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Saki is a warrior from Fuuga, frequently seen with Tae-Woo and Han-Dae, and was one of the younger children Hak grew up caring for. He is currently in a relationship with Ayame.


Saki in the Anime.

Saki is a young, handsome man with light hair and dark eyes. His hair is normally kept up in a ponytail to the right side of his head, his bangs are parted to the side. He wears the usual Wind Tribe attire. True to usual Wind Tribe fashion, he wears a band around his head and beads around his neck.


He is a kind and sensible young man, sharing the same dry sense of humor that is commonplace in the Wind Tribe. Much like most of the younger residents of Fuuga, he exhibits strong loyalty toward Hak and seems entirely unbothered by his and Ayame's previous arranged engagement.


Ayame and Saki

Much like Ayame, Saki was introduced as a miscellaneous background character and often appeared alongside Tae-Woo and Han-Dae.

He gains more significant attention in the Xing arc, in which his name is revealed. He–along with Ayame, Tae-Woo and Han-dae–meet with Xingese soldiers at the border and attempt to pacify them without sparking war. At the conclusion of the arc, it is revealed that he and Ayame are a couple.



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