Hiryuu Castle
Hiryuu Castle
Kanji 緋龍城
Rōmaji Hiryū-jō
Location Kuuto
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01

Hiryuu Castle (緋龍城 Hiryū-jō) is the main royal palace of the Kouka Kingdom. It is the home of the royal family and the prominent landmark within the city of Kuuto. This used to be Yona’s home before the incident of her father’s death.

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The medieval castle’s structure vastly differs from the city beneath it. The color for the roofs in the castle is red in contrast of the black color of the common people’s home. A pagoda like building lies at the end of the courtyard, serving as the main entrance for the vicinity of the inside. The buildings beside it are arranged horizontally or vertically, and plantation fills up the spaces left by these structures.

As the castle is situated atop a small mountain, a huge stone platform supports it from the base. This platform has windows on the top and it has three extension layers used for travelling the castle. The first layer is covered with trees and it houses the first entrance gate and two buildings. From there, a long staircase leading to the second layer can be seen. This layer is comparatively small and only has a house and a small staircase leading to the last layer. On the middle of the third layer are three sets of staircase separated by five-sided walls with embedded red dragon picture. All of the stairs meet at a small platform with another staircase that finally leads to the main entrance gate.

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