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Kan Iguni (カン・イグニ Kan Iguni?) is the wife of the former Fire Tribe General, Kan Soo-Jin and is the mother of the current Fire Tribe General, Kan Kyo-Ga, as well as Kan Tae-Jun.


Lady Iguni is tall and elegant, wearing an elaborate kimono trimmed with a fine pattern and wide sleeves that reach well past her knees. She carries a fan with her at all times, frequently holding it over her mouth. Much like her eldest son, she bears a beauty mark on her forehead, framed in centre-parted bangs. She wears her hair in a bun with traditional decorative hair-sticks.


Iguni is a very quiet woman who prefers not to meddle in the affairs of those around her. She does not seem to project the fanaticism about Hiryuu that her late husband used to, and remains mostly neutral on the topic of politics. She seems to have genuine and fierce love for her sons, and especially holds a sense of protectiveness over her youngest, Kan Tae-Jun. She believes the battlefield is no place for a woman, but allows Yona to leave with her group without much of a fight.


Lady Iguni was once friends with Yona's late mother, Kashi. She married Kan Soo-Jin, and bore two sons, Kan Kyo-Ga and Kan Tae-Jun. According to her, she and Kashi were friends in their youth, but no longer met with each other after marriage due to their new social positions.


Iguni first appears when Yona and the Happy Hungry Bunch are brought to Saika Castle by Tae-Jun, after being attacked by Fire Tribe citizens. Tae-jun is notably surprised by her appearance, but offers a polite introduction of his friends regardless. Iguni looks at Yona, Kija, Shin-Ah, Jae-Ha, and Zeno, and names off each of their dragon colours; red, white, blue, green and yellow. Tae-jun is confused by this, but she offers no explanation and instead congratulates him on his return home, leaving without another word.

Later that night, after the dragons and Yoon have been in a altercation with Kyo-Ga that leaves him unconscious, Iguni follows the rukus to Yona and Hak's room. She finds her son knocked out, but does not seem angry about it. When Kye-Sook visits Saika, she follows Tae-Jun to go greet him, though never speaks to the advisor herself. She is visibly proud of Tae-Jun when he handles Kye-Sook's insults toward him with grace.

When Kye-Sook chases Yona and her group out of their room, Iguni steps in to offer them a hiding place in Saika Castle's gardens. Ao deems Iguni trustworthy, so Yona and her companions settle in. Yona thanks Iguni for saving them, and asks why. Iguni explains that she found the effort Tae-Jun was putting into protecting them moving, and was angry Kye-Sook had laughed at him.

File:Iguni and Ao.png

Iguni feeds Ao.

Looking at Yona up close, Iguni realizes that her eyes are similar to her to her mother's, revealing the late Queen to have been named Kashi. She explains that she and Yona's mother were once friends, but lost touch after marriage. Kija and Shin-ah sense Zeno and Jae-Ha are close, and take off after them, cutting the reminiscing short. Yona tries to follow, but Iguni holds her back, claiming that women should not be on the battlefield. Yona thanks her for the concern, but goes after them anyways.

Once Yona is gone, Iguni recalls meeting with Kashi shortly after Yona's birth. She thinks of how Kashi confided in her that Yona would have "White, Blue, Green, and Yellow guardians" and that she "obtained the power of the Gods", thus revealing that she recognized Yona and the dragons from what Kashi had told her sixteen years prior.


Kan Soo-Jin[]

Iguni was the wife of Soo-Jin, and the mother of his two sons, but little is known of their marriage outside of the fact that it was arranged due to her high noble status.

Kan Kyo-Ga[]

Iguni appears to love her eldest son quite a lot, though she seems displeased that Su-Won managed to "win him over". Despite this, she mostly stays out of his political affairs.

Kan Tae-Jun[]

Iguni seems protective of her youngest son, even stepping out of her usual neutrality to protect Yona because he wanted to protect her. She admits to being quite angry that Kye-Sook had insulted him, and strove to mess with his plans because of it.


During their youth, Iguni and Kashi were friends and would meet up from time to time. After marriage and rising to their different positions, they weren't able to see each other as much and lost touch. Lady Iguni and Lady Kashi were also friends during childhood, before their marriages left them unable to meet due to their newfound wifely duties. Iguni visited Kashi shortly after Yona's birth, and Kashi confided in her that her daughter had "obtained the power of the Gods". At the time, Iguni hadn't understood what that meant, but upon meeting Yona with the dragons 16 years later, she seems to recognize them as Yona's guardians that Kashi had described.





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