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Kanji ミザリ
Rōmaji Mizari
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 165 cm (5'5)[1]
Birthday June 9 (Gemini) [2]
Professional Status
Occupation 'Five Stars' Fighter

Servant to Kouren

Partner(s) Kouren
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 129
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Mizari (ミザリ, Mizari) was a servant to Princess Kouren of the Xing Kingdom. He was one of the Five Stars, a group made up of the five strongest fighters in Xing.

Appearance Edit

Mizari had light colored hair, with large eyes. He wore a metal shoulder-pad on his left side with simple clothing underneath.

Personality Edit

Mizari was a loyal person to Kouren, however he was not afraid to act without command, even against his master's orders as long as he thought it was right. He showed fascination towards his stronger seniors in the Five Stars of Xing and was immensely interested in the powers of the Dragon Warriors to the extent he would go and say he wanted to make the powers the Xing Empire's, even if it meant eating the Dragons to obtain their powers. His interest for the dragon warriors seemed to lean more towards Zeno due to his immortality. At times he appeared psychotic, but had shown strange care in bringing food and extra blankets to prisoners. Despite this, he had no care for human life as he took delight in harming Zeno. As he even went so far to ask if he could drink Zeno's blood to obtain immortality for himself to protect Kouren who he respected and admired immensely.

Background Edit

Little is known aside that Kouren picked him off the streets long ago.

In the most recent chapter, Mizari is seen to be fighting alongside Kouren and Yotaka against Gobi’s men. Despite the injury Kouren has sustained to her back, she continues to power through and fight, from which Mizari praises her for in his head, and how he has always dreamed of fighting behind her. Unfortunately, he is soon seen to fall to the ground, no strength left in him, silently pleading to Zeno in his head on how he wishes he had more time and how he wants to keep watching over Kouren. He dies seconds after.

Abilities Edit

As part of the Five Stars of Xing, Mizari was adept in fighting. He has been seen in the manga to excel, and had skill in, swordsmanship, but his skill as a fighter was lesser than that of Vold and Algira, who are also part of the Five Stars of Xing and whom he respected as his seniors.

Quote Edit

  • Mister Zeno... I really want more time after all.” [1]
  • (about Kouren) “It’s alright if you don’t look back. But once in a while please think of me, okay?[2]
  • I’ve always been dreaming of the day I could fight behind Lady Kouren.”[3]
  • (Tao about Mizari) “Just moments ago...he breathed his last...” [4]


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