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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Kan Tae-Jun (カン・テジュン Kan Tejun?) is the second son of the Fire Tribe General Kan Soo-Jin. He was determined to use Yona and make her his wife so he could inherit the throne of the Kouka Kingdom, but he later genuinely falls in love with her.


Kan Tae-Jun has light taupe hair and brown eyes. He lifts half of his hair into a ponytail, creating a bun shape after it is held by a white and red ribbon. He also accessorizes himself with gold earrings. He dons a maroon sleeved cape with red hemlines and huge white shoulder pads designed with a fire-like shape. Underneath, he has a dark brown robe with gray hemlines and is held by a brown belt.


Tae-Jun as a child.

Tae-Jun was very carefree and hyperactive as a child. While growing up, he became a fan of books about King Hiryuu and the four Dragon Warriors. He often wanted to play and grow up as Hakuryuu or fight with dragon claws.[4] However, his hopes were put down by Kan Kyo-Ga as he told him that the dragons are just legends and that the only person that actually existed was King Hiryuu.


Tae-Jun is a happy, cowardly, and arrogant man who is obsessed with Yona. He is a pampered person that gets anything he wants and will grow resentful and childish if someone stops him for claiming it. At times, he can also be sneaky and will go against even his father's orders if he thinks it'll be for the better.[5] He has a high regard for himself and will boast his position to anyone, especially to those who offended him while he demand them to give him an apology.[6][7] However, despite his high position in the Fire Tribe, he has no idea of the real situation of the villages outside the capital and thinks that the people are merely slacking off.[8]

With his fixation for Yona and getting the throne, he clings to her and will not hesitate to disrespect her if she goes against his wishes. Because of this, he becomes guilt-stricken after he apparently kills Yona on the cliff and grows to be sensitive and unmotivated to live. However, once he sees her again, he drops his egotism and humbles himself down in order to help Yona and eventually, the Fire Tribe itself. He is at risk of getting himself ill by helping the sick villagers in barren villages,[9] and even one of his men who got ill as well, despite how badly he wants to go home to Saika.[10] Additionally, he distributes his own food to starving villagers. He also starts caring for his soldiers —unlike before where he remains smiling even if they are hurt[11]— and tries to remember each of their names,[12] as well as returning them to their families one day.[13] After experiencing all the citizen’s hardships, his eyes open to the bad state of his tribe and realizes that with how their current system, there won’t be any future for their tribe.[14] Along with this, he grows to love and respect Yona and promises her that he will protect the Fire Tribe for her sake.[15]


Fugitive Arc[]

A few years before the story, Tae-Jun is shown at the Castle visting Yona and always bringing her gifts and asking her out, much to the princess’ annoyance. However, one day, Hak steps between him and Yona to prevent him from further assaulting her. Hak tells him that Yona already belongs to him because they have already vowed themselves to each other. He argues over the pair's 'pledges' and attempts to attack Hak, only for Emperor Il to stop him.

Tae-Jun's reaction after he sees Yona 'die' before him.

After several years, he is seen once again causing trouble for the Wind Tribe as his father commands him to threaten the said tribe by blocking their river. However, he takes his actions far too drastic and orders for his men to attack the merchants going to the Wind Tribe, and therefore, he is scolded by Soo-Jin. Soon after, he receives a report from Heuk-Chi about the sightings of Yona and Hak near the mountains in the border of the Fire and Wind Tribe. He immediately goes to their location and attempts to capture Yona while removing Hak for good. He manages to take Yona by grabbing her hair, however, when she sees that Hak is in danger, he steals his sword and cuts the portion of her hair that is held by him. As she tries to save Hak, they both fall from the cliff and this leaves him distraught.[16]

Tae-Jun calls out to Soo-Won to give him the punishment he deserves for 'killing' Yona whilst Kye-Sook interferes to stop him.

He then becomes traumatized over his actions and instantly demands a meeting with Soo-Won. Once he informs Soo-Won for what he has done and gives the lock of Yona’s hair, he tells him that he is ready for any type of punishment. But Soo-Won could not comprehend her 'death' just yet and neither pick up the ability to think of what to do to Tae-Jun. Kye-Sook immediately decides that he had committed a high act of treason and he needs to be punished. However, Soo-Won thinks otherwise and lets him attend his coronation the day after. Kye-Sook does not argue with his master's decision, but this makes Tae-Jun feel horrid and he pleads to Soo-Won to punish him rather than do nothing.[17]

Fire Tribe Arc[]

Tae-Jun being bribed by Kyo-Ga to capture the bandits

For the months following the incident of Yona's 'death', he wastes away his days in Saika as he still blames himself for what has happened. Kyo-Ga, who just arrived, kicks him around and tries to snap him out of it, and when nothing seems to work, he gives him the order to capture the thieves currently stealing their taxes or never return to Saika's castle.[18]

While trying to accomplish his mission, he remains unmotivated, which makes his subordinates want him to go home for his uselessness. When the Hungry Bunch finally shows themselves near the Katan Village, he sees this as an opportunity for him to be punished as he thinks that the Kija is a death god because of his humongous hands. Seeing that he is to be hit by the huge hand, he welcomes it with open arms, but is soon left hanging because Kija doesn't want to stain his hand. Jae-Ha instead attacks him and pins him down on the ground using his foot. In the midst of the fight, he hears a voice resembling Yona's and with that, he tries to escape the green-haired man’s foot until he successfully overcomes it.[19] However, he fails to get a glimpse of her as Kija throws him out of the village.

Tae-Jun in disguise

With him invigorated from a hope, Tae-Jun and his men goes back to Katan Village several times, causing him and his officers to be thrown out of the village again by Kija. Determined to go once again, he disguises himself as a villager and goes alone. Before leaving, he is given a firework that will signal if the bandits are there. Having fooled the Kija by saying that he is a sick villager, he manages to get inside the village. He is left to Zeno because Yoon isn't around and while in there, he is given a ginger soup by two children as a means of healing him. However, he drops it ‘accidentally’ as he believes that they are trying to poison him. Zeno quickly catches the soup and gives it to the kids while explaining that it is the only food the children has, which Tae-Jun finds it hard to believe. Along in their conversation, Zeno hints that he knows who he is which makes him worry. Shortly after, he hears Yona’s voice again and trails off to find where she is. Because of the cold, Tae-Jun goes to a nearby campfire only to find Hak guarding it. Out of nervousness, he drops the contents of his bag and the firework gets caught on fire, resulting for it to light up in the sky as it signals his men. He is then quickly caught by Hak. While he is still restrained, he asks if Yona is alive and he doesn't need to see her as long as long as he knows that she is safe. As the Hungry Bunch gathers around the campfire, Zeno answers his question and he finally sees Yona, which makes him cry in happiness. With that, he asks them to let him go as he will stop the confusion that he caused and swears that he will not tell about the princess. When he is freed, he runs to his soldiers and stops them from firing.

Tae-Jun and Yona talk under the tree

The following days, Tae-Jun continues to visit Yona and he learns the real situation of his tribe. In hopes that Yona will praise him for his deeds, he helps her on her charity work, but later starts to do it for the sake of his citizens. Zeno gives a prediction to him that someday he will be someone notable to his fellow men, but Tae-Jun says that it is not what he wants to happen.[20] Because of his efforts, Yona decides to make him carry out her objective to protect the Fire Tribe, to which he gladly accepts, even if he can no longer return to Saika as he continues to ‘pursue’ them.[21] As Tae-Jun does his duty, an unexpected arrival of the Sen army surprises them. He defends the village they are currently working at and stops the enemy soldiers from trampling the place. As chaos ensues, Li Hazara, the leader of the army, shows up and decides to take another path after seeing him.

Tae-Jun cries

Later, Kyo-Ga and Soo-Won visit him and he is informed about Soo-Jin’s betrayal and death. However, Tae-Jun continues to take care of their sick tribesmen, on which Kyo-Ga questions as he thinks that they should focus on the political governance that will lead them to success someday. Tae-Jun tells him that someday will be too late and that his actions –despite something he doesn't like to do– can help everyone, even by a little.[22] As his brother realizes what he means, Soo-Won decides to invite Kyo-Ga to Kuuto to learn more about leading their tribe while he is asked to return to Saika to become the Fire Tribe representative while his brother is away.[23] Shortly after, he and Kyo-Ga continue their conversation about their father. His brother asks why he is calm despite what happened and deems it as a sign that he has forgotten about their father. He clears up Kyo-Ga’s assumption and tearfully conveys how he still loves and respects their father even if he is a traitor.[24]


Kan Soo-Jin[]

Tae-Jun sulks after his father scolds him.

Tae-Jun gets scolded easily by Kan Soo-Jin, which leads to his sulking easily after the matter. However, even though they are father and son, Tae-Jun doesn’t have a close relationship with him. Soo-Jin has never really had any high hopes for Tae-Jun because he believes that Kan Kyo-Ga will most likely do all the work. With this, Tae-Jun grew up doing everything he pleases in his own way and was left uneducated on the importance of keeping the Fire Tribe great and thriving even though he is a general's son.

Kan Kyo-Ga[]

Kan Kyo-Ga always finds Tae-Jun to be a coward and even considers him as a disgrace to their family.[12] However, after seeing how Tae Jun has changed ever since his deployment to their tribe’s villages, Kan Kyo Ga too becomes influenced by the change he had as he sees that Tae Jun has not understood everything yet.

Kan Iguni[]

Kan Iguni seems protective of her youngest son, even stepping out of her usual neutrality to protect Yona because he wanted to protect her. She admits to being quite angry that Kye-Sook had insulted him, and strove to mess with his plans because of it.


Tae-Jun is obsessed with Yona, however, the way he expresses his feelings for her made the princess push him away more. At first, he openly flirted with her. He also teased her by grabbing onto her while saying that she fights back like the strength of a cat as she was resisting him.[25] He even grabbed her hair and didn’t care if she got hurt for this or not. After her “death” however, Tae-Jun becomes repentant and wishes that he can return back time to prevent what had happened. When they meet again, Tae-Jun is happy and relieved that she is alive. He feels that he can finally atone for his sins and decides to help Yona during her time as a bandit on the Fire Tribe. His habit of clinging to her still remains, but he learns to respect and properly love her, and eventually, wishes for her to find her happiness.[26]


Tae-Jun and Hak didn't get along at first because Tae-Jun was bothering Yona and making her feel uncomfortable and would push her in order to get her to fall in love with him so he could take over the throne. Hak steps in and defends Yona and this infuriates Tae-Jun because he wants to spend time with Yona. This causes Tae-Jun's to have hatred towards Hak.


Since Heuk Chi is always by Tae-Jun’s side, Heuk-Chi knows his quirks and secrets very well. Even though they are in a master-servant relationship, Heuk-Chi can voice his opinions to Tae-Jun casually, especially if they are not beneficial for his master.


  • (To Sen Province soldiers) "A certain distinguished person is entrusting this land and its people to me! Unless that person allows it, nobody will be able to move me from this spot!"[27]
  • (To Kan Kyo-Ga) "I don't want to do it either... but if it can help protect the Fire Tribe, even just a little, then I have to do it!"[28]
  • (To Kan Kyo-Ga) "Someday is too late!" [29]
  • (To himself) "I thought I'd find that the princess was a young, helpless girl. But her crimson hair is a flame that might burn me to ashes."[30]


  • He ranked 10th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 287 votes in total.[31]



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