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From Now On (これから) is the 24th episode of the Akatsuki no Yona anime.


Soon after Yona and her companions mention searching for the yellow dragon warrior, he shows up at their campsite, drawn by the smell of food. Jae-Ha, Shin-Ah and Kija recognise the yellow dragon warrior, who casually greets them. He refers to himself as Zeno and agrees to join Yona's group for the food, although he didn't feel any awakening when he met her. Zeno claims he has a tough body, although he doesn't appear to have any power. Even though Kija was disappointed, Yona trusts that he is the yellow-dragon. Yoon brings them all to the priest, Ik-Soo, and asks him what the sword and shield from the legend are. Ik-Soo tells them they will know it when it happens. Zeno asks Yona what she wants to do with the four dragons. Ik-Soo and Yona then talked in private. Yona tells Ik-Soo the situation she was in when she bumped into Soo-Won in Awa. She admits to Ik-Soo that she still loves Soo-Won even though he killed her father, King Il. Hak eavesdrop on them for a while, then leaves. Later, Hak finds Yona practicing with a sword, and they take shelter from the rain in a cave. As Hak watches the rain fall, Yona asks him if he was upset with the idea of her practicing a sword. Hak says that he isn't upset, just a bit scared because Yona will be in harm's way. Yona says she feels the same when Hak is fighting; she never wanted to use him as a shield. Yona then tells Hak about the conversation she had with Jae-Ha earlier. Jae-Ha had told her that he understands Hak's logic, and that he would want to lock Yona up and not show her to anyone. After hearing this, Hak got really mad and told Yona not to believe that. Much to Hak's disappointment, she really believed that it was a lie. Hak then tells Yona that that he will be proud to show her to everyone, proclaiming how strong she turned out. Yona, touched by this, said that she will never forget this. The rain stops and Hak turns to Yona to tell her to resume the sword practicing, only to find her sleeping. Hak looks at her, and the scene ends with Hak kissing Yona's forehead.  

Meanwhile, Elder Mundok brings his new protégé to Hiryuu castle, where Soo-Won is still working on fixing the kingdom. As they depart, Elder Mundok commented on Soo-Won's actions in Awa and asks him what he will do next. Soo-Won answered him by telling him to "watch with [his] own eyes, along with the gods in heaven", indicating that more things will unfold in the future. Yona and her companions watch soldiers travelling through Kouka Kingdom. 

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