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Heuk-Chi (フクチ Fukuchi?) is Kan Tae-Jun's servant and is a soldier of the Fire Tribe.


Heuk-Chi is a chubby man who is often wearing blank expressions on his face. He has a pair of black eyes and a black hair tied in a bun while being held by a white ribbon.

He wears a maroon cape with a red shoulder pad over a dark bronze colored armor. This armor has a long skirt in the lower part and it is held by a gray belt with yellow buckle. Underneath this is a taupe robe that has gauntlets resting on each sleeve. On the bottom, he dons a taupe trouser and a pair of gray boots.


Heuk-Chi is a nonchalant but serious person when it comes to his job. He is loyal to Tae-Jun and follows his orders to the best he can. However, there are times that he feels apathetic towards him, especially if he is acting like a fool, and even want to hurt him for his behaviour.[3] In handling problems, he uses casual conversations instead of resorting to violence when not necessary.[4] He is also a keen observer,[5][6] but, he doesn’t let on what he knows unless he wants to.


Fugitive Arc[]

Heuk-Chi reports to Tae-Jun

By the order of Kan Soo-Jin, Heuk-Chi and the other Fire Tribe soldiers block the river going towards Fuuga. He informs Tae-Jun about their completed task, but his master is still unsatisfied with what has been dealt. Because of his debacle to Hak over Yona years ago, Tae-Jun wants to deal more damage and commands him to attack the merchants going to the Wind Tribe. Heuk-Chi warns him that his father will get mad for his selfish order, but Tae-Jun still forces him to do it.

Later, he reports to Tae-Jun again while he is sulking over his father’s rage and tells that there has been a sighting of Yona and Hak near Fuuga.

Fire Tribe Arc[]

After Tae-Jun receives an order from Kan Kyo-Ga to search for the bandit group called “The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch” that disturbs their tax collection, Heuk-Chi accompanies him to their headquarters on the south. On their arrival, he apologizes to the officers stationed in there for Tae-Jun’s uselessness. Soon, a report about the bandit group comes and they need to go to the place where they were seen. However, Tae-Jun remains unmotivated, which forces him to come up with a lie that he has some strands of Princess Yona’s hair with him to make him move.[7] In Katan Village, he meets a young boy who is trying to stop a child from going against them. Heuk-Chi asks if the young boy has seen the bandits, but to everyone’s surprise, the boy is one of the people they have been looking for. The boy’s comrades come out and attack them. By that time, he hides behind a bush until they are all thrown out. They continue to return to the village, but for their every attempt, they always end up being thrown away.

With all the failure they had, Tae-Jun decides to disguise himself as an ordinary citizen to enter Katan. The soldiers give him a firework that will signal them to shot fire arrows in case he finds the bandits. That night, the firework has been launch as they standby near Katan. Heuk-Chi monitors the situation as some already shot some fire arrows to the village. In the middle of their attack, Tae-Jun crawls back to them and he helps him stand up. They learn that Tae-Jun accidentally dropped the firework and that the bandits are not there, therefore ceasing fire.

Heuk-Chi finds Tae-Jun while doing his investigation

In the following days, Tae-Jun continues to conduct his “investigation”. While his master is away, Heuk-Chi and the others search in Katan once more for traces of the bandits. As he is about to open a door to a random house, it swings open and reveals Tae-Jun, who quickly shuts it close at him. Kil-Sung – a fellow soldier – notices the happening and accompanies him inside the house. When they enter, he no longer sees Tae-Jun but still remains indifferent as they ask the house owner about information.[8] Afterwards, Tae-Jun orders them to build a medical facility in the village to prevent getting ill while treating the villagers as well. During their work, Kil-Sung gets ill and he tells it to Tae-Jun, who decides to nurse him to health by himself. They wait outside Tae-Jun’s room in the facility they made until night. When his master finally opens his room, he goes inside to change the water for Kil-Sung. The next day, they go to Enri Village to set up another clinic. As evening falls, he approaches Tae-Jun who is kneeling on the ground. He tells him that they probably won’t get home anymore because of the bandits, hinting that he heard his master’s conversation with the leader of the Happy Hungry Bunch, Yona.[6]

Heuk-Chi hints that he heard Tae-Jun and Yona's conversation

While they continue their work on cleaning up the villages, they meet the Sen Province’s army who is about to create chaos in Kouka. Tae-Jun tries to force them out; however, they don’t listen to him and some of them are going to attack him. In the nick of time, Heuk-Chi blocks the attackers[9] and the present Fire Tribe soldiers at the scene also follow suit. They stop fighting when the Sen’s army leader, Li Hazara, shows up and decides to divert their path. Later, they move to another village and meet Kyo-Ga. Upon seeing him, they try to run away from him, but they welcome him later on.


Kan Tae-Jun[]

Since he is always by Tae-Jun’s side, Heuk-Chi knows his quirks and secrets very well. Even though they are in a master-servant relationship, Heuk-Chi can voice his opinions to Tae-Jun casually, especially if they are not beneficial for his master.[10]


Attractive Heuk-Chi

  • He ranked 15th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014 and shares the spot together with Gi-Gan. They scored 42 in total.[11]
  • According to him, if he goes on a diet, he will be more attractive and Tae-Jun will be bland in comparison.[12]
  • He is probably married according to Mizuho Kusanagi.[1]


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