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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

The Fire Tribe. They pretend to support me but really they have their eyes on the throne.

Soo-Won, about the Fire Tribe

Fire Tribe (火の部族 Hi no buzoku?) is one of the five tribes of Kouka Kingdom. It has the largest territory on the country, but most of the land is left infertile.[1] Its capital city is Saika and the current general is Kan Kyo-Ga who succeeded the position after his father dies after his coup d’état against the king.


The land of the Fire Tribe is located at the north of the Wind Tribe and at the northeast of the Sky Tribe. It shares a border with the neighboring Kai Empire.

People and Government[]

The Fire Tribe is mostly inhabited with poor and sickly people. Kan Soo-Jin mainly focused on strengthening the army’s forces, resulting disparity in wealth distribution to the common people. Additionally, he made an absolute order for young men to be sent to the capital on which, if they disobey, they will be punished.[2] For these reasons, there is not enough manpower to sustain a community,[3] causing the villages to descend to wastelands of drought and disease. This also contributes to rogue bandit groups forming and attacking the already barren villages.

Despite this terrible state, there are efforts to restore the land and the people of the tribe. It is originally led by a group of bandits, then Kan Tae-Jun, and soon after, the king himself. Currently, several clinics are made to heal the sick[4] and farming has been started once again.[5] A village that was once given to Kai has also been returned, and along with its comeback is a seed that will help the agricultural growth of the tribe.


“The Fire God” Song[]

Long, long ago
A bright red sun was eaten
And the world was dyed black.
Let’s call the four dragons
Bow our heads
Let’s bow our heads to the fire dragon.

“The Fire God”, also said to be as Hiryuu’s song, is a melody passed down through generations to the people of the tribe. It tells about the myth of how the country of Kouka is founded and how the people of the Fire Tribe are descendants of King Hiryuu.[6]

Fire Festival[]

In Senri Village, they hold the Fire Festival to soothe the spirit of the dead, the flames of war, and the rage of the Fire Tribe.[7] The villagers gather around a huge bonfire to pray and dance, and eventually eat and drink. For the main and last event, a dancer will perform in front of the people.

Known Residents[]




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