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Kan Soo-Jin (カン・スジン Kang Sujin (the official romaji for "ン" is "n". But the sound is also similar to "m" and "ng". Because the story takes part in korea, it should be a korean name. "Kang" is one of the major surname in korea) ?) is the former General and leader of the Fire Tribe. He is the father of Kyo-Ga and Tae-Jun. He worked with Soo-Won until he joined Li Hazara to claim the Hiryuu Castle.


Soo-Jin is an old man with brown eyes and grey mustache. He has a long grey hair tied in a half-ponytail that is held by a white ribbon.

He wears a maroon robe with a two-layered black and red shoulder pad on top. The robe has a red hemline that has a yellow lining near the edge. He accessorizes himself with a pair of long dangling gold earrings and carries a black fan around.


Soo-Jin is a strict and ambitious man who will prioritize his tribe’s army force rather than the needs of his citizens. Because of his belief that his tribe are descendants of King Hiryuu,[3] he becomes obsessed with claiming kingship at Hiryuu Castle and schemes behind the back of the royal family and even his sons.[4] He takes every opportunity he can get for his plan to succeed, even if he has to ally himself with an enemy country.[5]


Fugitive Arc[]

Soo-Jin attends the Five Tribe meeting.

With Emperor Il dead and his daughter missing, Soo-Jin and the other generals are summoned for a meeting to discuss about the future of the kingdom. In the meeting room, Soo-Jin accuses Son Mundok –the representative of the Wind Tribe as its current general is also missing– for treason as there is a rumor about Hak killing the emperor and taking the princess as a hostage. Mundok denies the accusation and the other generals are on a neutral side of the debate. Upon the arrival of Soo-Won, Kye-Sook and Han Joo-Doh, they start by discussing the issue on hand and along the way, Soo-Jin points out the need of the new king. Kye-Sook suggests Soo-Won for the position, since he is eligible as a Sky Tribe descendant. All the generals except Mundok recognize him as king. After the meeting, Soo-Jin meets with Soo-Won and tells him boldly that he is letting the Wind Tribe go easy.[6] Soo-Jin recommends that Soo-Won capture Hak and Yona, but is rebuffed. In the meantime, he is tasked to continue pressuring the Wind Tribe to accept Soo-Won as king.

Fire Tribe Arc[]

Soo-Jin leads his army against the Sky Tribe

Near Kouka’s northern border, Soo-Jin meets with the head of Kai Empire’s Sen Province leader Li Hazara. They discuss their plan to join armies, conquer Kouka, and make Soo-Jin king. On the commencement day, the Sen Army enters Fire Tribe territory. Kyo-Ga grows frantic over the sudden attack, but Soo-Jin calms him down. As the situation worsens, Soo-Jin goes to defend a northern fort against the Sen army. His son disapproves, but Soo-Jin advises him to stay at Saika to protect the capitol as the next general. Managing to fool the people at Saika, Soo-Jin joins Li Hazara and travels to the Sky Tribe.[7] Believing that he will also fool Soo-Won, he becomes surprised when he sees the king and the Sky Tribe’s army waiting for them near Kuuto. However, he disregards his appearance on the battlefield, as he is nothing but a greenhorn. With Soo-Won’s troop outnumbered, he maneuvers his troops to attack them.

During the battle, the odds are slowly going against them and Hazara says that he shouldn't underestimate Soo-Won anymore. But Soo-Jin doesn't listen to him and continues to order his men to attack. Soon, the Sky Tribe’s forces recede and victory is within his sight. He is about to go to Soo-Won and cut his head off until the Earth Tribe’s army shows up as reinforcements. He is shocked to see Lee Geun-Tae fighting by Soo-Won’s side as he knows that he allies himself to strong kings. Hazara's army leaves him to find some resources for his army, but he soon retreats as an unknown crowd marches into the battle. Soo-Jin, still out of his self, beheads one of his soldiers because of its proposal to surrender.[8] Despite his subordinates’ growing fear, he forces them to fight as the castle is within their reach. Suddenly, Yona and her group show up, but he remains nonchalant on her appearance.

Soo-Jin is stabbed from behind

Yona lectures him about the deeds he has done, but he doesn't listen to her and starts calling himself King Hiryuu, saying he will claim what is rightfully his as his soldiers will make a way for him. Yona frowns upon him and says that he is not fit to be a king.[9] Mad from what he heard, he commands his men to kill Yona and her group. Before the battle begins, Yona tells him about Tae-Jun who has changed and wants him to meet his son someday.[10] They engage in a fight until Soo-Won and the other generals arrive at the scene. Once more, Soo-Jin tries to control his men, but they are no longer following him, which makes him take the killing upon himself. He aims his arrow to Soo-Won, but fails to shoot it because of his frightened soldier who stabs him from behind. He slumps on the ground and flashbacks of his sons enter his mind. As he slowly loses his life, he mutters that he will soon be able to give Kyo-Ga and Tae-Jun the Hiryuu Castle.

Soo-jin dies as a traitor, killed by his own soldier.


Kan Iguni[]

Kan Iguni is Kan Soo-Jin's wife and the mother of his two sons.

Kan Kyo-Ga[]

Soo-Jin shares a strong connection with Kyo-Ga, and often shares his ideals and beliefs with him. He often spent his time educating his son about the four legendary dragons and King Hiryuu and raises his confidence by telling him that he will own the Hiryuu Castle one day.[3] Because of this close past they shared, deep links were formed between them. Soo-Jin knows that one day his son will take over and become the next Fire Tribe general.

Kan Tae-Jun[]

Even though they are father and son, and he can easily scold him for his wrongdoings, Soo-Jin and Tae-Jun has never really had a close relationship with each other. Soo-Jin has never really had any high hopes for Tae-Jun as he grew up,[11] as he believed that his Kyo-Ga would most likely do all the work. Because he spent more time with his oldest son, Tae-Jun grew up doing everything he pleases in his own way and remained oblivious to the affairs that he should know.


Kan Soo-Jin and Soo-Won's relationship as shown after Soo-Won's coronation.

The only reason behind the pair's relationship is for Soo-Jin to gain the trust of Soo-Won and have him killed after he takes the Hiryuu Castle. Even though he follows Soo-Won’s orders like a general should during the earlier days of their relationship, he thinks of him as a fake king[12] and believes that he hasn’t done enough for the kingdom, and therefore, he ends up shattering the connection between them.




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