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Kanji ネグロ
Rōmaji Neguro
Gender Male
Age 35
Height 186 cm (6'1)[1]
Birthday December 22 (Capricorn) [2]
Professional Status
Occupation Five Stars

Servant to Kouren

Partner(s) Kouren
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 130
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Neguro (ネグロ, Neguro) is a character that appears in the Xing Arc of Akatsuki no Yona. Neguro is a servant of Princess Kouren and also one of the Five Stars of Xing. He is first seen in Chapter 130 of the manga scolding Mizari. He is a supporter of Kouren's faction which opposes Princess Tao's faction.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Neguro is extremely protective of Kouren. When she was targeted—along with him—by the anti-war faction, he acted as a shield; using his own body to protect her and thus received numerous blows from arrows. He is also rather mature, but can be harsh at times, such as when Mizari burned down the mansion instead of just observing Tao, and Neguro told him that was the wrong course of action. Neguro strongly believes in Kouren's abilities and is seen speaking with Yotaka about how he will not leave Kouren's side.

Background Edit

Neguro is revealed to be one of the Five Stars of Xing, a group made up of the strongest fighters in the Xing Empire.

When Yu-Hon decapitated the prisoners of war, for reasons unknown, Neguro was spared and released. When Kouren was looking at the decapitated heads she was relieved when she found Neguro alive; he then vowed to serve her. As such, Neguro is willing to protect her from any harm—much like Hak is with Yona, even stepping in front of dozens of arrows.

Abilities Edit

Neguro appears to fight well with a sword.

Quotes Edit

"No one other than me knows that girl whose voice that cried out and sobbed in relief. I will offer myself for her sake for the rest of my life no matter how many injuries I receive." — Neguro speaking about Kouren.


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