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Ogi (オギ Ogi?) is an information broker from Kuuto, was an ally of Soo-Won, and later becomes an ally of Yona.


Ogi is a scruffy man with long, wavy, light-colored hair that he wears in a messy half-ponytail. He wears loose robes and beard cropped short.  


Ogi tries to present himself as threatening, but in reality is quite easy to frighten—so much so that the men who work for him complement him on not crying when confronted with danger. He often tries to portray that he's more clueless than he is, as he pretended not to know that "Won" was Soo-Won , or who Hak and Yona were. His job as a knowledge broker aside, he's relatively noble and is staunchly against betraying close ones.


He's known Soo-Won since he was a child, and has been working for him for years. He helped Soo-won and Hak recover Yona from her kidnapper when she was little. Though he pretended not to know who they were, he was fully aware that Yona was the Princess of Kouka, "Won" was the Prince, and Hak was the heir to the Wind General/future Thunder Beast. He briefly worked with Vold to uncover the political climate of Kouka for Princess Tao


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Ogi seems to have had an uncle-like relationship with Soo-Won, and seemingly has worked with him for years. He is devastated when Soo-Won stops coming to him after he helped Yona. Ultimately, he believes Soo-Won is good for Kouka, but disapproves of his betrayal of Hak and Yona. 


Ogi is openly intimidated by Hak and has been since Hak was nine years old. That said, he has fond memories of the day he, Hak and Soo-Won teamed up in search of Yona nearly 10 years ago. 


Yona doesn't remember Ogi helping save her when she was kidnapped at age six, but Ogi remembers her and knew all along that she was the Princess. He is sympathetic to Yona's plea for her friends and the pain of Soo-Won's betrayal, and with proper payment, decides to help her both with contacting "Won" and getting to the Fire Tribe. 

An Lili[]

Ogi and Lili met because Lili happened to find Soo-Won sneaking off to a meeting with him. Later, Lili returns to Ogi a recognizes Yona's hairpin sitting in Ogi's hair and offers to buy it in exchange for information about Soo-Won. After they make the deal, Lili reflects pensively on how much Ogi seems to care about him. 


(To Yona and Hak about Soo-Won) "You know... I think Won is cute. I'm sorry for you guys, but I think him being King is good for this country. But, still, I can't forgive those who betray their friends. The Won who betrayed you two... no matter how much I try, I can't accept him. I'm so conflicted. If I got in his way, would he kill me too?"



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