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The Night History Was Made (歴史は夜作られる Rekishi wa yoru tsukurareru?) is the twenty-second episode of the Akatsuki no Yona anime.


With the firework launched, the plan begins to work in the Pirates of Awa's favour. Shin-Ah notices the firework immediately with his supervision and points to the location of the ship with the female merchandise at Hak’s request.

Jae-Ha warns Kum-Ji's men upon his arrival.

Back at Yona and Yoon, Yona faces a blade from one of Yang Kum-Ji’s men; who has now realised that Yona was working with the pirate crew. The jigsaw puzzle solved in the men’s heads- they now decide to end Yona’s life. As the captured Yoon pleads the men to stop and tells them to instead, hurt him; the men do not stop to listen, and puts forward the act to kill Yona- but luckily, Jae-Ha arrives in time to save her, and kicks away the men who was a few seconds close to killing Yona. Jae-Ha smiles at Yona and states how impressed he was that Yona was able to launch the firework in such dangerous quarters. The surprised men, whom belong to Kum-Ji, then realise that the ‘Flying Pirate’ has appeared in front of them as Jae-Ha states that they better not come closer as he is not virtuous enough to go easy on the men who dared to hurt Yona. Masterfully, Jae-Ha easily kicks away the men as they attack, and is complimented by Yoon as he faints.

Yoon wakes up to the sight of Yona, who names him a ‘genius’ as the plan went accordingly. Ao chews off Yoon’s ropes- releasing him from capture. The two share tears and a hug as Yoon states that he is not a genius, but rather the amazing one in the present moment is no other than Yona herself. However, the moment ends as the pair becomes alert of their surroundings and as Kum-Ji’s hired mercenaries cross from one boat to another; the one where the merchandise is held: and the one where Jae-Ha, Yona and Yoon are. Jae-Ha, whom is occupied with one group of the mass amount of hired mercenaries, cannot flee to Yona and Yoon’s side. This time however- Shin-Ah arrives to Yona and Yoon’s advantage, skilfully slicing away the men with his swordsmanship. As Yoon says that he would have expected Hak to be the one to come, Jae-Ha explains that he came because he could jump and Shin-Ah because of his night vision.

Time lapse back to the moment where the firework was released; Hak tells Jae-Ha to go to Yona’s side, as he has come to understand that the distance is too great for him to reach. Jae-Ha brings along Shin-Ah who is the one who knows their whereabouts. Along the way, Shin-Ah becomes aware that Jae-Ha is starting to tire, as Shin-Ah kicks one of their opponents off a ship lookout. Thus, the two head quickly for the ship with the female merchandise.

At Hak and Kija’s side, the pair (with their spear and Dragon’s Claw) easily injure Kum-Ji’s men. Hak and Kija slowly become worn out; but Gi-Gan reminds them that they are an important part of their offensive force, and that only after this priority mission is finished should they be free to do what they want- giving examples like hitting on Yona. Kija blushes, but Hak; thinking the opposite, states that that may not be such a bad idea. Their weary states extinguished, Hak says he’s all fired up and begins to attack Kum-Ji’s men with the help of Kija- with less exhaust.

Meanwhile, at Jae-Ha’s side, there are still a high number of mercenaries. Archers, swordsmen and the like; Jae-Ha’s comrades: Tatsu and Ryou come to his assistance. Shin-Ah also continues to fend off Kum-Ji’s men. As Yoon and Yona watch in the shadows, Yoon pieces the fragments together in his head to find Kum-Ji’s site of position. He observes how one ship has too many mercenaries and that ship has to be the one with Kum-Ji on it, as he evades a flying arrow.

But Yang Kum-Ji is up to date. A group of his own men inform him of the news that they are losing the battle and that the ship with the merchandise is soon to be found by the pirates. Kum-Ji begins to comprehend how that he could not sell the girls and most of all; could not even use them as hostages against the pirates. But even worse to him, Kum-Ji's side is facing serious losses due to the newfound allies. Angered and irritated, this isn’t the end of the news for Kum-Ji. As one of his men fills him in on the details that there was apparently one girl who was with the pirates and was put into the merchandise; Kum-Ji believes that this must be the red-haired girl he saw, when he visited the site of the girls who was held captive. Grabbing his bow and arrow as one of his own men tries to make him flee, he shoots a map in the room to reveal a hiding Toku, who crawls away in fear. Kum-Ji lets him escape however, as he discusses and thinks out his next step of action. 

Yona's resolve.

Yoon, who sees Jae-Ha has landed on the right ship, quickly informs him that he is on the ship that Kum-Ji is hiding on. Finishing off the mercenaries and tying them with the help of the no longer seized girls, everything is spinning in the direction of the pirates’ favour. Yoon calls Yona’s name- but a cold, icy streak of aura surrounds Yona, whilst she nods with her eyes burning with intent.

Jae-Ha invades Kum-Ji’s territory. He defeats the men who guards Kum-Ji swiftly as Toku tells him of Kum-Ji’s hidden back room. Slicing away the concealed door and leaving the small group of mercenaries to Toku, Jae-Ha tells Kum-Ji to be on his guard; but is shocked to see an empty room- with Kum-Ji nowhere in sight. It appears that Kum-Ji has fled.

Kum-Ji prepares to finish off the wounded Jae-Ha.

In a small escape boat, Kum-Ji and one of his men tries to flee the battling site and its waters. Kum-Ji tells his assistant that a powerful man is one who would use any dirty trick without any shame to win. He states that as long as he lives, the battle today is not lost, and laughs cruelly. Shin-Ah points to the direction of Kum-Ji’s escape boat at Jae-Ha’s request, as Jae-Ha jumps in a rush to Kum-Ji’s side. Kum-Ji’s assistant seeing the ‘Flying Pirate’ in the distance- panics as he lets Kum-Ji know. Kum-Ji grabs his bow and arrow and says how he has always wanted to shoot down the ‘Flying Dragon’ who was responsible for sinking most of his ships. Jae-Ha aware of what he is facing, holds out his knives in pose to attack; but Kum-Ji horrifically uses his own assistant as a shield. Jae-Ha throws his knives as Kum-Ji shoots, with a few seconds later: Kum-Ji evades the knives and Jae-Ha is shot down into the water. Wounded and now in water, Jae-Ha has lost his ability to jump. Kum-Ji laughs and pulls out his bow and arrow- ready to finish off one of his enemies.

However, before he could, a pulsing heat of fear stops Kum-Ji from hurting Jae-Ha further as he can feel bloodlust nearby. Streaming from no other than the red-haired Yona; Kum-Ji is unable to take his eyes away from the princess he saw in Hiryuu Castle and ends up being struck down by Yona instead. The night ended, Gi-Gan tells the exhausted pirate crew how when they wake up from their sleep, they’ll be mere fishermen and no longer tied to the pirate crew.

A celebration party is then held in Awa Port, the captured villagers are set free and families are reunited. Drinks are given at Gi-Gan’s request, but Yoon is worried about everyone’s health and physical injuries. Rowen tells Yoon to relax to get some snacks, and that this is typical pirate behaviour after their work. However, everyone including Hak, Yona, Kija, Shin-Ah and even Ao, is in favour of having a party instead of treating wounds. Thus, music is played, drinks are brought out and the whole of Awa gathers to acknowledge the achievement of ridding Awa’s corrupt lord, Yang Kum-Ji.

Soo-Won and Yona reunite in Awa Port

Yona, whom tries to find some space in the now quiet village during the party, relaxes as she walks through the streets of tranquil town. Coming to her senses, she realises she should head back before making her group worry. In a rush, she bumps into a stranger. Apologizing for her actions, the stranger states kindly that it is alright, and that he is at fault also, for not looking where he is going. Holding out a hand to Yona- Yona suddenly notices how the stranger’s voice she has heard many times before. For her to know it so well, who could this be? Looking up to the stranger before her, wide-eyed, she is greeted with dark blond hair and aqua blue eyes- a face she knows all too well; she has bumped into no other than her cousin, Soo-Won.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Seiryuu's Eyes
  • Ryokuryuu's Foot
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Hak's Spear
  • Hakuryuu's Claw
  • Bow and Arrows


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