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Kanji シュテン
Rōmaji Shuten
Alias Ryokuryuu (緑 龍, Ryokuryū)
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 179 cm (5'10)[1]
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Violet
Professional Status
Occupation Founder of the Wind Tribe
Previous Occupation Dragon Warrior
Partner(s) King Hiryuu
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 102
Anime Debut OAD 2
Japanese Voice Junichi Suwabe
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Shu-Ten (シュテン, Shuten) is the first person to bear the Ryokuryuu's power. He is one of the four Dragon Warriors who was entrusted to protect King Hiryuu and to never betray him.

Appearance Edit

The Original Ryokuryuu has purple eyes and green hair which is tied towards the top, on the back his head. His hair is green in colour as he is a bearer of the Ryokuryuu's power.

Personality Edit

At the beginning, Shu-Ten saw Zeno as the least capable of the four dragons, he often said unpleasant stuff to him. In later years he grew to be more mature, and finally accepted all the four dragons as brothers.

Background Edit

A series of conflicts were still happening after the death of the King, such as the capture of Abi by people who wanted the powers of the dragons, but fortunately Shu-Ten and Gu-En managed to rescue Abi. Shun-Ten and the other dragon warriors (except Zeno) left the Hiryuu Castle to continue their lives in another direction.

Abilities Edit

  • Dragon Foot: He had the power of the green dragon in his foot, which enables him to jump to the sky.
  • Spear Skills: The Original Ryokuryuu wielded a long spear that worked efficiently with his jumping ability, and made it possible for him to kill and attack his foes from long distances on the battlefield.

Quotes Edit

(To Gu-En) "My strength and might are the only things I trust."


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