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Mei-Nyan (メイニャン Mei-nyan?)


Mei-Nyan is described as a pretty girl with light features such as her hair and eyes. She has long hair with two buns on the sides of her head she later cuts her hair short. Her eyes are slanted with long eyelashes. She wears a long dress with baggy sleeves and long sleeves underneath. Her dress has a sash around the waist. She wears a cloak that has a furry rim at the top the cloak is tied by a ribbon.


Little is known about her personality, however, she appears to be a highly driven, ambitious individual who has endured much suffering and desires the 4 dragons and the Thunder Beast for herself and her family of King Hiryuu's descendants.


Mei-Nyan was born in South Kai, despite coming from Kouka's clan of King Hiryuu descendants, due to her father leaving the clan and migrating to South Kai. Her father had told her that those who bore the blood of the Crimson Dragon King were special, and were under the divine protection of the 4 dragons. However, despite being special, both her father and older brother died to the Crimson illness, and Mei-Nyan too, will soon die.

It is implied that Mei-Nyan thought that her family's suffering was a price to pay for the 4 dragons' protection. Learning that Soo-Won, another member of her clan, ascended to the throne, supposedly as their birthright, was happy news to Mei-Nyan's ears. However, despite expecting to see the 4 dragons protecting him, she had to endure hearing that a red-haired woman outside the clan was being protected by the 4 dragons instead. Due to this, Mei-Nyan is not only frustrated by the fruitless bearings of her clan, she holds a deep grudge against Yona for stealing what she considers belongs to her and by extension her clan.

At some point, Mei-Nyan was a general in South Kai. However, later on her status was changed to head mistress of South Kai Emperor Cha-Gol for unknown reasons. It has been implied that she dislikes being Cha-Gol's mistress, and longs to be a general again.




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