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Gi-Gan (ギガン Gigan?) is the captain of the Awa pirates that rebels against the local feudal lord Yang Kum-Ji.


Gi-Gan is an old woman with brown eyes. Her dark gray hair is tied in a bun with a purple ribbon keeping her hairstyle in place. Her fringe is wavy and mostly gathered on the right side of her face. On her face and body, some wrinkles have formed. Her exact age is uncertain; however, based on a comment made by Jae-ha about wishing he was fifty years older so he could court her, it can be inferred that she is in her seventies.

She wears a light violet cloak trimmed with fringe over a purple robe with black and yellow cuffs and hemlines. Beneath her robe, she has an inner garment that has longer and tighter sleeves. For her footwear, she has a pair of black flat shoes. Her accessories are dangling earrings with a bell shaped ornament and she can be mostly seen with a brown smoke pipe.


Gi-Gan is blunt with her insults and displays a tough personality, but holds genuine love and care for her crew. She treats her men like her own children and does not want to force them to fight[3] nor become murderers[4] as they carry out their objective. To her, the most important quality a member of her crew must have is loyalty and trustworthiness.[5] But she's like a mother to all the crew members, even to Yona.


Gi-Gan formed a small crew of pirates of Awa with the intention of stopping the oppression of Yang Kum-Ji and his officers, who have overseen the human slave trade with the country of Kai for more than a decade.[6]

Twelve years ago, a young Jae-Ha flew down from the sky and asked her to let him be part of her crew. Seeing that Jae-Ha looked like a rascal with no courtesy, Gi-Gan asked him if he knew how to properly court a woman before calling him a snot-nosed brat.[7] Gi-Gan adopted Jae-Ha and let him live on the ship as he hid from his Master and other Dragon Warriors.


Awa Arc[]

Gi-Gan orders to sink Kum-Ji's ship

Gi-Gan is resting on their ship’s deck when Jae-Ha comes back from his trip in Awa. She asks Jae-Ha if he did some trouble in the town and if he is being chased by the officers, which he affirms to be true; however, he hints that there are far more dangerous people pursuing him aside from them and she assumes that he is referring to the people he mentioned before: the dragon warriors. That night, she orders her men to infiltrate Kum-Ji’s ship to stop the shipment of the drugs from Kai and find the smuggler himself, but unfortunately, they could not accomplish the latter as he is not on board. After their raid ends, she is asked by her subordinates as to why she doesn't let them kill the opponents, to which she replies that she can’t let them be murderers. Touched, the pirates call her their mother, but she rejects them as she doesn't remember giving birth to them. She then notices Jae-Ha is being unusually quiet and finds out that his dragon foot has been aching. She has always been mystified by the dragon foot as it is an ancient power, while everyone thinks that Jae-Ha is lucky. Jae-Ha doesn't like how he is being praised by his fellow men and teases them, but Gi-Gan sees that he is being dishonest as he clearly loves his comrades. She asks him if he will meet his dragon allies, but Jae-Ha says that he won’t as they are strangers to him. Their conversation segues to finding some young, good men to add to their group as Kum-Ji’s force is growing stronger. Jae-Ha jokingly presents himself, but soon takes it back as he remembers a dark-haired man that will be a good recruit. She is doubtful of it at first, but as Jae-Ha assures that the person he’s telling is of her interests, she orders him to capture him immediately.[8]

After a day, a group of outsiders who is seeking alliance comes to their ship and their leader introduces herself as Yona. Gi-Gan returns the formality and gets curious about the masked man, but shortly after, she informs her of the qualification she is looking for in making allies, which is trust and usefulness. The dark-haired man in the opposite group gets what she means and he, together with the masked man and the white-haired man, prepares to fight her men. The three men prove their strength and she lets them join, however, she still questions what Yona and the young boy can do. The young boy tells her that he can be a supporting ally with his domestic and medical skills, and adds that he can create explosives; Yona, on the other hand, is unable to come up with anything. With that, Gi-Gan thinks that the young girl will be a nuisance to them and tells her to go home, but Yona still insists on joining. Liking her perseverance, she gives her a test to see whether she can trust her or not and that is to take Senjuso herbs from the steep Mist-Shrouded Cape. She puts one handicap to her and says that she will not be getting help from her friends,[9] to which the Yona agrees to. With that, she orders Jae-ha to guide her to the location.

Gi-Gan accepts Yona to her group

As they wait for the test to be over, Gi-Gan notices that the sea is getting rough and they decide to go to the test area. In there, some of Yona’s friends freaked out because of the steepness of the cliff. The young boy thinks that it’s too dangerous for a girl to cross that place, but she shuts him and says that he shouldn’t underestimate women. After some time, Yona and Jae-Ha shows up. The young girl presents her the herbs, but tells her that she didn’t stay true to the condition she had given and therefore, she will redo the test to earn her trust. Surprised by her honesty, Gi-Gan accepts her to her group as she does not mind having idiots like her on her ship.[10]That night, she talks to Yona about how grateful she is for the Senjuso and how she will disband the group after they defeat Kum-Ji.[11] However, she mentions that Jae-Ha will be left alone as he considers the ship as his home and thus, she subtly suggests to Yona to take him as it is her plan anyway. Out of nowhere, Jae-Ha appears and says that he doesn’t like being with the dragon warriors, but he considers travelling with Yona alone if she gets older. Gi-Gan observes how her lackey becomes uneasy towards the redhead compare to how he flirts with the other girls. Suddenly, Shin-Ah sees seven ships filled with armed men docking at the port and she orders for all to gather in their meeting room.

"Follow me until the very end, you brats!"

During their meeting, she points out the possibility of having a large scale battle as she thinks that Kum-Ji will get rid of them once and for all.[12] She decides to take their fight away from the town as much as possible by attacking the ships after they depart from the harbor. However, they have no idea of where they will put the captured women and they will be put in danger once the battle starts. Nevertheless, she announces that she will fight too, and orders everyone to fight with her till the end.[13] The next day, Jae-Ha gets information about Kum-Ji’s way of abducting people and the exact day he will leave Awa to trade, which is in three days. Considering the fact that they still don’t know where the hostaged women will be placed, she gets worried; Yona, however, offers a plan to be a spy so that she can signal them the location of the abducted people. Seeing her bravery, she agrees to her plan; however, she appoints Yoon to be her partner as she thinks that going alone is reckless and that the boy can create the explosive. Later, she talks to Yona alone and tells her that she will not tolerate her dying.[14] The young girl becomes silent but soon admits that she likes how she is being motherly towards her as she has no memories of her own mother.

Gi-Gan hugs Yona

The following evening, they commence their plan and attacks Kum-Ji’s ships after they leave the port. In the midst of the fight, the firework has been launched and Jae-Ha and Shin-Ah rushes to the location. Meanwhile, she supports Hak and Kija on the battle and tells them not to slack off. Their fight eventually ends after Yona instantly kills Kum-Ji with an arrow. As the dawn breaks in, they all return to Awa together with the abducted women. The victims want to thank them for rescuing them and she asks them to prepare every alcohol they can get as they will celebrate their freedom. In the midst of the party, Jae-ha converses with her and confesses his love for her, to which she flatly rejects as she knows that he will join Yona. She tells him to leave as soon as possible and never to return again. The next day, she sees off Yona and her group, and teases the redhead for her lack of skills. Despite that, she tells her that she always has a ship prepared for her whenever she needs one.[15] Before Yona’s group departs, she gives them a bag of Senjuso herbs and advises her to not catch a cold. She bids them goodbye, but Yona runs back to her and cries to her chest.


Blade Throwing: Gi-Gan is armed with blades that she can shoot accurately towards her enemies.[16]



Gi-Gan lets Jae-Ha become a part of her group after he appeared before her one day. On their first meeting, she considered him a snot-nosed brat who doesn't even know how to court a woman. Up till now, she still calls him names and even when Jae-Ha learns how to woo women, she flat out rejects his attempt of flirting with her as no pick-up line can ever win her heart.[17] Despite that, she cares for him and worries how he will be when she disbands the pirate crew.


As the leader of the pirates, Gi-Gan looks for people that can benefit her team without creating any liabilities. With Yona still lacking skills, she initially did not let her join the pirates. However, after Yona finishes her test of getting the Senjuso herb, Gi-Gan sees that she has the guts to do anything and that she is someone who won't abandon her comrades in any kind of danger.[18] As they spent time together, she becomes a mother figure for her and from then on, she constantly looks out to her well-being, though she hides it behind teases.


  • (To her pirate crew) "I don’t want my loved ones carrying the burden of being murderers on their backs."[4]
  • (To Yona’s group) "The thing that matters to me the most is trust. Who would ask for the help of people who can’t be trusted?"[19]
  • (To Yoon) "Even women have times when they must fight. Don’t underestimate them."[20]
  • (To Her pirate crew) I don't remember giving birth to such ugly children


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