The Senjuso Test
Kanji 千樹草の試し
Rōmaji Senjuso no tameshi
English The Senjuso Test
Air Date February 17, 2015
Episode 19
Arc Awa arc
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The Senjuso Test (千樹草の試し) is the 19th episode of the Akatsuki no Yona anime.


In order to fight against Yang Kum-Ji, Captain Gi-Gan tells Yona she must prove of her worthiness to her. She gives Yona a test; to collect the Senjuso. The Senjuso is a rare medical herb only found in the Mist-Shrouded Cape which is said to be a cure-all for injuries. Yona is taken to the cliffs and told by Gi-Gan that she must take the test alone and not borrow anyone else's power to prove that she is trustworthy and not a burden to the  pirate crew. Jae-Ha discourages Yona at the cliffs, as the wind moves freely and the waves are beating mercilessly at Yona, but Yona does not forfeit. Having seen Yona's bravery and commitment, Gi-Gan accepts Yona abroad. Later, Jae-Ha talks to Hak and Hak realises that he does indeed desire Yona, but in the group's situation there is no time for his desire to be taking over him. On the ship, Shin-Ah notices something in the distance. Seven ships belonging to Yang Kum-Ji and men carrying weapons. Gi-Gan tells Yona that Kum-Ji is carrying out business with the Kai Empire: human trafficking.

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  1. Ryokuryuu's Foot