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Mi-Rae (ミレイ Mirei?) was an old woman who lived in the Katan Village of Fire Tribe. She died after being sick for a long time.


Mi-Rae is an old woman who can no longer walk because of old age. She has a presumably white or gray hair that she ties in a bun with a ribbon and dark-colored eyes. She wears a dark-colored overcoat atop a robe and wraps a scarf around her neck. As she doesn't live in luxury, her clothes are ragged and have patches on them.[1]


Mi-Rae is a stubborn and bad tempered person who dislikes being called old.[2] She has a bad mouth that makes everyone hate her and she can be quite a complainer when she doesn't get the thing she wants. However, she is a nice person inside who helps her fellow citizens and strangers during trouble.[3]


Ten years ago, her son was taken to the Fire Tribe capital, Saika, to become a soldier. Since then, she became a shut-in since she could not move her legs.[4]


Fire Tribe Arc[]

Yoon goes back to Katan after a long time and greets her while stating that he has a medicine for her. She is a bit surprised to see him again as she thought that he will not come return anymore.

Days later, Yona and an unknown man visit her to check up her condition. As they go inside, she mentions to them her hurting joints and how her home feels cold. Yona finds a draft on the wall that causes her latter problem and fixes it for her. While the girl is busy with the wall, her attention goes to the man, whom she finds dull,[1] and wonders why he is together with the redhead instead of the usual handsome dark-haired man. The dull man gets angry at her for insulting him; however, she ignores it and asks him to massage her shoulders. The man does what she requested, but she only feels uncomfortable on how he massages her and complains about it. After the terrible experience, the dark-haired man comes and replaces the dull man on the task, making her feel relieve and happy at the same time. As she indulges on the comfort she’s having, the dark-haired man boast about his experience on massaging old people. Upon hearing how she is referred to as old, she hits both the men as punishment.[5]

Mi-Rae appreciates the dull man's promise to massage her properly someday

The dull man decides to leave after all the commotion, but soon retreats back because of an officer standing outside the house. She quickly ushers the three people to hide under the bed before two officers come in. She scolds them for trespassing and the first officer that entered apologizes. However, both the officials see the bed and find it suspicious. The second officer believes that she is harboring the bandits under the bed and he walks near it so he can inspect. However, she stops him and lies that her husband, who has an infectious disease, is sleeping there.[6] The officer backs out and suggests to the first officer to leave in fear of getting ill. After the officers leave, Yona and the two men come out and also decide to leave. But before doing so, the dull man shows gratitude to her for hiding them and tells her that he will massage her properly someday. She appreciates his thought, but she hides it behind a sarcastic comment. After several days, she dies from her illness.[7]


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