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Ik-Soo’s home is a hidden place located beneath the mountains of the Wind Tribe’s territory. This is where Ik-Soo stays after he ended his travels on Kouka. After Yona and Hak fell from the cliff, Yoon brought them here in order to treat their injuries.[1]



The house is a one-storey high building made of stone walls and thatched roof. The pitched straw roof is being held by interlacing layers of ropes that prevents it from being blown away. There is also a thatched canopy before the entrance and is supported by two wooden columns. The wooden door only covers the main room, leaving the other half of the inside open. This door is divided into two parts: the left side can be folded into two, making it possible to close and open it at will, while the right side is permanently left attached to the wall.

There is a small plantation in front of the home and some pots and wood stacks kept in the left. A clothesline is attached between two trees several feet away from the main entrance.


Ik-Soo's home inside

The inside is divided to a main room and a hallway. They are separated by dilapidated wood columns and a small wooden wall. The main room is the largest between the two, and is also the bedroom of the house. An elevated wooden floor occupies three-fourth of the flooring, while the rest is left as the entrance hall. A sunken hearth has been placed on the wooden floor and is generally used for heating. On the small wall division, there are small rows of cabinets and some hanging plants and baskets. Beside it, there is a table with different utensils atop of it.

In the hallway, some equipment and pots are placed on a corner. There are also hanging plants attached to the wall, and a huge shelf that holds some unused utensils. Another wooden door can be seen at the end of the hallway, though it is unknown where it actually leads to.





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