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Chain of Courage (勇気の連鎖 Yūki no rensa?) is the twentieth episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


Gi-Gan discusses Yang Kum-Ji's human trafficking plot, and how the pirates will fight back at him as he tries to carry out his shady business with the Kai Empire. Yona tries her best to help the crew prepare for the battle, but finds that she has nothing to do with all the jobs occupied by the pirates, the dragons, Hak and Yoon. Yona wanders around until Jae-Ha sees her, inviting her to take a visit to Awa Port. He uses his dragon foot to take Yona. Arriving in Awa, Jae-Ha quickly tells Yona to hide, as he sets sight on Yang Kum-Ji. Jae-Ha tells Yona about how the villagers are running and hiding away from Kum-Ji, in order to avoid being taken away. Any female who Kum-Ji  sets sight on, and impresses him is one who will be taken away. After Kum-Ji leaves, Yona and Jae-Ha catches a young girl trying to deceive Yang Kum-Ji by pretending to be a man- in order to avoid being captured. Jae-Ha notices immediately she is a female, noting how her scent was the thing that gave it away. The girl calls him a pervert, before telling Yona and Jae-Ha about her lingering fear. Trembling and scared, she tells Yona and Jae-Ha about a recently opened, high-paying shop for females that she visited with her friend, and how her friend never returned after entering a room within the store- later discovering that this shop belonged to no other than Kum-Ji. She noted how the room had taken her friend away instantly, and how she didn’t return after shockingly seeing the floor open up. Jae-Ha and Yona returns, telling Gi-Gan about this store. The pirates and the dragon group gather together as Gi-Gan talks about the news. To foil his plans, Yona suggests using herself to infiltrate Kum-Ji's ship and set off a firework to inform the pirate crew of the hostages' location. The dragons, Hak and Yoon are greatly against the plan, but Gi-Gan accepts Yona's idea; Yoon also joins Yona and the two allow themselves to be captured as Kum-Ji’s merchandise. Disguised as a female, Yoon ensures Hak in the early morning of his capture that he will protect Yona and everything will be fine. More than Yona herself and more than anyone, Yoon knows that he has lived a life in more caution and care than anyone else. Accepted by one of Kum-Ji’s men, Yona and Yoon are taken away- the two hopeful beginning steps that will end the battle for Port Awa's future in victory.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  1. Hakuryuu's Arm
  2. Ryokuryuu's Foot
  3. Wooden Stick


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