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Kanji ジェハ
Rōmaji Jeha
Alias Ryokuryuu (緑龍 Ryokuryū)[1]
Droopy-Eyes (垂目, Tareme, by Hak)
Flying Pirate (空の海賊, Sora no Kaizoku)
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 188 cm (6'2)[2]
Weight 79 kg
Birthday May 4 (Taurus)[3]
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green (manga)
Purple (anime)
Professional Status
Occupation Dragon Warrior
Previous Occupation Pirate
Partner(s) Yona
Previous Partner(s) Garou
Pirates of Awa
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 17
Japanese Voice Junichi Suwabe
English Voice Joel McDonald
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Jae-Ha (ジェハ, Jeha) is the current Ryokuryuu, one of the four dragon warriors, which possesses the blood of the green dragon deity. He is a former member of Captain Gi-Gan's pirate crew and is the fourth person to join Yona and Hak's journey.

Appearance Edit

Jaeha appearance
Jae-Ha is a tall man with droopy green eyes (purple in the anime) which often become the target of insult against him. He has long green hair that he ties behind with an orange ribbon and a long fringe which he styles to cover the right side of his face. He also has piercings in his ears. His right leg is full of green scales and sharp nails,[4] similar to Kija's claw. He is considered very handsome and attractive.

For attire, he dons a dark blue robe designed with yellow hemlines and cuff. It has a high collar and three buttons located on the top of the chest area. On the back of this robe, there are several pockets stitched where he hides his blades.[5] Underneath, he wears a black midriff top that has longer and tighter sleeves than his robe. This top is cut in half and is tied with a ribbon which leaves a fraction of his chest exposed. On the bottom, he wears light olive pants with the lower part tucked into a pair of light grey patterned boots.

Personality Edit

Jae-Ha is a vain, confident, persistent, and observant man who takes pride in his looks and enjoys the beautiful things in life. He has the tendency to chase after something he believes to be beautiful and outwardly display his masochistic nature when someone hurts him lightheartedly, much to the annoyance of some of his companions. Behind these antics, however, he hates being pursued and values freedom more than anything.[6] His particularity with liberty deeply stems from how he was treated in his village when he was young. He had his legs and arms chained, stopping him from using his powers recklessly,[7] he relishes the freedom that his power and circumstances allow him. Furthermore, his opinion of the legend of the four dragons and King Hiryuu is that it is a form of imprisonment and he is adamant about doing what he wants, not as "the Ryokuryuu", but as "himself". With this, he makes every effort to hide from his fellow dragon warriors as a rebellion to his fate.[8]
Jae-Ha flirting with girls

Jae-Ha flirts with girls.

As a lover of beauty, he is naturally attracted to women. With his playboy attitude, he flirts with every female he interacts with by using his looks, sweet words and gentlemanly actions. However, even in relationships, he dislikes being chased and prefers to be the chaser.[9] His ideal type of woman is a strong-headed woman who is not scared of anything like Gi-Gan.[10] This is also what made him fall for Yona after he witnesses her strength, though he believes that it is due to the dragon’s blood desire instead of his feelings.[11]

Due to his age and experiences, he has a better understanding of everyone and can easily see the big picture. Often times, he uses his observations as teases –especially to Hak who is affected the most– but he also gives them out as an advice to everyone. Eventually, he makes himself as the group’s “Big Brother” and protects his teammates.

Background Edit

Jae-Ha vs Garou

Jae-Ha fights Garou in an attempt to escape

Twenty-five years ago, Jae-Ha was born in the Village of Ryokuryuu and Garou –the previous Ryokuryuu– took care of him.[12] During his childhood, he was confined in chains within his room[7] to prevent him from escaping the village and also from repeating the tragedy that happened eighty-five years ago. In his every attempt to flee, he was always stopped by Garou and was beat up as punishment. While in the middle of his punishment one day when he was twelve, Jae-Ha asked when Garou will die so that no one will stop him from running away. After saying this, he tried to attack Garou with his dragon’s leg, only to be blocked by the latter’s right leg which was currently dominant among his. Jae-Ha's dragon foot was immediately grabbed, causing him to lose balance. His predecessor took this opportunity to tell him that there is no place for him outside and he will only be treated like how the villagers treat him. He tried to reason with him, but Garou didn't care and left him. Jae-Ha tried to unshackle himself but soon gave up.

Jae-Ha extends his hand to Garou

Jae-Ha tells Garou to escape with him

That evening, Jae-Ha woke up to see Garou beside him with manic eyes. He was grabbed by him and received several punches to his face. After Garou calmed down, Jae-Ha told him how he felt sad when he heard him screaming despite his hatred towards him. He then stomped his chain, breaking free from his shackles as he fully gained Ryokuryuu's power. He then told Garou that he can no longer chase him anymore. In anger, Garou launched an attack on him, but Jae-Ha quickly blocked him with his right leg, causing for the former to fall to the ground. After Jae-Ha gave another kick to him, Garou asked him if he will laugh at the miserable state he was in. Jae-Ha said no as he understood how his predecessor has been holding up till now and offered him to escape together with him. As they try to leave, the villagers threatened them with arrows. Garou suddenly ran towards the archers and distracted them. He looked back at Jae-Ha and shouted that he will never go with him because he hates Jae-Ha and thinks that he's an idiot. His predecessor then told him to go away and never to come back. Jae-Ha, seeing Garou’s tears as he said what is on his mind, left the village sadly as he leapt high to the sky.[13]

As he looked for a place where he can settle in peace, he encountered many different things and got himself in trouble along the way until he stumbled upon Awa Port in the land of Earth Tribe. Contrary to his expectations, nobody found his presence unsettling there. By that, he decided to join the local pirates by pleading Captain Gi-Gan to let him join the crew.[14] Soon after, he was taken in and started living there as a pirate.

Synopsis Edit

Water Tribe Arc Edit

During the Nadai incident, when he takes the drug. After he goes through withdrawal, he wakes up to yona, sleeping next to him. He goes back to sleep, but, wakes up again; to see everyone but Shin-Ah gone. Shin-Ah tells him that Yona went to find the place that Jae-ha went to. He goes after her. When he reaches her, he tells her that he wants them to leave. Because the town's situation is uglier than in Awa. But, Yona refuses, saying that she can't forgive the thing that hurt him.

He finds Yona after she escaped from the fort, and Lili was taken. He thinks about how she is only sixteen. And that she must've steeled herself. When he carries her through the sky, Yona tells him that she thinks his legs are great. Because if she had them, she would be able to leap to ther friends side, when they are in danger. He answers by saying that he would be her legs. Until she has no further use for him. Hinting that he has accepted his destiny to serve the Crimson Dragon Master.

Xing Kingdom Arc Edit

During his time in Xing, he began to have roccuring nightmares. Where yona is crying. He kept dreaming that during this, his legs didn't work; and he couldn't help her. It is unknown if it his own fear for Yona's safety or the pressure from the dragon's blood.

Kai Kingdom Edit

When he is held in Kai Kingdom, he agrees to fight against Kouka. Becasue Yona and Yoon are used as hostages. He did not want to see either of them hurt.


Jae-Ha's abilities

Jae-Ha's abilities

Dragon’s Foot: Jae-Ha possesses the power of the dragon within his right leg. His power allows him to jump high and long distances that almost make it look like he can fly. It also makes his leg incredibly strong and lethal when used to kick. And, like Kija, Jae-ha can enlarge his leg. However, he chooses not to.

Dragon Sense: As a dragon warrior, Jae-Ha also has the ability to discern his fellow dragons’ locations and identities. Though, he has stated that he has consciously suppressed his own presence in the past. This could mean he can hide from the other Dragons which would explain his presence mysteriously disappearing when they were searching for him.

Blade Throwing: He is also quite skilled with smaller blades and can throw multiple blades at once with extremely high accuracy. When his skills are deployed from above, it almost looks like blades are raining from the sky. This ability might have been adopted due to his time with Captain Gi-Gan, as the technique she uses is similar.

Music: In the beginning of the series, he is often shown playing the erhu, a Chinese 2-stringed instrument. Jae-Ha has played a recorder and other instruments in the series and has used them to help assist Yona when she uses her dancing skill when going undercover, as well as earn money in general.

Other: Like the other Dragons, Jae-ha's soul seems capable of protecting Yona when neither he nor anyone else can save her.


Yona Edit

Initially, Jae-Ha denies Yona when she asks him to join her on her journey. Despite finding her cute and her presence hard to resist, he still acts menacing towards her due to his belief in the legend.[15] Though when he gets to know Yona contrary to what he originally thought what his master would be, and seeing how she is a risk-taker, this becomes the reason why he joins her.[16]

Unlike how he flirts with other women, Jae-Ha mostly uses his sweet talk on Yona for the sake of teasing Hak. He also gives out hints to Yona about the Thunder Beast’s feelings for her, but it is always lost in her denseness. Behind his jokes and efforts to help on the relationship of the two, he himself starts to develop feelings for her but doesn't act upon it with due to their age gap (nearly a decade apart) and his fear that the dragon’s blood is what created those feelings in the first place. Romantic feelings aside, he seems content to be an older brother figure in Yona's life and is often very protective of her. By taking her and Yoon aways from danger.

Hak Edit

Much like with Kija, Jae-Ha is one of Hak's favourite targets for teasing, and he will often tease Hak right back. Upon their first meeting, Jae-Ha is greatly impressed with Hak’s prowess and even wants to recruit him to fight by his side when he was still a pirate. However, with how misleading his words and actions are, Hak confuses his intentions as a come-on and outright dumps him. Despite their awkward encounter, Hak soon agrees to work together along with the rest of Yona's group to help stop the slave trade in Awa.

Even though Hak doesn’t say anything about his feelings, Jae-Ha is in-tune with Hak's feelings for Yona and often attempted to convince Hak to confess. Aside from how he sees his affection to Yona, Jae-Ha also perceives the sadness emanating from him when Soo-Won is mentioned, noting that he particularly cares for the said person.[17] After Yona's previous affection for Soo-Won is revealed, he mostly stops urging Hak to confess, as he now understands the reluctance.

In Chapter 153 Hak confides in Jae-ha about his feelings for Yona for the first time, explaining that he'd never planned to tell her about them. Jae-ha congratulates him for the confession regardless, and asks off-handedly asks what it was that he had wanted to talk to Yona about while they escaped from Gobi's men back in Xing. Hak falls silent briefly, but eventually says that he had wanted to ask Yona if she was truly alright to relinquish her hairpin. He goes on to admit that it may only be him who is stuck in the past, while both Yona and Suwon have already moved on. Upon this admission, Jaeha laments internally that Hak is still stuck in the darkness of Suwon's betrayal, concluding that Yona may be the only one capable of pulling him out of it.

Kija Edit

Jae-Ha and Kija's relationship didn’t start smoothly because of how Jae-Ha sees the latter as their master’s mindless puppet.[18] He ridicules his belief of serving their master and thinks of it as nothing but a tragedy.[19] Despite the rift Jae-Ha creates between them, Kija ignores what he said and still looks out for him, saying that as long as they both share the same objective of protecting Yona, that is already enough for him to fight by his side.[20] When Kija explains to him the scars he got from his back and the anxiousness he is feeling from how he carries out he and his predecessors’ desire, Jae-Ha finally understands why he is so persistent on making him fulfill his duty as a dragon and apologizes to him for how lightly he took him on their first encounter. Along with his understanding, he thought of Kija as someone worthy to be the Hakuryuu because of how he is shouldering all of the previous Hakuryuu’s wishes without any complaints.[21] He also sees Kija as a younger brother figure, acting protective of him and taking blows meant for Kija (When they were threatened by Yotaka).

Shin-Ah Edit

Jae-Ha has the habit of bullying Shin-Ah when he tries to look at the latter’s eyes. As the dragon’s eyes are an unimaginable beauty to be seen,[22] he has the urge to see what it looks like given his personality. To achieve this, he tries to take away Shin-Ah’s mask or to look quickly to his eyes when he is not wearing his mask, though, his every attempt is going to waste as Shin-Ah hastily covers his eyes by reflex and is even helped by his pet squirrel Ao at times.

At one point, Shin-Ah is possessed and leaves his mask off. Zeno tells him that now is the time to look into Shin-Ah's eyes. Jae-ha admits that he mainly tried to look at his eyes because he liked seeing Shin-Ah's reactions.

Zeno Edit

Jae-Ha cares for Zeno like how he does for the others. After Zeno reveals his real identity, Jae-Ha uses this as a means of annoying him as Zeno dislikes being teased for his age. Even though Zeno is capable of getting himself out of danger without any harm due to his regeneration abilities, Jae-Ha still protects him as he is supposed as the "older brother of the dragons" (if you ignore Zeno's actual age).[23]

Yoon Edit

While they do not interact much in the anime, the manga depicts them as being particularly close. Jae-Ha would often take Yoon on scouting trips, carrying him on his back, and Yoon would always opt to go with Jae-Ha when they split off. Yoon is also usually exempt from the verbal harassment Jae-Ha treats the rest of the group to. Though, along with the rest, he sees Yoon as a mother, much to Yoon's annoyance. He's also often charged with taking Yoon and Yona out of harms way.

Quotes Edit

  • "It’s a general principle of mine to treat women with the utmost care."[24]
  • (To Hak) "Taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world. People like that ought to decay into dirt and come back as thorny roses."[25]
  • "Having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my views of beauty!"[26]
  • (To Kija) “Does this great wish of the past dragons include your own thoughts, too? If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn't your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy.

Trivia Edit

  • He ranked 3rd in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December 2014. He scored 868 votes in total.[27]
  • As of chapter 135, he is revealed to have the ability to enlarge his leg, much like Kija with his arm.
  • It is shown that he is extremely self-conscious of his leg, as he rarely removes his boots, and he even bandages his leg.
  • He directly says that he finds it entertaining to tease anyone younger than him.
  • He has a high alcohol tolerance.
  • Several times he's taken the position of being the "big brother".
  • He's the pervert of the group.
  • His original character design portrayed him with a spiked fringe and different earrings.
  • Kusanagi has stated that he was easier to draw than expected, and she took advice from their editor on how to portray him as a masochist.
  • Hak and Jae-ha always tease each other. Refering to each other as Droopy-eyes (Jae-ha), and Ex-general (Hak).

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