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The Mist-Shrouded Cape (雲隠れ岬 Kumogakure misaki) is a cliff coast located in the Earth Tribe, near the Awa Port. This is the only place where the Senjuso herb grows.[1]

It first appears Episode 19 when Yonas is sent to retrieve it for the pirates of Awa. Its next appearance is much later in the manga, when Yoon tries to research it in the palace library, sparking Min-soo to send him to retrieve it in hopes of curing the Crimson Illness.


The Senjuso Herb

The cliff has a steep long path leading to a platform where a huge tree rests. The tree has thorny roots hanging past the platform which makes it possible for someone to hold on to when a wave suddenly crashes in that area. On the trunk, there is a small cave housing the Senjuso: a medicinal herb that heals three times faster than any other remedy.[1]




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