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Ik-Soo (イクス Ikusu?) is the clumsy High Priest of the Kouka Kingdom and is Yoon’s guardian. He spends his days in isolation as he prays to the gods for guidance and for the happiness of the people. He reveals a prophecy to Yona that marks the start of her search for the four dragon warriors.


Ik-Soo smiling with his eyes visible through his overgrown fringe.

Ik-Soo is a tall man who is often covered in mud. He has a curly light blonde hair that he ties in a plait at the back of his head. He has an overgrown fringe that obscures his violet eyes and a mole under his left eye. For his attire, he wears a simple white robe locked in light yellow sash, white pants and a pair of straw sandals.


Ik-Soo is a kind, clumsy man who always has his head in the clouds. He is someone who can’t lie,[2][3] and this leads him to expose who he is, despite his decision to keep a low profile. He has a positive outlook on life and always helps people in need. However, because of the widespread problem of poverty, he anguishes over this as he can’t help everyone.[4] Even though he appears to be an airhead, he can be a serious and mature person who gives advices to anyone who needs it.


Ik-soo when he traveled around the country.

When Ik-Soo was young, he was a priest-in-training[5] during the reign of Emperor Joo-Nam. He and his master were later exiled out of Hiryuu Castle when the emperor’s son, Yu-Hon, banished them from the castle[6] due to his belief that the priests are a threat to their authority.[7] Nothing is known about how the two live after that, and it is just revealed later that Ik-Soo received golden beads from his master[8] and he started to travel the country to help people in need.[9]

On his travels, he met the young Yoon at Touka Village when he was robbed by him. He received a wound from his attack and soon was invited by the child to spend a night at his home. During his stay, Yoon rubbed a medicine on his injury. The following day, he gave Yoon a potato which he traded with his shoes as a gratitude for healing him. As they spent time together, Ik-Soo discovered Yoon’s goals of seeing the world and his love for books. By that, he promised him that he will bring books for Yoon. Before leaving, Ik-Soo made a straw sandal and taught Yoon in the process. He was amazed on Yoon’s performance, seeing how he can do things after just one look. Ik-Soo received the sandals Yoon made as payment for teaching him and then, he embarked on his journey.

Ik-soo hugs Yoon as he decided to take him along with him.

After a long time, he returned to Yoon’s house and apologized for not bringing anything home because his things were all stolen by people who wanted the golden beads. Following this, he told Yoon that he will live away from people as he didn’t want to bring out the worst in them and bid him farewell.[10] However, Yoon stopped him and asked to take him along even if he won’t be able to fulfill his goals anymore. Ik-Soo complied with his request and they both lived beneath the cliffs somewhere in the land of the Wind Tribe.


Fugitive Arc[]

Ik-Soo accidentally reveals himself as the priest.

Ik-Soo goes back inside his home to tell Yoon something and sees that Princess Yona is already awake. He approaches her and introduces himself as Yoon’s guardian, though he burst into tears as he sees the hardships she’s been through ever since she left the castle. Surprise on his awareness of her situation, Yona asks him who he is and he tactlessly tells her his identity, much to his caretaker’s annoyance. As the princess learns that he is the priest and is exiled, she asks why such event happened. Yoon, who dislikes royalty, harshly questions her ignorance on the topic despite living in the castle. Hak suddenly twitches from his injuries and Yona becomes worried, but Ik-Soo tells her that the god of Death has not yet come to take him. He then tells Yoon to use kind words as the princess is also struggling. That night, he dreams of Yona and the kingdom’s future.[11]

Ik-Soo and Yona talks about the prophecy.

The following day, he conveys God’s voice to Yona and tells her about the prophecy pertaining to the dream he had last night. He tells her the consequence of her choosing to live –on which Hak’s life will end if he is the only one protecting her– and he suggests finding the four legendary dragon warriors said in the prophecy.[12] Yona doubts if the dragon warriors will follow her for her selfish wish to live and protect Hak, but Ik-Soo tells her that finding them will no longer be for her personal reasons but for her fate.[13] He gives Yona some time to think and waits till she makes a decision. Soon, he comes to her again and learns that she will follow what he advised. He then asks her for a favor to take Yoon to her journey.

Ik-Soo being patted by Yoon.

The next morning, Yona returns to him after trying to do what he asked and tells him that she can’t take Yoon with her as it is hard for her to tear a family apart. Ik-Soo appreciates her attempt and realizes that he should be the one talking to Yoon about it. He goes outside to look for the young boy, only to be cornered by him and asked by this favor. However, Ik-Soo insists that he needs to see the outside world and tells that he will be fine without him.[14] This causes a fight between them and Yoon storms off, though they soon reconcile when the latter realize his intentions are for his own benefit. Even though Yoon already takes on his request, Ik-Soo still feels sad and cries to him. Nevertheless, he still sees him off without any regrets.

Fire Tribe Arc[]

Due to severe hunger and his undying clumsiness, his home is in complete mess and he is unconscious on the floor when Yona and her group come to visit. He is treated by Yoon, who is irritated by the state he had allowed himself to fall into. After that, he looks at Yona’s group and is amazed it has become so lively. Yoon then proceeds to his intended objective and asks about the ‘sword and shield’ in the prophecy. Ik-Soo tells them that the sword and shield need some time before appearing so he can’t tell them anything yet. But he assures that once that time comes, they will know it.[15] Suddenly, Zeno questions Yona if she will usurp Soo-Won which surprises everyone. Ik-Soo watches them silently.

Ik-Soo listens to Yona as she tells her journey.

Later, he sees Yona near the waterfall and asks if she is still thinking about what Zeno said. Yona answers him with the decision not to go back to the castle and instead protect the citizens of Kouka. He continues listening to her until she tells him about his meeting with Soo-Won and how she was unable to do anything. Ik-Soo comforts her with kind words and compares her feelings to Hiryuu who still loved humans despite everything they did against him.[16]


Ik-Soo conveys God's Voice to Yona.

God’s Voice: Ik-Soo can relay God’s voice and reveal prophecies about the future, which he used for Yona when they met.[17] However, his energy drains out after using it.[18]

Precognition: Ik-Soo can see the future via his dreams.[19]Template:Clear



Yoon's reaction after learning that Ik-Soo didn't listen to him.

Instead of Ik-Soo taking care of Yoon, their roles are reversed and the young boy appears to be more of a guardian rather than him. Due to this, Ik-Soo always receives scolding from him for being dangerously clumsy and even gets some insults about his job as a priest. However, he doesn’t mind Yoon’s nagging attitude and cares deeply for him.

Despite Yoon’s decision to live with him, he still wants him to achieve his dreams someday which makes him eventually ask Yona to take him with her. Though this decision will be for Yoon’s best, he still feels lonely when he sends him off.


Ik-Soo becomes Yona’s support when she makes some important decisions. Whenever she is in a dilemma, he listens to her sentiments and gives out advice in return. He also becomes her confider of the things she can’t tell to anyone, especially to Hak.


  • (To Yona) "The heavens can only show you the path to take. Whether you walk that path is up to you."[20]
  • (To Yoon) "Words. There can be power in them. Sometimes they become words of power. So if you say it is fine, that may become the truth, and it will become fine."[21]
  • (To Yona) "No matter how foolish and incomprehensible it is, certainly there are sentiments that cannot be thrown away. Even if you try to stop your heart by cause of being unable to forgive yourself, there will be times when the heart starts running again much to your despair."[16]


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