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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Garou (ガロウ Garō?) is the former Ryokuryuu and Jae-Ha's predecessor. He died at the age of 27 and his job was to catch and drag Jae-Ha back into the village every time he tried to escape using the dragon's power.


Garou has long, curly and messy hair. His hair is green in colour as he is one of the bearers of the Ryokuryuu's power. His eye colour is currently unknown and he wears loose white robes- demonstrating how rough and careless the village was towards the living Ryokuryuu. 

Personality & Manga[]

Garou's treatment towards Jae-Ha

At first, Garou seemed like a rough, careless predecessor who treated Jae-Ha poorly, beat him and shouted at him for little reason at all. But in reality, it was done in to express the pain and neglect he received from the village throughout his life. Garou has an unreadable personality, as depending on what situation he is in he would change his personality and feelings from little to large, as shown when he was thrashing Jae-Ha for one minute and then later asking for food from the elder- as if he knew his place, and could not overpower him.

Despite his harsh treatment towards Jae-Ha, he admitted how he was very grateful to the world for allowing him to live and meet with Jae-Ha, as he was his only source of stability- since he knew that they would understand each other. He also knew that Jae-Ha would be his only companion.

Garou admits that when he was fifteen he succeeded in escaping the village, but after he was free he realized that there was nowhere he wanted to go or anything he wanted to do with his life. In that instant he sensed that his successor, Jae ha had been born and not knowing what to do he returns to the village.

Garou throws himself at the villagers to allow Jae-Ha to escape.

Once Garou loses his powers, he screams and attempts to fight Jae-Ha as he didn't want his time to be over, he resents how his life is being taken over by his successor. To his surprise Jae-Ha offers him a hand and says that they should leave together, and he realises that all this time that Jae-Ha never once hated him for what he did. As the two attempt to leave, the elders and villagers catch the pair escaping and once they surround the two of them, Garou sacrifices himself to allow Jae-Ha to flee.

At this point Garou begins to cry. He tries to laugh off his tears, hide his true feelings, as he tells Jae-Ha how much he hated him, how he'd feel better if Ja-ha left whilst also calling him an idiot. In the end, he knew all too well that he cared for Jae-Ha and as he seen him grow up as a child; no matter what activity he did, he could not erase this feeling of care towards him. 

In his final moments, he entrusts the green dragon to protect Jae-Ha, as he has watched him grow for 12 long years (which is the longest any known dragon has survived after the birth of a successor).


  • Dragon Foot: Garou had the power of the green dragon in his foot, which enables him to jump to the sky.


  • (To Jae-Ha) "See? They can't reach you. No one can catch you now. Jump! Fly wherever you want!"


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