Morning of Promise
Kanji 誓いの朝
Rōmaji Chikai no asa
English Morning of Promise
Air Date March 17, 2015
Episode 23
Arc Awa arc
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Morning of Promise (誓いの朝) is the 23th episode of the Akatsuki no Yona anime.


Yona unexpectedly encounters Soo-Won in Awa Port and is driven upset once seeing him. Once Soo-Won leaves, Yona is left in a state of unsettlement and begins to cry. Soo-Won then meets up with Han Joo-Doh and states how the girl he met is hard to forget. Yona tells Hak she plans to leave and tells him to come with her. During the end of the celebration, Jae-Ha talks to his pirate friends, playing songs to make them fall asleep after Maya expresses his misery knowing that Jae-Ha is going to leave. Jae-Ha has a private conversation with Gi-Gan and recalls their first meeting. Later, Yona and the group leave Awa, and Jae-Ha is revealed to be following the group. He introduces himself once again to his new group, as the bearer of the dragon's foot.

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