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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Kan Kyo-Ga (カン・キョウガ Kan Kyoga?) is the first son of the Fire General Kan Soo-Jin and older brother of Kan Tae-Jun. He is the current general of the Fire Tribe after Soo-Won appoints him to be the successor of his father.


Kyo-Ga is a tall man with a mole on his forehead. He has a long taupe hair which is tied in a bun while wrapped in a long ribbon. However, he keeps some strands of his hair untied and lets it hang freely on both sides of his face.

He wears a high collar robe that is held by a dark sash. The collar is light-colored and it has swirly designs running on the edges. Atop of these, he dons a cape with another high collar that is connected to the shoulder pads.


Kyo-Ga appears to be very cold, serious and easily offended if people tease or mock him of his skills. He is strict and ruthless toward his enemies, his allies, and even to his family if it is necessary, as his position requires it. His attitude stems from how he is educated and how he looks up greatly to Soo-Jin. He always takes his father’s teaching into account and tries to act like him in preparation when he becomes a general. Despite his cold exterior, he cares greatly for the kingdom, and although his father had betrayed them, he believes that it's his duty to mend his errors.[3]


Kyo-Ga reads the tales of King Hiryuu

As a child, he was often told the story of King Hiryuu and the founding of the country. It was noted that he really admired King Hiryuu and even aspired to become someone like him one day.[4] Hiryuu was the first ancestor of the Fire Tribe and he takes great pride in being his descendant. Even though he was told he would one day have the Hiryuu Castle, he is dedicated to leading and guarding the Fire Tribe.


Fire Tribe Arc[]

As he returns home to Saika Castle, Kyo-Ga receives information about a group of bandits halting their tax collection in the villages. However, he doesn't pay much attention to it as he thinks that the report is a joke when he hears the group’s name, which is “The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch”.[5] He goes inside the castle only to find Tae-Jun languid because of Princess Yona’s death and out of irritation, he orders him to capture the thieves that are causing havoc on their territory.

Several days later, he receives word that Li Hazara is invading their tribe. He becomes anxious until Soo-Jin comes to him and calms him down. His father tells him that he will march to the enemy and defend their unconquered gates. Kyo-Ga is greatly against the idea, but Soo-Jin tells him to stay behind to guard the castle as he will be his successor and he needs to protect their place no matter what. In compliance with his father's wishes and his post, he prepares for battle against two thousand Sen soldiers under Hazara's command. However, he grows frustrated and confused when the soldiers never provoke an attack.

Kyo-Ga asks Soo-Won for punishment

After Soo-Jin's coup d’état ends, Kyo-Ga is informed of his father's treason and death. He begs Soo-Won to receive punishment for his father’s crimes and offers his life as payment.[6] However, Soo-Won recognizes his strength in leadership and appoints him as the next general of the Fire Tribe instead. The king also tells him about Tae-Jun’s involvement with the poverty-stricken villages and they go to check it out. When he sees Tae-Jun acts very differently from his normal self, he is repulsed and disappointed that his brother would go through the trouble. But as he watches him help their citizens, he sees another side to the situation the Fire Tribe. With his views beginning to change, Soo-Won offers him to stay at Kuuto for him to learn some new ways of governing.[7]

Shortly after, he and Tae-Jun talk about their father and he still ponders the reason behind their father’s action and why they are kept in the dark about this. He then sees his little brother very calm and asks him if he has forgotten about their father. Tae-Jun denies such thing as Soo-Jin, despite being a traitor and not Hiryuu’s reincarnation, is the only father he always loves and respects.


Kan Soo-Jin[]

Kyo-Ga and Soo-Jin share a close son and father relationship, ever since he was a child. Soo-Jin often shared his ideals and beliefs with his son and raised him in confidence and pride by telling him things such as he will one day own the Hiryuu Castle.[8] Because of this close past they have shared, deep links were formed between them and this is the reason why when his father betrayed the kingdom, he deems that he should also be punished.

Kan Tae-Jun[]

He always finds Tae-Jun to be a coward and even considers him as a disgrace to their family.[9] However, after seeing how he has changed ever since his deployment to their tribe’s villages, he too becomes influenced by the change he had as he sees that he has not understood everything yet.


  • (To Li Hazara) "Come if you want! We of the Fire Tribe are the descendants of King Hiryuu! No matter how many thousands of troops you throw at us, we’ll burn all of them with the fire of Hiryuu!" [10]


  • He placed 28th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 5 votes in total.[11]


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