Five Stars of Xing (五星の真国 Gosei no Shin ōkoku?) consists of the five people chosen by the Queen of Xing as the strongest people in their nation.

Vold[edit | edit source]

Fights with swords. Very sensible. Loyal to Tao.

Algira[edit | edit source]

Fights with kicks and punches. Extremely interested in cats. Loyal to Tao.

Mizari[edit | edit source]

Fights with swords. Not quite as strong as Vold or Algira. The youngest of the Five Stars. Wants to take the dragons' power to serve Lady Kouren. Loyal to Kouren.

Neguro[edit | edit source]

The oldest of the Five Stars. Fights with swords. Loyal to Kouren.

Yotaka[edit | edit source]

He is shown using a pair of Chui, a weapon of Chinese origin, similar to a European mace. Loyal to Kouren.

The Five Stars

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