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Shisen is a prominent port town located in the Water Tribe Region. It is often raining in Shisen.

Appearances in the Story[]

Yona along with Hak, Yoon and the Dragon Warriors travel to Shisen after hearing strange rumors about the Water Tribe's territory. The group stays at a local inn and Jae-Ha goes exploring. He feels that he is being watched as he walks the streets. He wanders into the red light district and has an encounter with a mysterious drug called Nadai. Later on the group, goes out to investigate where Jae-Ha was drugged and they discover a body floating in a waterway. Despite this, everyone in the town seems calm which adds to the strange aura of Shisen. The group soon discovers that the entire town is full of drug addicts and are warned to leave by a local. Jae-Ha vehemently insists that the group should leave Shisen but Yona is resolute that she wants to stay and face this problem in order to protect Kouka Kingdom.

The story begins following a new character Lady An Lili. It's revealed that she had been spying on Yona and the gang in Shisen. She returns to her home in Suiko to gather her lady maids and plans to return to Shisen. Lili befriends Yona when they realize their goals align.

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