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Li Hazara ( リ・ハザラ Ri Hazara) is the dominant ruler of the Sen province, one of the territories of the Kai Empire.

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Hazara is a huge man with strong physical build and intimidating face. He has sharp black eyes and long black hair tied in a braid. He also has a mustache and short beard. Casually, he wears a robe with a cloak or cape on top. In battle, he dons an armor draped with a cape and always carries a sword.

Personality Edit

He is cunning and never hesitant to pass by an offer he can later turn in his favor as he has aspirations of taking the throne of the Kai Empire for himself once he gains enough power.[1] Although ambitious, he is cautious and knows when he has lost a battle. He also doesn’t believe in anything religious, so he had a hard time understanding Soo-Jin’s belief about King Hiryuu.[2]

Background Edit

A few years ago, Hazara grants audience to the Fire Tribe General, Kan Soo-Jin, and had been offered to have an alliance with him to claim the Hiryuu Castle from the current royal family, which was of Emperor Il's. Hazara joins him without hesitation as he saw this chance to be an asset for his plan to take the Kai Empire for himself someday.

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He and Soo-Jin creates a coup d’état to claim the Hiryuu Castle from its current king, Soo-Won.[3] While he complies with aiding Soo-Jin, he plans to use him as his stepping stone by manipulating his belief about his legendary king for his plan to conquer Kouka and eventually, the Kai Empire.

Soo-Jin and Li Hazara join forces

Soo-Jin and Li Hazara join forces

Before they commence their scheme, they meet somewhere near the Kouka’s border and discuss how the preparations are going. Three days after, he marches to the Fire Tribe with his ten thousand soldiers to create confusion within the kingdom.[4] On his way, he meets the second son of Soo-Jin who is currently protecting the village from his men who are about to trample them and their crops. He spares him the trouble and takes another path. After Soo-Jin fools his son and some of his tribesmen, he meets with Hazara and they travel to the Sky Tribe. On their arrival however, they see Soo-Won and his army waiting for them. A battle between them starts and at first, they have the upper hand. But Soo-Won manages to trick them by spreading false information on them. Seeing the king’s prowess, Hazara tells Soo-Jin that he shouldn’t be underestimating Soo-Won anymore just because he is a greenhorn.[5] The war continues and he and Soo-Jin’s troops are slowly overthrowing the enemy forces. However, the Earth Tribe arrives at the battlefield as the Sky Tribe’s reinforcements. With the chances of their winning decreases considerably and his troops losing resources, Hazara orders his men to raid the nearby villages to gain force again.[6] However, when they are on their way, an unknown group stops them and they have no other choice but to leave Soo-Jin and the battle.Template:Clear

Meeting between Soo-Won and Li Hazara

After a few days, he meets Soo-Won on the borders and is asked for reparations for what he has done. The king presents him three conditions: he must pay all the damage expenses, form a non-aggression pact with Kouka, and give a village to them.[7] Hazara thinks that the conditions are too light and compared him to the late king, Il.[8] However, as Soo-Won finishes their discussion with a threat, he is taken aback from what he initially thought and becomes afraid.Template:-

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