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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Jae-Ha (ジェハ Jeha?) is the current Ryokuryuu (Green Dragon in english), one of the four Dragon Warriors and he possesses the blood of the green dragon deity. His power lies within his right leg which gives him the ability to fly by jumping high and over long distances. He's a former member of Captain Gi-Gan's pirate crew and was the fourth person and third dragon to join Yona and Hak on their journey.

Jae-Ha was born and raised in a village that carries the bloodline of the Green Dragon. He lived there up until he was 12 years old after he fled his village due to the mistreatment and imprisonment that he endured there. The reason for his mistreatment was that the people of Jae-Ha's village feared his power, believing that outsiders would find out about the Ryokuryuu's power and bring unwanted attention to the village like invaders; therefore the villagers locked him away during his childhood. Jae-Ha tried and failed many times to escape, but every attempt was stopped by the previous Ryokuryuu Garou himself who would often physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse Jae-Ha. But one day Jae-Ha finally gained all of the Green dragon abilities since Garou was slowly dying and was strong enough to escape from his village.

After his escape, he would often get into trouble until he finally met a group of local pirates in the Earth Tribe town called Awa led by their Captain Gi-Gan who let him joined them as well as treated him with compassion and later who became a motherly figure to him as well. Due to his troubled childhood, Jae-Ha valued freedom more than anything in the world and when Yona and her crew came to Awa searching for him, he initially hides and denies his true identity so they won't bother him. Jae-Ha would later acts threatening towards her thinking that she will subjecting him to servitude, however realizing that isn't the case his hostility lessens when he gets to know her better, realizing she views everyone as friends and partners rather than servants.

Nevertheless, when Yona showed him how courageous and determine when she was on the cliff to obtain a life-saving plant and when dealing and stopping the human trafficking that was going on in Awa he decided to following her on her journey to watch over her. During his journey not only does he grow fond of Yona and risk his life for her as well as start to treat the Dragon Warriors as his brothers, but he and Hak becomes best friends replacing Su-Won.


Jae-Ha Appearance.png

Jae-Ha is a tall man (one of the tallest in the main cast next to Hak over 6 feet tall) with droopy blue eyes (purple in the anime) which often becomes the target of insult against him. He has long green hair that he ties behind with an orange ribbon and a long fringe that covers the right side of his face. Sometimes he will let his hair down if he's going to bed or taking a bath. He also wears purple piercings. His right leg is full of green scales and sharp nails and even though he's wearing boots he also has his right leg wrapped in bandages,[5] similar to Kija's claw. He is regarded to be very sexy, handsome and attractive. He is also very muscular having 6 pack abs.

For attire, which is from the Kai Empire, a dark blue robe with yellow hemlines and cuff. It has a high collar (in the manga, he had no collar until chapter 77) and three buttons located on the top of the chest area. On the inner of his robes are several pockets where he hides his blades and uses them mostly whenever he jumps high in the air to throw at enemies.[6] Underneath, he wears a black midriff top that has longer and tighter sleeves than his robe. This top is cut in half and is tied with a ribbon which leaves a fraction of his chest exposed. On the bottom, he wears light olive pants with the lower part tucked into a pair of light grey patterned boots.

As stated in chapter 136 Jae-Ha can enlarge his right dragon leg similar to what Kija can with do which is alter the size of his right hand, but chooses not to due and hides his leg from view and often has it wrapped in bandages with his boots on. This is because of his insecurity of his dragon leg being ugly and often freaks out if people sees it.


Jae-Ha is a laid-back, vain, bold, confident, persistent, flamboyant, womanizer, and an observant man who takes pride in his looks and enjoys the beautiful things in life. He has the tendency to chase after something he believes to be beautiful and outwardly display his masochistic nature when someone hurts him lightheartedly, much to the annoyance of some of his companions. Behind these antics, however, he hates being pursued and values freedom more than anything .[7] His particularity with liberty deeply stems from how he was treated in his village when he was young in which caused him to be defiant and troublesome by nature. He had his legs and arms chained, stopping him from using his powers recklessly,[8] he relishes the freedom that his power and circumstances allow him. Furthermore, his opinion of the legend of the four dragons and King Hiryuu is that it is a form of imprisonment and he is adamant about doing what he wants, not as "the Ryokuryuu", but as "himself". With this, he makes every effort to hide from his fellow dragon warriors as a rebellion to his fate.[9] However, as time went on he slowly started to let go of that mindset as he spent more time with the group.

In the beginning, Jae-Ha wanted to do nothing with Yona and the others to the point where he even threatened her and insulted Kija when they first met him. But as time went on, he slowly started to see the value of forming a bond with the group to the point where he sees them as his family and even forms a special friendship with Hak along with forming a brotherhood with the other dragon warriors. Eventually, he regards himself as the group’s “Big Brother” as he acts as a mentor to his teammates and looks out for their best interest at heart.

Jae-Ha flirts with girls.

Secondly, Jae-Ha holds "beauty" in high regard and will compliment both men and female if they are pretty enough. Yet as a lover of beauty, Jae-Ha is naturally attracted to women and is often called a pervert throughout the series. This is due to the fact that he is openly and willingly to show his perverted side to people. Also with his playboy attitude, he flirts with every female he interacts with by using his looks, sweet words and gentlemanly actions and at times he makes slightly salacious and perverted jokes towards women including Yona in which gets him in trouble with Hak most of the time. However, despite him being a pervert, he's a gentlemen who treats women with respect and kindness. Additionally, whenever women are facing a crisis, he refuses to take advantage of them when they're in a vulnerable state and in most cases will always help or protect them which includes Yona herself. Also, whenever a woman rejects his advances he will always stop whatever he's doing without hesitation showing that he understands what consent is.

In addition to this, Jae-Ha loves going to the brothels on his free time and has even invited Hak with him sometimes, although he doesn't really mean it because he's mainly teasing him. However, even in relationships, he dislikes being chased and prefers to be the chaser[10]. However, his ideal type of woman is a person simialr to Gi-Gan; a strong-minded, independent and courageous woman who is not scared of anything. [11] This aspect of personality is what made him fall for Yona after he witnesses her strength and courage as well as her willingness to let him make his choices and not forcing him to join her group, but he also believes that this attraction is due to the dragon’s blood desire instead of his own feelings.[12]

Additionally, Jae-Ha cares about his appearance greatly and will at times will use his looks to get what he wants at times especially when it involves getting Yoon some customers to sell things like what happened in chapter 76. Similar to Shin-Ah, Jae-Ha is also very insecure over his dragon leg and doesn't like to show to show it anyone including his own teammates this insecurity is probably due to Garou the previous Ryokuryuu telling him when he was young that people won't accept him in the world due to his dragon leg. The reasons why is because he believes that it is ugly and that people might not like him if he were to show to the public but has no problem stripping out his clothes to others which confuses his teammates at times.

Despite the hardships he went through in his early childhood as shown in his flashback story in Chapter 99.5 he doesn't show any hatred or acrimony specifically to the person (Garou) and the village that he came from who cause all of his pain and suffering, but instead moves forward and not backwards. Additionally, Jae-Ha is not a vengeful person and doesn't even seek revenge on those who wrong him because he had decided long ago that he doesn't want vengeance to consumed him. Despite his troubled past he still has a positive outlook on life and tries to live life in the fullest even though his lifespan is short. This shows his strength in character for which it means that even though he became a victim of circumstance, he decided not to let it consume him, but instead moved past it and live a happy, care-free life.

Furthermore, Jae-Ha has a calm and levelheaded personality and he rarely loses his temper expect for a few times depending on the situation since he doesn't like conflict at all and tends to avoid it as much as possible. Also Jae-Ha isn't as hot-blooded as the rest men in his group and even at times he has had to hold back Kija and Shin-Ah from fighting unnecessarily battles that could lead to war and is usually the most calm during those times. Thus, this aspect of his personality has made him wise in terms of keeping calm in certain dangerous situation that the group has faced and Hak has come to admire him for that because he's willing to put aside his own personal feelings for the greater good. During his time living as pirate and with his former captain Gi-Gan; her philosophy about killing needlessly weighed heavily on him at times, but in Chapter 85 when Yona's life was in danger he realized in order to protect her he would have to kill people to keep her safe.

Due to his age and experiences, has made him wise, perceptive and emotional intelligent person which makes him have an better understanding of everyone and their feelings and can easily see the big picture. Often times, he uses his observations as teases –especially to Hak who is affected the most– but he also gives them out as an advice to everyone. This observation also helped him to understand Kija better to point where he even apologized to Kija about when he said to him when they first met about being a puppet for the Crimson dragon destiny once he realized the hardship that Kija went through himself.

Additionally, Jaeha has a humor side to him as he openly admitted that he likes teasing those who are younger than him and doesn't get mad or upset if people insult or tease him back. Inasmuch as Jae-Ha is a very caring person and will help someone in need and looks out for his teammates best interest at heart. Also, Jae-Ha can be cunning and quick-witted depending on the situation as seen during the Kai Empire arc where he negotiated a surrender from the leader of Kai's Sen province Li Hazara due to a quick tip from Yona when she told him that Li Hazara doesn't want go to war with Kouka again. Further, he can be very blunt and cheeky with how he feels and gives his honest opinion no matter what anyone else feels and at times can be intimidating when the situation calls for it.


Jae Ha as a baby

Twenty-five years ago, Jae-Ha was born in the Village of Ryokuryuu and Garou –the previous Ryokuryuu– took care of him.[13] During his childhood, he was confined in chains within his room[8] to prevent him from escaping the village and also from repeating the tragedy that happened eighty-five years ago. In his every attempt to flee, he was always stopped by Garou and was beat up as punishment. While in the middle of his punishment one day when he was twelve, Jae-Ha asked when Garou will die so that no one will stop him from running away. After saying this, he tried to attack Garou with his dragon’s leg, only to be blocked by the latter’s right leg which was currently dominant among his. Jae-Ha's dragon foot was immediately grabbed, causing him to lose balance. His predecessor took this opportunity to tell him that there is no place for him outside and he will only be treated like how the villagers treat him. He tried to reason with him, but Garou didn't care and left him. Jae-Ha tried to unshackle himself but soon gave up.

Jae-Ha fights Garou in an attempt to escape

Jae-Ha tells Garou to escape with him

That evening, Jae-Ha woke up to see Garou beside him with manic eyes. He was grabbed by him and received several punches to his face. After Garou calmed down, Jae-Ha told him how he felt sad when he heard him screaming despite his hatred towards him. He then stomped his chain, breaking free from his shackles as he fully gained Ryokuryuu's power. He then told Garou that he can no longer chase him anymore. In anger, Garou launched an attack on him, but Jae-Ha quickly blocked him with his right leg, causing for the former to fall to the ground. After Jae-Ha gave another kick to him, Garou asked him if he will laugh at the miserable state he was in. Jae-Ha said no as he understood how his predecessor has been holding up till now and offered him to escape together with him. As they try to leave, the villagers threatened them with arrows. Garou suddenly ran towards the archers and distracted them. He looked back at Jae-Ha and shouted that he will never go with him because he hates Jae-Ha and thinks that he's an idiot. His predecessor then told him to go away and never to come back. Jae-Ha, seeing Garou’s tears as he said what is on his mind, left the village sadly as he leapt high to the sky.[14]

As he looked for a place where he can settle in peace, he encountered many different things and got himself in trouble along the way until he stumbled upon Awa Port in the land of Earth Tribe. Contrary to his expectations, nobody found his presence unsettling there. By that, he decided to join the local pirates by pleading Captain Gi-Gan to let him join the crew.[15] Soon after, he was taken in and started living there as a pirate. When Jae-Ha was 20 years he unexpectedly met Hak 5 years prior to the series but didn't know at the time because he didn't get a good look at him at the time, but he mentioned that Hak is pretty strong for a kid.


Awa Arc[]

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Fire Tribe Arc[]

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Nadai Arc[]

During the Nadai incident, when he takes the drug. After he goes through withdrawal, he wakes up to Yona, sleeping next to him. He goes back to sleep, but, wakes up again; to see everyone but Shin-Ah gone. Shin-Ah tells him that Yona went to find the place that Jae-Ha went to. He goes after her. When he reaches her, he tells her that he wants them to leave. Because the town's situation is uglier than in Awa. But, Yona refuses, saying that she can't forgive the thing that hurt him.

He finds Yona after she escaped from the fort, and An Lili was taken. He thinks about how she is only sixteen. And that she must've steeled herself. When he carries her through the sky, Yona tells him that she thinks his legs are great. Because if she had them, she would be able to leap to their friends side, when they are in danger. He answers by saying that he would be her legs, until she has no further use for him. Hinting that he has accepted his destiny to serve the Crimson Dragon Master.

Ouryuu Arc[]

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Xing Arc[]

During his time in Xing, he began to have recurring nightmares where Yona is crying. He kept dreaming that his legs didn't work and he couldn't help her. It is unknown if it his own fear for Yona's safety or the pressure from the dragon's blood.

Kai Kingdom[]

When he is held in Kai Kingdom, he agrees to fight against Kouka, because Yona and Yoon are used as hostages. He did not want to see either of them hurt.


Jae-Ha's right dragon foot

Dragon’s Foot: Jae-Ha possesses the power of the dragon within his right leg. His power allows him to jump high and long distances that almost make it look like he can fly. It also makes his leg incredibly strong and lethal when used to kick. And, like Kija, Jae-Ha can enlarge his leg. However, he chooses not to.

Dragon Sense: As a dragon warrior, Jae-Ha also has the ability to discern his fellow dragons’ locations and identities. Though, he has stated that he has consciously suppressed his own presence in the past. This could mean he can hide from the other Dragons which would explain his presence mysteriously disappearing when they were searching for him.

Blade Throwing: He is also quite skilled with smaller blades and can throw multiple blades at once with extremely high accuracy. When his skills are deployed from above, it almost looks like blades are raining from the sky. This ability came from his time with Captain Gi-Gan, as the technique she uses is similar. He's also good at using a sword when he doesn't have his blades on him

Music: In the beginning of the series, he is often shown playing the Erhu, a Chinese 2-stringed instrument. Jae-Ha has played a recorder and other instruments in the series and has used them to help assist Yona when she uses her dancing skill when going undercover, as well as earn money in general. Jae-Ha can also play a flute at times.

Other: Like the other Dragons, Jae-Ha's soul is capable of protecting Yona when neither he nor anyone else can save her.



Initially, Jae-Ha started to catch feelings for the princess, but still wanted nothing to do with her at all. Despite finding her cute and her presence hard to resist, he still acts menacing towards her due to his belief in the legend.[16] Though when he gets to know Yona contrary to what he originally thought what his master would be, and seeing how she is a risk-taker, and the fact that she didn't force him to join her from the beginning that became the main reasons why he joins her and to watch over her as well.[17]

Jae-Ha treats Yona differently than the women he comes across in the series because unlike how he flirts with other women, Jae-Ha mostly uses his sweet talk on Yona for the sake of teasing Hak. Additionally, Jae-Ha will make slightly perverted comments and jokes towards Yona who doesn't understand sexual innuendo due to her innocent nature, and which always made Hak hit him for it. However he never actually acts on those comments because he's mostly joking around. But from time to time he would often tease her for fun in which always made her feel embarrassed or blush.

In the beginning of the series he would gives out hints to Yona about the Thunder Beast’s feelings for her, but it is always lost in her denseness. However in Chapter 125, after he, Kija and Yoon found out about her previous affection's for Soo-Won he came to understand why Hak never told about the feelings he has for her and didn't see him in a romantic way at the time. This revelation caused him to stop teasing Hak so much about his feelings for Yona now that he knows the real reason why Hak never told her about his feelings towards her. Also, he tries to give her advise about her and Hak's relationship whenever he can showing that he wants them to be an actual couple.

However, early on Jae-Ha began to realize his feelings for Yona were romantic because he started to notice Hak more as a man than as a friend, but most of time he tries to brush those feelings off and sometimes get embrarrassed by those feelings. Additionally, he doesn't act upon those feelings for a couple of reasons one their age gap (nearly a decade apart) and another his fear that the dragon’s blood is what created those feelings in the first place and also out of respect for Hak whom he became close friends with. Romantic feelings aside, he seems content to be an older brother figure in Yona's life. Secondly, Jae-Ha is often very protective of her and will takes her away from danger along with Yoon as well. Besides, Jae-Ha cares greatly about Yona and doesn't want to see her hurt to the point where he even yelled at her because she wanted to track down the drug dealers that put him in danger which greatly shocked him. And even Hak stated that it was totally out of character of him showing his anger but he reply that the longer he stays with her the more he acts differently.

According to Hak, Jae-Ha has become a bad influence on Yona due to the fact that lately when fight with bad guy if she is unarmed she tends to high kicks on them like Jae-Ha does this is shown in chapter 80 when she saved An Lili from a man that was on drugs. And she even stated to him and Hak that she tried to imitate Jae-Ha in which he was proud of while Hak was disappointed.


Much like with Kija, Jae-Ha is one of Hak's favorite targets for teasing, and he will often tease Hak right back. Upon their first meeting, Jae-Ha is greatly impressed with Hak’s prowess and looks and even wanted to recruit him to fight by his side when he was still a pirate. However, with how misleading his words and actions are, Hak confuses his intentions as a come-on and outright dumps and punches him which caused Jae-Ha's masochist and pervert side to show in which creeped Hak out. Despite their awkward encounter, Hak soon agrees to work together along with the rest of Yona's group to help stop the slave trade in Awa. During their journey together Hak started name calling him like he does with Kija which he ended up being called Droopy-Eyes as a target of insult when he pisses Hak off but this doesn't annoy him in the slightest.

Even though Hak doesn’t say anything about his feelings, Jae-Ha is in-tune with Hak's feelings for Yona and had often attempted to convince Hak to confess. Aside from how he sees his affection to Yona, Jae-Ha also perceives the sadness emanating from him when Soo-Won is mentioned, noting that he particularly cares for the said person.[18] After Yona's previous affection for Soo-Won is revealed, he mostly stoped urging Hak to confess, as he now understands the reluctance. However, even though Jae-Ha wants Hak and Yona together he himself had started to develop feelings for her as well, but decided not to pursue it due to his close friendship with Hak.

In addition to Jae-Ha sees Hak his equal in maturity level since Hak acts older than people his age group and even acts more maturely than Kija most of the time and even Yoon has pointed this out one time. It is shown when he's the only character in the group that Jae-Ha doesn't use the "-kun" honorific to address him with unlike he uses with the others. Also, both of them developed a close friendship to the point where they drink together and talk about their problems mainly Hak does and doesn't judge one another for the decisions that they make.

Additionally, Jae-Ha is protective of Hak and doesn't want to see him get hurt and this is shown multiple times in series. For example, he, along with Kija, had to hold Hak back from attacking and killing Soo-Won in chapter 91 knowing full well that he wasn't in his right mind at the time and could have started a civil war in the kingdom and both of them weren't mad at Hak after that incident at all. Another time is when he and Kija openly stood up and ready to defend Hak from the Sky Tribe general Ju-Doh when he had openly threatened him (Hak) in front of everyone including Soo-Won. Also, Hak now sees Jae-Ha as an older brother figure though he will never admit it and Jae-Ha came to replace Soo-Won as Hak's closest friend.

As time went on and they started to get to know each other to the point where Hak came to admire Jae-Ha's calm and collected aspect of his personality. And the fact that he never would act on his own bitterness and contempt in certain situations and letting it cloud his own intuition. This is one of the main reasons why Hak begins to open up to Jae-Ha about his feelings especially about Yona. In Chapter 153 Hak confides in Jae-Ha about his feelings for Yona for the first time, explaining that he'd never planned to tell her about them. Jae-Ha congratulated him for the confession regardless, and asks offhandedly what it was that he had wanted to talk to Yona about while they escaped from Gobi's men back in Xing. Hak falls silent briefly, but eventually says that he had wanted to ask Yona if she was truly alright to relinquish her hairpin. He goes on to admit that it may only be him who is stuck in the past, while both Yona and Suwon have already moved on. Upon this admission, Jae-Ha laments internally that Hak is still stuck in the darkness of Soo-Won's betrayal, concluding that Yona may be the only one capable of pulling him out of it. This shows that Jae-Ha is concerned about Hak's well-being and mentality regarding his past with Soo-Won and knows that Hak has to go through it alone.


Initially, when they first met Jae-Ha praised Kija's appearance saying that he (Kija) was nearly as attractive as he (Jae-Ha) is. However, Jae-Ha and Kija's relationship didn’t start smoothly because of how Jae-Ha sees the latter as their master’s mindless puppet.[19] He ridicules his belief of serving their master and thinks of it as nothing but a tragedy.[20] Despite the rift Jae-Ha creates between them, Kija ignores what he said and still looks out for him, saying that as long as they both share the same objective of protecting Yona, that is already enough for him to fight by his side.[21] When Kija explains to him the scars he got from his back and the anxiousness he is feeling from how he carries out he and his predecessors’ desire, Jae-Ha finally understands why he is so persistent on making him fulfill his duty as a dragon and apologizes to him for how lightly he took him on their first encounter. Along with his understanding, he thought of Kija as someone worthy to be the Hakuryuu because of how he is shouldering all of the previous Hakuryuu’s wishes without any complaints.[22] He also sees Kija as a younger brother figure, acting protective of him and taking blows meant for Kija (When they were threatened by Yotaka) and nearly getting killed in the process.

Jae-Ha also see him as pure and innocent considering the way Kija grew up in and finds him troublesome at times because of his views about the dragon warriors, but over time has gotten use to it. Secondly, in terms of personality he and Kija are considered to be the polar opposites from one another especially when it involves dealing with the opposite sex. For example, Kija is innocent, pure and wholesome and couldn't careless about how beautiful he looks or what others think of him. While Jae-Ha is sensual, passionate, and sexy and holds beauty in high regards and is very much a ladykiller because he flirts with every female he sees. Also, Kija is more hot-blooded than Jae-Ha is when it comes to conflict with enemies because Jae-Ha is normally the one to stop Kija from starting fights.

Additionally, he and Kija both harbor some romantic feelings for Yona despite her being in love with Hak, but out of respect for her and Hak they decided on not to pursue the feelings they have for her. However, early on Jae-Ha realized that Kija had developed a crush on Yona and would often tease him about despite the fact that he himself had feelings for her as well and would be embarrassed by them. Also from time to time Jae-Ha would often tease Kija for fun. Furthermore, when they go into battle at times Jae-Ha would tell Kija not to overexert himself because he believes that the more you use their power, the sooner the will die. However, Kija doesn't pay any attention to that and is willing to die for their dragon warrior cause which is to protect and serve Yona who is the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. Also Jaeha and Kija are protective of one another during battle and will risk their life even for each other.


Jae-Ha has the habit of bullying Shin-Ah when he tries to look at the latter’s eyes. As the dragon’s eyes are an unimaginable beauty to be seen,[23] he has the urge to see what it looks like given his personality. To achieve this, he tries to take away Shin-Ah’s mask or to look quickly to his eyes when he is not wearing his mask, though, his every attempt is going to waste as Shin-Ah hastily covers his eyes by reflex and is even helped by his pet squirrel Ao at times.

However, like Shin-Ah, the people of Jae-Ha's village feared his power and locked him away during his childhood and is also very insecure over his dragon feature for example his right leg and doesn't like to show to show it anyone including his own teammates. At one point, Shin-Ah is possessed and leaves his mask off. Zeno tells him that now is the time to look into Shin-Ah's eyes. Also, Jae-Ha admits that he mainly tried to look at his eyes because he liked seeing Shin-Ah's reactions, but eventually stopped wanting to see them.


Jae-Ha cares for Zeno like how he does for the others. After Zeno reveals his real identity, Jae-Ha uses this as a means of annoying him as Zeno dislikes being teased for his age. Even though Zeno is capable of getting himself out of danger without any harm due to his regeneration abilities, Jae-Ha still protects him as he is supposed as the "older brother of the dragons" (if you ignore Zeno's actual age).[24] This of course causes banter between the two, with Zeno often being very annoyed with Jae-Ha's protective tendencies. Also, Zeno gets especially annoyed when Kija and Jae-Ha planned a diversion tactic to prevent him and Shin-Ah from revealing their destructive powers in the Unveiling of the Four Dragons Tournament.


While they do not interact much in the anime, the manga depicts them as being particularly close. Jae-Ha would often take Yoon on scouting trips, carrying him on his back, and Yoon would always opt to go with Jae-Ha when they split off. Yoon is also usually exempt from the verbal harassment Jae-Ha treats the rest of the group to. Though, along with the rest, he sees Yoon as a mother, much to Yoon's annoyance. He's also very protective over Yoon as well seeing that he can't fight in battles and is often charged with taking him and Yona out of harms way. Also Jae-Ha knows that Yoon is very mature for his age and thinks that he is very smart as well.


Gi-Gan let Jae-Ha become a part of her group after he appeared before her one day when he was a teenager. On their first meeting, she considered him a snot-nosed brat who doesn't even know how to court a woman. Up till now, she still calls him names and even when Jae-Ha learns how to woo women, she flat out rejects his attempt of flirting with her as no pick-up line can ever win her heart. This is interesting considering since she was the one who taught him to be a gentlemen in the first place. Despite this she acts like a mother-figure to him since he was in his teenage years. When she disbanded the crew he was a little sad due to it being his home for over a decade but tried to hide his feelings. Before Jae-Ha left the pirate crew to join Yona on her quest he mentioned to her that if they were closer in age she be his ideal type of woman due to her strong personality even stating that he would be a happy man if he could find a woman like her. Despite that, she cares for him and worries how he will be when she disbands the pirate crew.


  • (To himself) "It’s a general principle of mine to treat women with the utmost care." [25]
  • (To Hak) "Taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world. People like that ought to decay into dirt and come back as thorny roses." [26]
  • (To himself) "Having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my views of beauty!" [27]
  • (To Kija) "Does this great wish of the past dragons include your own thoughts, too? If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn't your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy." [citation needed]
  • (To Yona) "I will be your legs, until you have no further need of me" [citation needed]
  • (To himself) "Two grown men jumping across the sky one carrying the other princess style. If it were me I'd shoot them down too." [citation needed]


  • He ranked 3rd in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December 2014. He scored 868 votes in total.[29]
  • It is shown that he is extremely self-conscious of his leg due to his fear of being called ugly, as he rarely removes his boots, and he even bandages his leg.
  • As of chapter 135, he is revealed to have the ability to enlarge his leg, much like Kija with his arm. However choose not to due his insecurity of his dragon leg being ugly.
  • Jae-Ha is the pervert in the group because he's always ogling beautiful women.
  • According to Yoon, Jae-Ha never wants to take off the boot, covering his dragon leg. But, has no problem stripping. To where he (Yoon) calls him, "A troublesome pervert."
  • Jae-Ha and Zeno are the only dragons who are known to be able to see the spirits of dead people.
  • He directly says that he finds it entertaining to tease anyone younger than him.
  • According to Kusanagi' s notes, Jae-Ha has a high alcohol tolerance and he's a casual drinker.
  • Several times he's taken the position of being the "big brother" due to fact that there's a big age gap between him the rest of the group and feels as though its his job to look after the others.
  • His original character design portrayed him with a spiked fringe and different earrings.
  • Kusanagi has stated that he was easier to draw than expected, and she took advice from their editor on how to portray him as a masochist.
  • Hak and Jae-Ha always tease each other as they would refer to each other as Droopy-eyes (Jae-Ha), and Ex-general (Hak).
  • According to Jae-Ha, he stated that if he and Gi-Gan were closer in age she be his ideal woman due to her strong-minded personality.
  • According to Akatsuki no Yona Volume 20 Sketchbook, Kusanagi stated that Jae-Ha's preferred type of woman is a strong-minded and sadistic lady with big boobs, yet he also has a thing for someone who is a little naïve and vulnerable.
  • In his childhood he was visited by Ouryuu who tucked him while he slept while still lying in chains although he does not know this fact.
  • According to the 2018 Akatsuki no Yona Fanbook, his favorite food are Grapes and Kaki and his least favorite food is Sweet Potatoes because it makes him itchy.
  • According to the 2018 Akatsuki no Yona Fanbook, Kusanagi described him as a feminist because of his views about women.
  • According to Kusanagi, when asked by a fan which dragon would she travel with in adventure as Yona, she said Jae-Ha because "He is very kind with women and can jump really high".
  • In a side-story "Take Care Part 3" Hak has stated that he had nightmares of Jae-Ha chasing him and talking to him like a woman because he thinks that Jae-Ha is effeminate due to his traits, tastes, habits.



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