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Kouka Kingdom

Kouka Kingdom
Kanji 高華王国
Rōmaji Kōka Ōkoku
Capital Kuuto
Current Leader(s) Soo-Won
Previous Leader(s) King Hiryuu
Emperor Joo-Nam
Emperor Il
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01

Kouka Kingdom (高華王国 Kōka Ōkoku) is the main setting of the series, Akatsuki no Yona. Kouka Kingdom was created by King Hiryuu.It is governed by five tribes, namely: the Fire Tribe, the Water Tribe, the Wind Tribe, the Earth Tribe and the Sky Tribe, who currently holds the royal authority. The present ruler is Soo-Won, who took the kingship after the sudden death of his uncle, Emperor Il and the disappearance of the emperor's only daughter, Princess Yona.

Kuuto is the royal capital of the kingdom, and the monetary unit used is called Ling.[1]


Kouka is situated on the northern half of a peninsula along with the countries of Sei and Xing on the south and shares land borders with them. It is surrounded by ocean from two sides and has a strait behind mountainous terrains that draw the line to Kai Empire’s territory. Kouka is divided into five tribes: Water Tribe, Sky Tribe, Wind Tribe, Fire Tribe, Earth Tribe. These Tribes are leaded by a general. Each tribe has unique geographical lay-outs and climates.

Water TribeEdit

The Water Tribe (水の部族 Mizu no buzoku) is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom and is the most scenic among the country. Its capital city is Suiko and its general is An Joon-Gi.

Sky TribeEdit

The Sky Tribe (空の部族 / Sora no buzoku) is one of the Five Tribes of Kouka Kingdom. Its capital is Kuuto, which is also the Imperial capital and seat of government of the kingdom. The chief of the tribe is currently Soo-won and the general representing the tribe is Han Joo-doh. 

Wind TribeEdit

The Wind tribe is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom. Its capital city is Fuuga and the current Chief and General of the tribe is Tae-Woo, who unwillingly succeeded the position after Hak left.

Fire TribeEdit

The Fire tribe is one of the five tribes of Kouka Kingdom. It has the largest territory on the country, but most of the land is left infertile.[1] Its capital city is Saikaand the current general is Kan Kyo-Ga who succeeded the position after his father dies after his coup d’état against the king.

Earth TribeEdit

The Earth tribe is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom. Its capital city is Chi’Shin and its general is Lee Geun-Tae.


Ever since the establishment of Kouka, it has always been under a monarch government ruled by a King. Next to the King's authority are the Generals who are the leaders and strongest warriors of their tribes.[2] The inheritance of the throne is normally done when there's a Prince in the family, or the Princess marries a noble. If the current royal family becomes extinct, the decision to crown a new King will fall upon the hands of the five Generals, as they can choose a person fit for the position from any tribe.

Long before, Priests also held great power, as they were revered as “messengers of God”. Their orders were more absolute than the King’s and they could influence a war on their desire. Most of all, they had a fearsome power to impeach the King if ever they saw him incurring God’s wrath. Due to this, they were seen as a threat and were later exiled from the castle.[3]


According to legend, the first king, Hiryuu, was once the Red Dragon God who took on a human form in order to rule a country. However, due to the wickedness that grew upon humans, everything had been in discord and even King Hiryuu was captured.[4] Amidst the chaos, four Dragon Warriors – who are “apparently” the other halves of the four dragons who came to rescue Hiryuu – quelled the situation and protected the King. These four warriors eventually led their own tribes which are now known as the Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.[5]

Emperor Joo-Nam's reign Edit

  • During his reign, Kouka prospered economically and the capitals overflowed with people. Wars occurred, and the expansion of the territory extended to the neighboring countries. During this time, the priests were banished from the castle under the orders of Emperor Joo-Nam’s son, Yu-Hon. He had the priest’s temple within the castle destroyed, and arrested many people in the process. Yu-Hon believed that having them around was a threat to the King’s authority.[3]

Emperor Il’s reign Edit

  • Before Joo-Nam died, he chose his second son, Il, to be the next king; this was a surprise to everyone as they expected Yu-Hon would take the crown. Il’s way of ruling was greatly different from his father’s and brother’s as he avoided conflicts by banning wars.[6] Even though peace returned to Kouka, the economy dwindled and lands were given to the neighboring countries as compensation for having freedom. Moreover, this caused for corruption to run extremely deep (to be prominent within officials and influential people), making the country and its people suffer internally without him knowing.


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