wants to protect everyone. Furthermore, he doesn't believe that Hak is dead and he questions Mundok and Han-Dae if they believe such rumor, to which both denies. Shortly after, Han-Dae shouts to everyone about his sincerity to defend everyone and tries to stop him.


  • Spear Fighting: Tae-Woo seems to have great skills using the spear and he comes second in terms of spear fighting after Hak.[9] His movements are too quick for the naked eye to see and he learned to be this fast thanks to Han-Dae’s agility to evade his attacks during their forced practice matches against each other.[10]
  • Perceptivity: He was briefly shown as being surprisingly perceptive, as he was the only person in the Wind Tribe to realize that "Rina" was actually Princess Yona without being told.



Both of them have the same attitude towards work and Hak’s misery. However, there are times that he is bullied by Han-Dae which forces him to chase him, though he always ends up being exhausted afterwards.


Tae-Woo seems to both respect and admire Hak as a fellow wind tribe member, and a fighter. He seems to care very deeply towards Hak, shown especially when he met Hak again in Sei, seeing as he teared up (although vehemently denied it when Han-Dae noticed) upon finding out that Hak survived the rumored fall off of the mountain and was alive. He also views Hak as the Wind Tribe’s ultimate leader and is noted to always obey his command, this shows how much he respects and looks up to Hak.

Son Mundok[]


  • (To Han-Dae and Son Mundok) "I’m not going to obsequiously follow the king, but abandoning the imperial capital is a different matter. I’m a general now. I will protect this country and you all."[11]


  • He placed 19th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 22 votes in total.[12]



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