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Kanji キジャ
Rōmaji Kija
Alias Hakuryuu (白龍, Hakuryū)[1]
White Snake (白蛇, Shirohebi, by Hak)[2]
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 175 cm (5'8”)[3]
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Birthday April 6 (Aries)[4]
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Dragon Warrior
Partner(s) Yona
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Father (deceased)[5]
Mother (deceased)[6]
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Anime Debut Episode 09
Japanese Voice Masakazu Morita
Haruka Chisuga (Child)
English Voice Ian Sinclair

Kija (キジャ, Kija) is the current Hakuryuu, one of four dragon warriors who have the blood of the white dragon deity. After Yoon, he is the second person to join Yona and Hak's travels.


Kija appearance
Kija is a young man with fair-colored skin and blue eyes, he's almost tall. His silver hair hangs further than his neck with a portion of the back being much longer and falling past shoulders; he has a long fringe which hangs mostly over the right side of his face. Yona, Kija's grandmother, and Jae-Ha have all described him as being very handsome, and Kija has attracted the eyes of many females as his group passes from town to town on their journey.[7]

For attire, Kija wears a long white robe with blue patterned hemlines and cuffs over plain white pants. This is held together with a dark blue sash and accompanied by a light cape. Over the top of this, Kija dons another white and blue cloak with a high collar. On his feet are a pair of simple brown slacks. Kija apparently owns many copies of this outfit.[8]

Kija's Scars

Kija also possesses four long scars in the middle of his back, which where inflicted on him by the previous Hakuryuu, his father. Despite the look of the scars, Kija is not shy about having people see them; rather, he wears the scars openly as a sign of the passion the dragon deities have for wanting to serve their master.[9]

Most noticeably, Kija's right hand takes the form of a dragon's claw covered in white scales, due to the dragon's blood within his body. At will, Kija can alter the size of his hand, keeping it normal in proportion to his left hand or growing it to be the same size as his body.[10] To hide his hand from view, Kija often has it wrapped in bandages.


Kija has a very headstrong, straightforward and polite personality, mostly due to the way in which he was raised. As he has always known about the legend of the dragon deities and his place within it, he cherishes the power he possesses, the other dragon warriors and Yona, who he perceives to the descendant of King Hiryuu; he also strongly believes that those who are the dragon deities should fulfil their duties no matter what.[11] Due to this, he can become quite annoyed by others who do not hold the same reverence as he does, and often scolds the members of his group (particularly the dragon warriors) for being immature or disrespecting their positions - this has been stated by Jae-Ha to be one of his less-likeable traits.[12]

Kija flustered by Yona's praise

Kija blushes upon being praised

His want to impress and always work to the best of his ability can also cause Kija to become quite competitive[13], and he is shown to easily become flustered or jealous when somebody else outshines him or pleases others before him.[14][15] This envy runs particularly strong with Hak, as Kija originally believes that someone not of the dragon deities should not have the honourable position of constantly being by Yona's side, and becomes upset over the idea that someone without his powers could be of more use than he is.[16] Kija's constant want to be helpful makes him incredibly loyal though, and he is always prepared to fight whenever necessary or follow orders without a moments hesitation.[17] He also likes being praised (particularly by Yona) and can become quite shy and withdrawn if he is, blushing openly or turning his face to hide his happy reaction.[18]

Kija and seafood

Kija upset over eating "bugs" (seafood)

As he was raised being revered and pampered within the Hakuryuu village, Kija can be quite naive about real world matters, and is used to a more indulgent lifestyle. He appreciates being clean, well-fed and well-rested, and is quite put out at times by the odd meals and rugged sleeping places that the group often find themselves eating and being in.[19][20] He also has an immense hatred for bugs, to the extent that he will forgo sleep and refuse to enter places if he knows or believes that insects are about.[21] He is not past openly complaining about these types of situations, much to the annoyance of some of his friends.[22] Such use to a pampered lifestyle where he was always looked after also makes Kija quite gullible, and he is often seen falling for practical jokes or sarcasm, particularly if Hak is involved.[23] Jae-Ha also sees him as being very pure in nature for this reason.[24]

Despite his inexperience, Kija has been shown to put on a brave face in times of doubt, and will always give his all to protect those he loves, being admired for his hard work and his resolution. [25] Kija is very protective of the ones he considers family; at times of need, when the ones he cares about are in danger, his "serious persona" assumes his body, which makes him rather frightful. He is also willing to use his power to protect those people

When he found out that Zeno was the original Ouryuu that served King Hiryuu, he said that it was always his dream to meet them, but now that one of them is standing in front of him, he had no idea what to say or how to react to it. He then proceeds realizing how blessed was him unlike the rest of the dragons. Zeno then laughed and said that he reminds him of the Original Hakuryuu. As both of them holds some similarities and are reckless like a wild boar. 


Kija awakens knowing his father will die

Kija awakens knowing his father will die

Right after Kija was born, his own father, the previous Hakuryuu, went into an angry rage over the idea of his powers being taken from him by a successor. In his anger, he slashed at the infant Kija with his dragon's claw, severely wounding Kija and leaving him with four long scars on his back. Due to this, the village elder (Kija's grandmother) forbid Kija and his father from meeting unless they were under constant supervision, and Kija was banned from approaching his father's quarters in the village alone, no matter how much he wished to.[26] As his father grew weaker due to Kija slowly taking his dragon powers, Kija grew stronger, and one day awoke with a gut feeling that his father's life force had drained completely, and that he would die that day. He begged his grandmother to let him visit, though she declined the idea. Despite her warning to stay away, Kija sneaked into his father's room to check on him, and was shocked to see the state he was in; he accidentally made a sound and his father, thinking him to be the village elder, pointed out that his right hand had become that of a normal humans: his dragon claw had completely vanished.[27]

Kija sees his father one last time

Kija sees his father one last time

Hoping that the village people would let him see Kija one more time if he had no way of or reason for harming the child, Kija's father's want to see him moved Kija to tears, and he sadly flung himself at his father and hugged him. Even though he wanted to say many things, Kija couldn't find the words to, and his father died shortly after realising that his son had come to see him. When they later buried him, Kija's grandmother asked him to overlook what had happened between them, though Kija noted that there was nothing his father needed to be forgiven for.[28] From then on, he viewed the scars on his back as a symbol of the dragons' passion to serve a master.[29]

After his parents' deaths, the village chief raised him herself. Kija was loved by everyone close to him and spent most of his life sheltered within the isolated Hakuryuu village, where the townsfolk looked up to him as a deity and protected him at all costs by preventing outsiders from entering the town, and Kija from leaving it.[30][31] As he grew into adulthood they attempted to find him a partner, though Kija always turned the women away, often slightly frightened by their intensity.[32][33]

All the while, Kija struggled to come to terms with the idea that he and his powers may not be needed in his era, and that he could live and die without ever having to use his dragon abilities as he believed he should.[34]


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Kija's Dragon Claw
Dragon's Claw: Kija holds the power of the dragon within his right hand, which becomes the white dragon's claw when he uses it. At rest, his hand is of normal size, albeit scaled and with long nails;[35] however, if he so chooses, Kija can grow his hand to an exceptional proportion and utilize it in battle.[36] At most, his hand has been seen to grow to the size of his entire body.[37]
  • Immense Strength: The claw of the white dragon is stated by Kija to have ten times the strength of a normal man, and Kija has proven this by lifting extremely heavy loads that others are incapable of.[38][39] Such strength also means that Kija can easily slice through solid objects with a wave of his hand, and he is often seen using his claw as a weapon instead of traditional blades.
Kija sensing the other dragons

Kija using his ability to sense the other dragon deities

Aside from in battle, Kija sometimes chooses to use his claw in the place of tools, digging[40] and even scaling the sides of buildings[41] with the help of his sharp nails. Kija regards his dragon's claw as being sacred, refusing to "tarnish" it in any way and scolding those who make fun of it or those who act with insolence towards it.[42][43]

Dragon Sense: As one of the four dragon deities, Kija has the ability to sense the presence of the other three dragons, and can discern their location and their identity (i.e, which dragon they are) even whilst being in a different part of the country.[44][45] Despite his efficiency in this area, Kija has been seen to become motion sick if the target he is trying to locate moves around too much in a close proximity.[46]

Divine Protection: Kija is blessed with the divine protection of his predecessors because of his willingness to accept all of their souls prior to the beginning of the series. This power is quite strong, and there are no known spirits able to posess him as a result.



Kija has high respects for Yona, and will not refer to her as anything other than "Hime-sama"--Usually translated to "Princess". He wants to protect Yona and is very mindful of his position as a dragon warrior and Yona's position as his master and always speaks to her with the utmost respect. It is hinted early on that Kija holds romantic feelings towards Yona, as he's seen frequently blushing from her praise and she seems to be the only person he actually enjoys receiving compliments about his beauty from. Despite these feelings, however, he seems supportive of her growing feelings for Hak and pointedly tries not to disturb them when they are together.

Yona, in turn sees Kija as a part of her family--along with the rest of the group. She disregards their master-servant relationship almost immediately after meeting, and asks him what his name is so that she can call him by it. She is fond of his pretty face and finds him cute, but seems mostly ignorant of his romantic feelings for her.


Kija disliked the fact that Hak called him "White Snake" and argued with him frequently when he first joined the group. Even though Kija and Hak didn't get along, they did both work with each other to protect Yona and genuinely found each other's fighting skill admirable. While fighting against bandits, Kija is shocked that Hak was able to fight as well and as effortlessly as he did while still injured, wondering if he was some kind of monster. Though he's never admitted it, Kija thinks that Hak may even be able to overcome the force of the White Dragon.

Later, he begins to genuinely see Hak as his friend and seems to consider "White Snake" a nickname rather than an insult, no longer getting offended when Hak addresses him by it. Kija, along with Jae-Ha, also held Hak back from attacking Soo-Won in chapter 91 and defended him when threatened by Joo-Doh later. Despite his own feelings, he seems to support the growing romance between Hak and Yona and has actively avoided interrupting them when they are together. Hak, in turn, seems to greatly trust him and admits to himself that he's incredibly grateful for Kija and the other members of the Happy Hungry bunch--though Hak still refuses to call Kija "big brother", as he suggests in chapter 114.


To Kija, Yoon is a friend who helps Yona and the group find other dragons. Due to his tendency to go all out in battle, Kija heavily relies on Yoon to tend to his frequent battle injuries. As the manga goes on, Kija admits that him and the other dragons see Yoon as a little brother, though he was originally going to say "mother".


Kija keeping Shin-Ah warm with a blanket

Kija looking after Shin-Ah

As with all of the dragon deities, Kija and Shin-Ah have a very close bond, almost like that of brothers. In fact, upon first meeting Shin-Ah properly, Kija asked Shin-Ah to look up to him as an older brother, and promised that he would teach Shin-Ah all about the dragon legend and their role in it.[47] Kija sees Shin-Ah as a kind and hard-working person, and seems to respect him for his abilities and effort.[48][49]

When Shin-Ah first used his dragon eyes against an enemy and was paralyzed as a result, Kija stayed by his side, offering comfort and telling Shin-Ah that he, as a fellow dragon, would be happy to help him train in any way; he also went out of his way to wash Shin-Ah's clothes and lend him his own so that he would be comfortable, and tried to stop his from moving about before he was fully healed.[50][51] When Shin-Ah later collapsed during their travels after becoming badly ill, Kija was the first to rush to his side, despite being in very poor health himself,[52] demonstrating a strong caring for Shin-Ah's health and well-being.


Upon first encountering each other, Kija and Jae-Ha's beliefs clashed in regards to their duty towards Yona. Kija is shocked when Jae-Ha calls him a puppet for blindly following Yona and declares he would rather not follow Hiryuu (Yona). Kija disagrees with Jae-Ha's desire to live free of the bonds of a master as he sees protecting Yona as the sacred duty of the Dragon warriors. Due to their disagreement they did not get along well initially, however after Jae-ha joins the group they learn to coexist both personally, and in battle. After learning about the origin of Kija's back scars, Jae-ha greatly regrets his initial words and grows to respect him for his dedication to the dragon brotherhood. Later, Jae-ha seems to consider him, along with the rest of the group, as his younger sibling and grows protective of him. In the Xing arc, he even jumps between Kija and Yotaka when the former is being harshly beaten by the latter and nearly gets himself killed doing so.

Zeno Edit

Kija is shown to have a complicated relationship with Zeno. He originally accused Zeno of not caring for his body or honing his powers, and allowing them to fall to the wayside. That considered, he was still moved to tears when he thought about the fact that the four dragons were reunited for the first time in several millenia. He often gets angry with Zeno's childish personality, but cares for him like a brother. When Zeno's backstory is revealed, Kija becomes very mindful of his age and worries about his "old body". Kija laments that he seems to be the only dragon with a happy upbringing and tells Zeno that, if he were ever lonely, he would have always been welcome to come and stay in Hakuryuu village.


Having been raised by her since the passing of his parents, Kija and his grandmother share a very close relationship. Kija's grandmother is constantly looking out for him (almost over-protectively), be it by stopping Kija from becoming ill or feeling downcast, to preventing outsiders who might use and abuse his power from ever approaching him. She also provides him with much needed mental support: Kija often doubted his role as a dragon deity due to his lack of a master, and his grandmother always made sure to remind him that he was still loved and needed by the people in his village.[53]

Kija's grandmother cries as Kija leaves

Kija's grandmother cries at their parting

Upon Kija's leaving with Yona, his grandmother grew frantic at the idea of not being by his side, going over the top in trying to provide him with proper provisions for travel. Kija worried that his leaving might cause his grandmother to become ill (as she would take full responsibility for the village) though she stated that she would work hard in his place and always look forward to his return, crying and saddened by the notion that she would not see him for some time.[54]

In contrast to this calm outlook on Kija's powers, his grandmother does seem to be quite desperate for Kija to find himself a partner, becoming angered when he rejected women in the village and even going so far as to make a love potion that she planned to give to him.[55][56] This might have annoyed Kija due to his lack of interest in the subject, but his grandmother undertook such actions for his happiness.

She again looks after his well being too far. And, when he offhandedly states that his throat feels sore, a Hakuryuu Village member comes out to give Kija, Yona, and Shin-ah cough drops. These however, cause all three to become berserk. It is unknown what the real intent of the medicine was.


When Kija was born as the newest descendant of the Hakuryuu, his father, the previous one, attacked him out of anger and was banned by Kija's grandmother from ever seeing Kija again without supervision. Due to this, a rift was formed between Kija and his father, as their interactions were few and heavily controlled. Despite their separation though, Kija looked upon his father with slight admiration, as, despite his father's cruel actions, Kija realized that his father acted in such a way out of deep loyalty and and saw him as a determined person whom wanted to serve his master. Kija, also having similar feelings due to his dragon's blood, came to understand this passion and yearning; upon his father's untimely death, Kija noted that there was no bad blood between them.[57][58]


Kija Concept Sketch
  • In Kija’s original design, he had two parallel scars on his forehead. He was still the same personality-wise though.[59]
  • Kija placed 6th in a favorite character vote conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 678 votes in total.[60]
  • Due to the divine protection of his ancestors, he became the only known member of the group whose unable to be possessed.
  • In the anime, Kija's name is changed from Kija to Gija as shown on Episode 10: Yearn.
  • Kija is the only character who changes his clothes regularly. When he left his village, his grandmother made him bring extra changes. He is also the only one known other than Hak to let others wear his clothes.


  • (To Jae-Ha) "We are not just dragons who have inherited the bloodline! We will fulfill the desire the dragons of the past wanted to fulfill but could not!"[61]
  • (To Jae-Ha) "So long you feel the same way as I do, that alone is enough for me to have your back as we fight."[62]


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