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Kai Empire (戒帝国 Kai teikoku?) is a minor location in the Akatsuki no Yona series.It is a known enemy of the Kouka Kingdom that is just north of the Fire Tribe territory. 

The Kai Empire used to be known for its powerful armies and large territories however in recent years the empire has fallen and been divided into two territories: North Kai and South Kai.[1]

North and South Kai[]

Northern Kai

Northern Kai is entirely managed by various powerful families. However, the land is constantly attacked by Nomads from the north and is suffering impoverish conditions since the division. Because of this, many merchants and rich citizens fled to South Kai.[1] North Kai's climate is very infertile and cold and it shares many similarities to the Fire Tribe's territory.

Southern Kai

Southern Kai has a very fertile, warm climate and has been gaining its own riches because of the people who moved from the northern Kai. The former king's cousin Chagol is now ruling temporarily in South Kai's capital: Yuu-Kyou.[2]

Kai Empire in the Manga[]

Yona, Hak, Yoon and the dragons visit the Kai Empire in Chapter 64 . They visit the closest territory to the Kouka Kingdom's Fire Tribe called the Sen Province.



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