Pirates of Awa
Pirates of Awa
Kanji 阿波の海賊
Rōmaji Awa no kaizoku
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Anime Debut Episode 17

The Pirates of Awa (阿波の海賊 Awa no kaizoku) were the group that stopped the corruption caused by Yang Kum-Ji, thereby freeing the Awa Port from his governance.

Overview Edit

The pirates were fishermen working in Awa who were gathered by an old woman named Gi-Gan. By her commands, she led them on missions to track down the sources of Kum-Ji’s corruption. Since then, they have been opposing against the feudal lord for years.[1]

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although the pirate members were left nameless in the anime, they were given names in the manga.[2]

References Edit

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