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Kanji 緋龍
Rōmaji Hiryū
Gender Male
Height 175 cm (5'9)[1]
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Violet
Professional Status
Occupation First King of Kouka
Partner(s) Gu-En
Personal Status
Status Deceased (Alive as Yona)
Relatives Wife (Deceased)
Yak-Shi (Son, Deceased)
Unnamed Daughter[2] (Deceased)
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 07
Japanese Voice Tooru Ookawa
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King Hiryuu (緋龍, Hiryū) is the first King of Kouka. He was the red dragon god who descended from the heavens and took on human form to rule a kingdom on Earth. 2000 years or so after his death, he reincarnated in Yona.

Appearance Edit

King Hiryuu is a thin man of average height, whose most identifiable feature is his long, wavy red hair and amethyst eyes.

Personality Edit

Though little is known about Hiryuu, it is believed he was a kind and loving dragon god, who helped to make the kingdom of Kouka a better place. He seemed to bear no hatred towards humans even though they turned against him.

Background Edit


King Hiryuu is taken captive by humans.

Once Hiryuu took on human form, he eventually had to fight against humans. It was believed that humans living in that era were full of hatred and evil - making them forget about their God. The kingdom fell into ruins as a result. King Hiryuu was taken captive by humans who desired power and just as everything seemed to be on the brink of destruction, four dragons came down from the heavens to assist him.


Hiryuu being seized by humans.


King Hiryuu with the four dragons.

The dragons loved Hiryuu, despised the treatment Hiryuu received and told Hiryuu that they should destroy all the humans as punishment for losing their faith towards the gods and then return to heaven. But Hiryuu rejected them. As Hiryuu had become human, he couldn't help but love the humans for who they are. Even if they hate him or betray him, that's what makes them human. The four dragons understood Hiryuu's decision but couldn't bear to lose him either. Therefore they gave their blood and granted their power to four warriors and told them they were to protect and never betray Hiryuu, and to stay with him to the end.

The four dragon warriors mourning King Hiryuu's death.

After Hiryuu along with the first four dragons had cleared the kingdom free of evil, their mission had ended. The red dragon inside of Hiryuu became tired, fell asleep and thus, Hiryuu died. The four dragons mourned Hiryuu's death and then walked separate pathways, leaving the tribes they left behind to develop on their own into the five tribes in the kingdom today.

Abilities Edit

King Hiryuu was described by Zeno as "just another human", which implies that he might not hold any special power or that he had lost his powers when he descended from Heaven and became a human. However, the one power that he did hold was his relentless love and forgiveness, as well understanding on humans as the other dragons could not.







Quotes Edit

  • (To the four dragons) "No, I am human now... even though the humans may hate me, betray me... I cannot help but love them."
  • (To Zeno) "Stay behind me, I will never let you be harmed."[3]
  • (To the Dragon Warriors) "To me, you all look like cute dragons being silly around each other."[4]
  • (To the four dragons) "Something like eternal peace is nothing but a pipe dream, isn't it?"[5]


  • Hiryuu looks like Su-woon but with Yona's long, wavy red hair and purple eyes


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