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Han-Dae (ヘンデ Hende?) is a gatekeeper at Fuuga who also acts as a spy to gather information.


Han-Dae has brown eyes and a small spot of freckles on the bridge of his nose. He keeps some strands of his medium-length blond hair in a braid and ties it behind. He wears a typical Wind Tribe uniform consisting of blue robe and pants, a sleeveless brown robe tied with a ribbon as an overcoat, and a pair of dark brown boots. He also wears a necklace with a silver pendant.


Like Tae-Woo, Han-Dae is a slacker when it comes to duty and believes that the people of the Wind Tribe are free as the wind.[3] However, he is more cheerful than Tae-Woo and he can easily put a smile on people’s faces. He is also calm, being more level-headed[4] than his fellow villagers as seen when they were being oppressed by the Fire Tribe.


Fugitive Arc[]

Han-Dae and Tae-Woo sleep on duty.

Han-dae and Tae-Woo are sleeping on their guard duty at the Fuuga’s entrance when Hak and a Yona arrive. They are quickly scolded on their laziness, but they argue that they are free to do anything as they are of the Wind Tribe, and free like the wind. When Yona collapses, Hak orders him to get a room for her while he carries her. On their way inside, Han-Dae informs Hak about the sudden meeting of the five tribe Generals on the Hiryuu Castle and he expresses how he is confused as to why elder Mundok is attending instead of him. Soon after, he and Tae-Woo eavesdrops to Lena – Yona's alias –and Tae-Yeon’s conversation about their chief. When they heard that Lena only thinks of their chief as her friend, the two of them burst out laughing as they feel sorry for Hak’s unrequited love. Hak shows up behind them and beats them up.

Han-Dae as he reports the outcome of his investigation to Hak and everyone.

After a while, he is ordered to investigate the missing water on their river. In his surveying, he finds out that some of the soldiers from the Fire Tribe have dammed the water supply and he tries to fight some of them, which eventually end up in his defeat. He returns back to Fuuga to report the situation to everyone and soon retreats inside while Tae-Woo assists him. Later on, the Fire Tribe makes another attack against them and this time, it involves the merchants who are suppose to bring Tae-Yeon’s medicine as well as water for the rest of the tribe. With the atmosphere getting tense, he calms everyone down to prevent them going berserk and suggests that they should heal Tae-Yeon first.[5] Knowing that he is the fastest rider in their tribe, he asks Hak for permission to travel to the eastern forest to buy the needed medicine from a healer living there, to which the chief approves.

The following day, he returns with the medicine and gives it to Tae-Yeon. Due to the injuries he sustained from the Fire Tribe earlier, his body is completely worn out and he rests for a while in the infirmary where the merchants are being healed. Shortly after, he bumps into Lena and quickly apologizes. He notices how she appears gloomy when she looks at the injured people, and by that, he cheers her up by saying that the elder and the chief will protect them as they are part of the Wind Tribe family. Lena cries upon hearing his words, which makes him suddenly feel scared for his life as he knows that Hak will come after him now.[6]

Fire Tribe Arc[]

Returning from his investigation, he interrupts Tae-Woo’s training with Mundok to inform them about the outcome of the war against the Fire Tribe and the Sen Province. He listens to Tae-Woo’s plan to fight if ever the enemies invaded Kuuto, to which he questions as he know that he dislikes Soo-Won and the fact that there are rumors about Hak and Lena being dead. Tae-Woo clarifies that his loyalty lies to the country as he wants to protect everyone and he asks him and the elder if they truly believe such gossip. He answers no with a smile and he then teases Tae-Woo by announcing his desire to protect them to his fellow tribesmen.



They are close friends. Both of them like to slack off in their work and laugh at Hak’s misery. But often times, he also teases Tae-Woo by evading his spear or simply calls him on names he doesn’t like.


  • (To Hak) "We are the Wind Tribe. We live freely as the wind!"[7]


  • He placed 20th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. He scored 13 votes in total.[8]
  • He is the quickest horseback rider among the people in the Wind Tribe.[9]
  • He shares the same seiyuu as Shin-Ah.



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