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Fugitive Arc[]

Soo-Won becomes the current King of Kouka.

When Soo-Won was informed that Yona and Hak were 'dead', he carried on with his plans to become king whilst remembering how he killed Emperor II, betrayed his best friends and trampled over them for his goals. He is shown to regret his feelings after being motionless and clutches Yona's hair tightly in guilt, but after coming so far and doing so much- he knows he cannot fail his goals, otherwise his ambitions were pointless in the first place. He therefore, continues with his coronation and becomes King.


Awa Arc[]

Soo-won travels to Awa because he had heard that Yang Kum-Ji had been doing business illegally with other nations and decided to check it out for himself. When Soo-Won goes on a stroll he bumps into Yona, Soo-Won is shocked to see Yona and asks if she really is Yona. When Soo-Won hears Joo-Doh heading their way he grabs Yona and hides her under his cloak. Joo-Doh sees a woman under Soo-Won's cloak and angrily tells him to fool with women later. When Joo-Doh leaves Soo-Won asks Yona if she wants to kill him he says that he can't die yet and that there is something he must do. He then pats Yona on the side of her head and leaves. When one of the soldiers that had accompanied Soo-Won asks if she really was really that pretty since Soo-Won never looks at any girls Soo-Won replies saying that she was unforgettable.

Soo-Won Says Goodbye to Yona in Awa.jpg

Fire Tribe Arc[]

Soo-Won and General Geun-Tae were sitting at a table in Hiryuu Castle while Soo-Won drank some Yun-Ho tea he says that the tea has a very relaxing fragrance, Geun-Tae replies saying the tea was still too smelly for him, Soo-Won responds by saying that something smells a bit fishy in the North-East, Soo-Won tells Geun-Tae that he is counting on him. When Kan-Soo-Jin and Li Hazara's armies try to enter Kuuto they are met by Soo-Won and the royal army. Soo-Won tells Han Joo-Doh that he is counting on him and to not lose. Soo-Won's plan was to put tiger pelts on the horses to trick and scare the Sen Provinces and Fire Tribe armies. Soo-Won tells a Sky Tribe soldier that he doesn't want to lose too many citizens. Soo-Won was informed by a Sky Tribe Soldier that some bandits had broken into the Fire Tribe ranks and started fighting them Soo-Won goes to check them out and when he does he is shocked to see Yona fighting.

Royal Army.png

The Sky Tribe wins the war and Soo-Won travels to Saika Palace. Soo-Won appoints Kan Kyo-Ga as the new chief of the Fire Tribe. Soo-Won tells General Kyo-Ga that he is ignorant of what goes on outside of Saika so they go to see what his younger brother Kan Tae-Jun is doing out there. When they arrive at the village where Tae-Jun is they are unsure if he is there since they can't find him but once they do Soo-Won tells Tae-Jun that he is surprised to see him doing a bunch of work personally. Soo-Won tells Kyo-Ga to come with him to Kuuto and makes Tae-Jun the acting chief. Soon after a person named Se-Dol arrives bringing some Iza Grain to the village Se-Dol says that they were told to deliver it by Yona and her friends Se-Dol is immediately shut up by Tae-Jun Soo-Won pretends to have not heard what Se-Dol said while he thought about Yona.