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One word from Soo-won makes the whole town move.

Hak, in Kuuto

The Sky Tribe (空の部族 Sora no buzoku) is one of the Five Tribes of Kouka Kingdom. Its capital is Kuuto, which is also the Imperial capital and seat of government of the kingdom.[1] The chief of the tribe is currently Soo-Won and the general representing the tribe is Han Joo-Doh.[2]


The Sky Tribe is located in a mountainous valley in the center of Kouka. The tribe seems to be the smallest in land area in comparison to the other tribes. A mountain range separates the Sky Tribe from its northern neighbour, the Fire Tribe, and the Wind Tribe to the west. To the east of the Sky Tribe is the Earth Tribe and to the south east, the Water Tribe.

Young Soo-won and his father, Yu-hon overlooking Hiryuu castle

Hiryuu castle sits atop a highly-elevated plateau in the center of Kuuto, with the town and villages surrounding the foot of the plateau. 

Government and People[]

Tribe meeting at Hiryuu Castle

Yona's first time in town

The Sky Tribe is the only tribe whose chief and general positions are not held by the same person. The king, currently Soo-won, directly governs the tribe with the assistance of the general representing the tribe, Han Joo-doh[citation needed]. The army of the tribe is of respectable size comparable to the Fire Tribe army.[3]

The Trio exploring Kuuto

Not much is stated about the people of the Sky Tribe, however, it is known to be a hustling and bustling city, which enjoys large trade and commerce.[4] With Kuuto being the center of the government, the tribe meetings are held regularly at Hiryuu castle, the residence of the royal family, which can be seen in many occasions.[5] The people of the town seem to know Soo-won as "Won" when he was a kid and they often cooperate with his plans.[6][7][8]

Known Residents[]




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