Kouren (コウレン Kouren) is the first princess of the Xing Kingdom and is the legitimate successor to the throne. She is Tao's older sister and is currently attempting to start a war against Kouka's King Soo-Won. She is first mentioned in Chapter 127 but made her debut in Chapter 131.

Appearance Edit

Kouren is a beautiful princess with short blond hair, pretty blue eyes with long, sharp eyelashes, and long, dangling earrings.

For attire, she wears armour plates with a coat. She also carries a sword.

Personality Edit

Kouren is headstrong and professional. However she is often very reckless and is willing to sacrifice the precious citizens of the Xing Kingdom in order to prevent Xing from being a vassal nation of Kouka Kingdom. This is due to her great pride as a princess of Xing and her strong code of honour which leads her to not want her country to be subjugated by Kouka. As a result, it is shown in the series that women and children have been influenced by her ideas and been made to wield weapons for her hopes of winning a war against Kouka.

When Kouren was a child, she saw many people from Xing die, especially at the hands of Yu-Hon, father of Soo-Won. At the time, Yu-Hon was General of the Sky Tribe. After the Xing Empire surrendered, Yu-Hon promised to release the prisoners of war but instead decapitated all of them and dumped their heads at the castle gates. Kouren is traumatized after seeing the decapitated head of someone she cared for very much among those dumped at the castle gates. During King Il's reign, there was peace, but now that Soo-Won is King, Kouren is afraid that the past will repeat itself, and because of her grudge, refuses to let Kouka rule over her people.

Background Edit

Kouren is the first princess of Xing Kingdom, whom seeks to preserve the dignity of her kingdom even if the peace requires the destruction of her people. She developed a strong hatred of both Yu-hon and Soo-won after Yu-hon said he would release the Xing prisoners during a war. However, in reality, he decapitated the prisoners and threw their heads at the gates. One of the prisoners had been someone Kouren had been close with, thus scarring her.

When she was ten years old, she held the head of one of the decapitated prisoners while staring out at Kouka. She then worked for seventeen years to be able to fight against Kouka, even creating the Five Stars in the process. She cut her hair as well during this time.

When her father, the king of Xing, took ill, she began running the country. So far she has been ruling the country as if she was the true monarch for around a year.

Abilities Edit

It is suggested that Kouren is skilled in using the sword. She also has very sharp eyes, knowing who are good fighters and picking only the best to be part of the Five Stars of Xing.

It has been revealed that Kouren is proficient with the bow.

Quotes Edit

"That girl won't be coming back, over a week has passed since she departed from here and there has been no news. She may have fled, or perhaps she was killed by Soo-won."- to the Dragons about Yona

"You should definitely use your power for the sake of the country"- to Yona

"It was an impossibility from the very start, peace with Kouka kingdom."- to the Dragons

"As Mizari said, should you submit to me, I would consider freeing you."- to the Dragons


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